How to evaluate the movie "Golden Finger" starring Tony Leung Chiu-Wai and Andy Lau?

The story originates from a bizarre case in Hong Kong, recounting the transformation of Cheng Yiyin, the chairman of the publicly listed company Galley Group, from a stockholders' idol to a pariah in the 1970s and 1980s.

The Lesser-Known Story of Chan Song Qing and the Jian Ning Group

I haven’t watched it yet, but I know a bit about the prototype of this story, having started with writing about Hong Kong. Both parts of my Hong Kong writings involve Chan Song Qing’s Jian Ning Group…

Here’s a little-known fact that not many people are aware of: The reason why Chan Song Qing’s Jian Ning Group was able to develop so rapidly was because Chan Song Qing was very good at securing loans. Almost all the banks in Hong Kong were willing to lend to him, including HSBC!

In an era where information was not as readily accessible, the main reason Chan Song Qing was able to borrow like this was actually because he received a loan from a Malaysian bank in Hong Kong’s financial company that was settled in US dollars. This led many Hong Kong banks to believe that Chan Song Qing had a strong overseas background.

There were rumors that Chan Song Qing represented the Thai royal family, and others said… I can’t remember and don’t feel like looking up the old information…

HSBC’s willingness to lend to Chan Song Qing was, in fact, tantamount to an endorsement for him at the time.

I remember Chan Song Qing’s first pot of gold in Hong Kong was probably from flipping land, using the same land to secure loans from banks in Malaysia.

The Jinmen Building was also one of his proud achievements, moving assets from the left hand to the right, creating high profits for the company and inflating the stock price…

I’ve forgotten whether it was four years or some years, but by that time, Jian Ning Group had already become a super financial group in Hong Kong, valued at over ten billion.

Additionally, the real reason for Chan Song Qing’s downfall was the weakening of the stock market in Hong Kong at the time, which had nothing to do with the Independent Commission Against Corruption!

Furthermore, Chan Song Qing was eventually sentenced to only three years or so, which was quite short.

Lastly, the judge who presided over Chan Song Qing’s case was apparently arrested later on, but I might be mixing this up with another case involving a family feud in Hong Kong…

A Star-Studded Cast and a Story of Rise and Fall

First of all, the cast of actors in this film is exceptionally star-studded. In addition to the dynamic duo of Andy Lau and Tony Leung, who are working together again after many years, the other main actors also shine brightly. Anthony Wong, Charlene Choi, Francis Ng, and Kenneth Tsang, along with Jacky Cheung and Philip Keung, form a brilliant ensemble. It can be said that their acting skills are guaranteed, ensuring the quality of the film.

The film tells the story of the protagonist, Cheng Yiyuan, and how he went from rags to riches to become a financial market tycoon, only to eventually run afoul of the law and face legal consequences after more than a decade. His journey is truly legendary, and Tony Leung portrays the scenes of Cheng Yiyuan’s downfall as well as his arrogant and extravagant transformation into a phoenix with perfect precision. There is no need to worry about any excessive contrasts or overacting. In a role reversal, Andy Lau plays the role of ICAC officer Liu Qi Yuan with effortless ease, depicting the conflicts between work and family and the tangled enmity with his old adversary, Cheng Yiyuan. The few family scenes in the movie are memorable, and Andy Lau’s expressive eyes truly speak volumes; he is willing to sacrifice everything for his family.

The film as a whole is relatively straightforward, without too many twists and turns. It is easy to understand and follow, making it a sure hit with fans and enthusiasts alike.

Remember, caution is needed in stock trading. Be careful!

A Stunning Tale Crafted by Two Leading Men After Many Years

The collaboration of these two leading men after many years has resulted in a captivating story.

Their outstanding acting skills are truly astounding, and the plot is tightly woven.

It portrays the harsh realities of the business world, with refreshing music that adds to the experience.

Combined with the visuals, it immerses the audience in a world of extravagance and wealth created by the film.

The dedication to catching the villains after over a decade of hard work is truly admirable, and they undoubtedly encountered numerous obstacles along the way.

With unwavering faith, they believe in the possibility of a rewarding outcome.

This time, even Sa has shown remarkable breakthroughs and delivered a stellar performance.

Overall, the viewing experience is quite enjoyable.

A Remarkable Hong Kong Film by Johnnie To

This time, Johnnie To has once again captured the essence of what Hong Kong cinema should be. The reunion of Andy Lau and Tony Leung is not just a media gimmick. What surprised me, however, is that this time, “Goldfinger” is not a thrilling drama but an epic biographical film that chronicles the roller-coaster life of a tycoon who manipulates the Hong Kong stock market.

