How to evaluate the Raptors head coach's comments expressing dissatisfaction with the game?

Today, the Lakers defeated the Raptors by one point. However, why did the Raptors' head coach make such remarks?

Truly admirable, at least having the courage to speak out and defend the team and players' bottom line!

Now the NBA has completely lost its bottom line, and someone has made the environment even more murky and chaotic!!

The Raptors coach’s professionalism is commendable for being able to persist through the game.

All of them are Serbians,

Is it disrespectful for Coach Jokic to shave his head fiercely,

Is it disrespectful for the Nuggets' home crowd to chant slogans?

Is it the Nuggets who truly disrespect their opponents and disgust people?

It’s something that everyone might need to comment on.

Have you ever seen a free throw with a final score of 23:2?

Even if there’s such an attacking ability in the paint, you can’t say every play is like this, and those offensive fouls, including moving screens and so on, I think they are completely subject to interpretation, and it all leans towards the Lakers.

All I can say is that these judgments are indeed debatable.

Lakers fans, do you still think “who’s your daddy” is just the Nuggets' malice? Why don’t they shout it at the Heat? The Heat even won a game against them, so logically, the grudge should be greater. It’s all because they played 5 against 8 under unfair officiating, and they still shaved your heads.

Someone replied with a boomerang. I advise you not to talk about boomerangs, because a certain player’s boomerangs are even more powerful and numerous.

In broad daylight, coming here in front of all the fans, even if the lights are turned off, there’s no need to pretend. Did the referee take a cue from the CBA?

Admire him, LeBron James is the NBA’s golden boy. I believe every team knows that in his 20 years in the NBA, he profited from questionable calls countless times. I don’t want to mention things like the 2016 NBA Finals or the 12 steps in the Pacers game. What I want to say is, if LeBron James were called by the book, he might not even have made it to the NBA. The famous NBA coach, Phil Jackson, once said, “I watch LeBron James play, and every time he starts dribbling after receiving the ball, there’s a possibility of traveling. Both of his feet move after he catches the ball. You see it happen all the time.”

The Raptors' Coach and the Whistle Controversy

I took a look at the resume of the Raptors' head coach, Rajakovic, another product of the Spurs system. Looks like he won’t be having a full-course meal anytime soon.

In today’s game, even though the Lakers attempted more three-pointers, in the fourth quarter, the Lakers and the Raptors had a free throw count of 23 to 2. Not to mention the Raptors committing tactical fouls in the final minutes, giving the Lakers 8 free throw opportunities, resulting in a total of 15 to 2 in the fourth quarter, with the last four minutes being 11 to 0.

The Raptors' frontcourt, known for attacking the rim, had zero free throws in the last four minutes. The NBA league is truly something else; it’s okay to cater to the odds, but could they at least inform the Raptors' coach in advance?

You can see how frustrated the coach is; Rajakovic is clearly from the former Yugoslavia region. Would anyone be happy to watch such biased officiating?

But, it doesn’t end here, does it?

Since the start of the 23-24 season, the Lakers have a total of 186 free throw difference in their games against opponents, and an 86 free throw difference in the fourth quarter against opponents, both ranked first in the league. That’s an average of 5 more per game, isn’t it?

But after Zhang Ji smashed Jing Tian’s wardrobe, the Lakers in the 22-23 season were practically the whistle gods, averaging an extra 10 free throws per game. Are you not afraid?

Many teams in the league have suffered as a result:

Rajakovic, are you now feeling the frustration of many other coaches?

So, what’s the solution?

This, is divine retribution! This, is the great power of the spirit of competition!

Raptors' young players, go back home and take on the Lakers!

Lakers Teaming Up with CP3 Is Undeniable

The fact that the Lakers are pairing up with CP3 is undeniable. Last season, when the entire Nuggets team played hands-off defense, they still averaged a 6.5 free throw deficit per game. The performance of the Nuggets players after being swept explains everything…

In this game, it’s clear that the Raptors came prepared, with their defense tightened, yet the whistle keeps blowing. No matter who you replace, you’ll end up cursing on the streets…

{Link to video}

The Raptors' players are showing remarkable restraint… If such execution can’t be coached, how will this team be led in the future?

Conclusion: No matter who you replace, you’ll end up cursing, publicly or privately.


NBA can no longer be considered a competitive sport; this program should be called “LeBron’s Presidential Father.”