Tony Leung’s portrayal of Cheng Yiyuan is that of a clever man, smart enough to avoid poverty and hunger. What’s intriguing is that he has an opportunity that goes beyond ordinary intelligence. The legendary experiences he and his associates concoct seem like a mockery of the police, yet it cannot completely deny their authenticity. Who is the mastermind behind it all? It could be Cheng Yiyuan himself, or it could be a secret that the film cannot reveal.

Many are captivated by the film’s portrayal of extravagance and wealth, but it offers much more. The themes of power, money, sex, and ambition are all depicted in an exaggerated manner that can be quite indulgent for the average viewer. It’s an enjoyable cinematic experience.

Some may complain that Andy Lau’s role is not substantial enough or doesn’t have enough screen time. However, I believe it’s just right. Despite the legend of “Wang Bu Jian Wang” (The king never sees the king), having both leading men together on screen is the greatest tribute to the film itself.

In one scene, when Liu Sir shows concern for his subordinate, he mentions the current situation of his subordinate’s girlfriend, Ah May. I don’t know if it’s an intentional reference to “Infernal Affairs,” but as a police officer, taking care of one’s girlfriend is important.

A Truly Spectacular movie

The movie is truly spectacular, especially the long-spanned showdown between Tony Leung and Andy Lau, which keeps you hooked. Tony Leung portrays the world of extravagance and wealth with great finesse, but beneath the surface glamour lies a hidden world filled with various transactions. His intelligence is truly admirable as he manipulates everyone with ease.

Andy Lau, on the other hand, plays the role of an officer from the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), and his pursuit of Tony Leung is relentless. Despite numerous setbacks, he perseveres in his investigation, earning the respect of his adversaries. The showdown between the two of them can only be described as a battle of wits.

Believing in Alchemy: A Glimpse into the Dark Side of Finance

Do you believe in turning lead into gold? The film exposes the dark side of the financial world and the twisted aspects of human nature. The two main actors, reuniting after their iconic roles in “Infernal Affairs,” create a classic on-screen duo. Their outstanding performances make the entire movie more vivid and captivating.

The film, with its splendidly recreated scenes and compelling plot, depicts the prosperity of Hong Kong during that era. Various flashbacks and flash-forwards reveal the brilliant and tumultuous life of the protagonist, Cheng Yiyuan, from his humble beginnings in Hong Kong to his confident manipulation of the stock market. His greed and willingness to employ any means, without regard for consequences, in pursuit of wealth ultimately lead to his downfall.

The movie also offers a thought-provoking exposé of the financial world. We witness the dark side of Hong Kong finance, stock market fraud, and corruption. What kind of power does money truly hold? It drives individuals to go to great lengths in their pursuit. Cheng Yiyuan is a charismatic and ambitious character whose pursuit of wealth is his primal survival instinct. Love and friendship are mere tools for him to achieve financial gain, nothing more. He navigates between government investigations and conflicts of interest, manipulating stocks and eluding legal consequences in the financial market. Tony Leung portrays this character brilliantly, consistently displaying his discerning choice in scripts.

The Power of Capital and the Duel of Titans

Although the film’s story is based on historical facts, the sheer extravagance and blinding allure of a life dominated by numbers and wealth, as portrayed in the movie, is still profoundly moving. The power of capital!

Cheng Yiyuan is a smart, ambitious, and opportunistic individual. Whether he is the “Golden Finger” or the “White Glove,” he is not one to be underestimated. Tony Leung truly brings his character to life, with every glance, every expression, every gaze being a performance in itself. When he confronts Liu Sir, you can sense his ruthlessness with just a single look.

In this 15-year-long battle, Liu Sir attempted to arrest Cheng Yiyuan on seven occasions, finally succeeding on the eighth attempt by bringing him to court. The hardships endured during this journey are evident, but in the end, Cheng Yiyuan was sentenced to only three years, and after his company’s liquidation, he could only repay the debts of the major creditors. Small investors were left with nothing.

Furthermore, the film’s depiction of the era is classic. Hong Kong, as one of Asia’s financial centers at the time, raises intriguing questions about the role it played. This, in my opinion, is a fascinating aspect of the movie. Of course, there’s also the enigmatic “hidden puppeteer” behind the scenes, a secret that feels like it can never be revealed.

Through this film, it feels like we’ve rediscovered the glory days of Hong Kong cinema. And when it comes to the showdown of these titans, everyone understands.

The Showdown Between Andy Lau and Tony Leung

Have you ever wondered why it seems like Andy Lau always has the upper hand in his duels with Tony Leung? Remember the undercover operation from years ago, which lasted for what felt like an eternity? Then, tragically, Tony Leung’s character met his demise, and the story came to an end. Now, in this latest film, Andy Lau once again leads a team to investigate Tony Leung’s associates. When will Tony Leung ever get the upper hand?

But in this New Year’s cinema program, let’s hold on to the “Goldfinger” for now. After watching the plot unfold, perhaps we’ll discover the secret to turning lead into gold!

A Return to Familiar Territory

Just like “Infernal Affairs,” “Internal Affairs,” and “Confession of Pain,” that familiar feeling has returned. This film has brought together all my favorite actors - Tony Leung, Andy Lau, Anthony Wong, Francis Ng, Eddie Cheung, Charlene Choi, Jacky Cheung, and Philip Keung. When I see these familiar faces on the screen, I can feel the director Johnnie To’s dedication, his determination to capture the essence of the Hong Kong era, as well as the solid script, exquisite cinematography, and classic soundtrack!

The overall presentation of the film is outstanding, leaving a lasting impression. After watching it, I will definitely remember this movie. I hope more people at home will watch this film with such a magnificent ensemble cast! It’s destined for box office success!

Unraveling the Darkness Behind a Business Myth

The film tells the story of the unraveling of a business myth during Hong Kong’s golden age, revealing a complex web of intrigue behind the scenes.

The film is shot with a distinct style, where light and shadow intertwine seamlessly.

Tony Leung and Andy Lau take on their roles as the two titans. Grandiose architecture, office spaces filled with jubilant crowds, astonished expressions on employees' faces – these scenes that spark the imagination are presented in slow motion.

In a city filled with towering skyscrapers, cash pouring like rain, and battlefields with flying sparks, accompanied by a unique soundtrack, an atmosphere that is both surreal and real is created.

However, as the tide recedes, it becomes evident that this financial titan is the one left swimming naked.

The final gaze from Tony Leung carries profound meaning.

A Focus on Stock Market Scams in 1970s-80s Hong Kong

The film centers around stock market scams in 1970s-80s Hong Kong, based on a true story. The collaboration of Tony Leung and Andy Lau, two timeless heartthrobs, is a testament to their exceptional acting skills. Tony Leung portrays his character with remarkable depth, and the film perfectly captures the ambiance of the past century.

The storyline is well-crafted, and it skillfully highlights human vulnerabilities. The clash between good and evil is gripping, and as a stock market participant, I can relate to the themes explored in the film. It’s a great subject matter, and the film’s release during the New Year season is quite fitting. I hope that after watching “Goldfinger,” the stock market will soar to new heights next year.

“Goldfinger” Beijing Premiere

I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to see the movie “Goldfinger” in advance.

Tony Leung himself was also present, and he interacted with the audience.

Mr. Leung is truly a man of few words but speaks with precision.

The film has a strong Hong Kong vibe, with a distinctive cinematic filter.

It’s a must-watch for stock market enthusiasts, portraying the intricate world of stock trading, where deception and manipulation run rampant behind the scenes.

The film features a stellar cast, with Tony Leung and Andy Lau, both accomplished actors, delivering highly impressive performances in their respective roles.

Many veteran Hong Kong actors also shine in the movie, making it rare to see such a star-studded Hong Kong film.

Capturing the Pulse of Time

The heartbeat of time is constantly observed in the retro style of Hong Kong. Whether it’s the leading lady played by Charlene Choi, with her permed hair and red lips, or the men sporting sharp, oversized pompadours, it all reflects a blend of retro and fashion. The exquisite coffee shop hallways and old-school Hong Kong-style restaurants exude the brilliance of that era and the intensity of the business world.

“Goldfinger” truly embodies how one’s success can be validated through the imprints of time, and understanding these imprints helps us see how Hong Kong became a financial center.

“Goldfinger” – A Satisfying Hong Kong Version of “The Wolf of Wall Street”

Watching “Goldfinger,” which can be considered the Hong Kong version of “The Wolf of Wall Street,” was truly exhilarating. The plot follows a dual narrative structure, with Cheng Yiyuan’s rise to become the “Stock God” and Liu Qiyuan’s pursuit of truth through investigation. The two leading actors deliver exceptional performances, and their scenes together are tension-filled to the point of explosion. Particularly, after experiencing the harm done to their loved ones, Liu Qiyuan’s anger and Cheng Yiyuan’s confident demeanor showcase their acting prowess brilliantly.

Meeting Tony Leung in person after the screening, I can confirm that he is in great shape. Although I didn’t have the chance to meet Andy Lau, it was a slight regret. I highly recommend everyone to step into the cinema and watch “Goldfinger.” In one word, it’s a thrilling experience!

Impressed by Jordan Chan’s Performance

I particularly liked Jordan Chan. Despite having only a few scenes, he completely established the image of the arrogant and domineering young tycoon at the helm of the Hong Kong financial center. I’ve been following him since ten years ago, and it was finally with the mainland release of “Goldfinger” that I once again appreciated his style. His acting skills and fashion sense are on par with the young actors from TVB, and even their roles are somewhat similar. This former young prince of the banking industry has now revealed his darker side.

Reunion of Andy Lau and Tony Leung 18 Years After “Infernal Affairs”

Following “Infernal Affairs” 18 years ago, Andy Lau and Tony Leung have come together again to collaborate on this economic crime thriller. Tony Leung plays a struggling individual who leverages $100 as a fulcrum, subverting the rules to amass billions and enjoy a life of luxury. Andy Lau portrays a senior investigator who never wavers, relentlessly pursuing investigations for over a decade, even when hope seems elusive, he remains committed to his sense of justice. Their dynamic on-screen rivalry is intense, with Tony Leung’s audacity contrasting with Andy Lau’s integrity, making it quite intriguing.

The film recreates the Hong Kong of the 1970s and 1980s, with opulent room setups that gleam with gold, and the spaciousness of the rooms is so vast it almost feels like a labyrinth. The movie successfully captures the essence of the extravagant and intoxicating era, coming as it does a decade after “The Wolf of Wall Street,” which adds to its relevance.

I’ve already watched the Mandarin version, but I’m looking forward to a second viewing in the original Cantonese version, which I believe will be even better!

“Goldfinger” Beijing Premiere - A High-Quality Film

I had the privilege of attending the Beijing premiere of “Goldfinger” and got to see this film in advance. The film is excellently crafted, and it offers a great viewing experience. The story flows seamlessly, and the cast is truly star-studded. I particularly liked Andy Lau’s portrayal of Liu Qiyuan. His character is well-rounded, and the scene in the hospital left a deep impression on me. When Tony Leung’s character, Cheng Yiyuan, offers mutual assistance, including a scholarship for Liu Qiyuan’s daughter’s education, there was a moment that seemed like Liu Qiyuan hesitated, making his character feel even more genuine.

As a film that reunites Andy Lau and Tony Leung after 20 years, there’s simply no reason not to support it at the box office. I hope the film enjoys great success, and I look forward to more collaborations between these two talented actors in the future!

A Joyful Crime Film Perfect for New Year’s

Although it’s based on real events, this film is quite suitable for watching on New Year’s Eve. It departs from the typical heaviness associated with crime films and instead offers a cheerful and lively atmosphere. The film’s overall pacing and style lean towards joy and celebration, mixed with satirical elements to tell the story. The reunion of Tony Leung and Andy Lau after twenty years is truly a collaboration of the century, delivering outstanding performances that bring their respective characters to life in an explosive manner.

In the movie, the protagonist Cheng Yiyuan gradually loses himself amidst the dazzling and intoxicating world of wealth, and the character development is quite distinctive. Tony Leung’s portrayal in the film is so intense that it’s hard to believe he’s the same person, making it an intriguing Hong Kong-style crime drama.

Reunion After 20 Years: Andy Lau and Tony Leung Star in “Golden Finger”

After a 20-year hiatus, Andy Lau and Tony Leung reunite to lead in “Golden Finger.” Tony Leung’s character starts with nothing, then manipulates the stock market using illegal means to amass a vast fortune, only to end up with nothing again after a court trial. He exchanged a meager investment of 100 dollars for a life of extravagance. The film showcases the lavish lifestyle of a financial tycoon, the greed of human nature, and the willingness to resort to any means to achieve one’s goals, all while losing oneself in the midst of extravagance and excess.

Is it really worth it for Andy Lau’s character to spend over a decade pursuing Tony Leung’s character and bringing him to justice? The film will provide you with the answer. Highly recommended!

Director Johnnie To’s Approach to “Golden Finger”

Johnnie To had approximately 10,086 ways to approach this story. He could have taken a more Italian route, emphasizing the brutality of the mafia, making deaths more dramatic. Alternatively, a more Chinese approach could have focused more on Andy Lau’s character. Or perhaps a more classic Hong Kong style, highlighting the sacrifices and support of comrades, which is what Lam Ka Tung’s character accomplished.

However, To’s choice was clear: to focus on Tony Leung, to portray the “Golden Finger” at the center of the storm, and the “White Glove” character. The more composed and unruffled Tony Leung’s character appeared, the more sinister the forces behind him became apparent. The more self-righteous and self-satisfied he appeared, the more complex his background became. On the other side, Andy Lau’s character’s determination shone brightly. It can be said that the character of Cheng Yiyin is well-played, and Tony Leung’s performance as an actor sets a high standard for the film.

There are two scenes worth noting. One is when Tony Leung first enters the interrogation room, passing by each compartment, each containing a key figure in his life. They are separated from each other, just as they are separated from Tony Leung by the glass, reflecting the underlying nature of their relationships: on the same boat but never truly together. The other scene is when Tony Leung is wheeled out of the hospital. His performance is slightly oily, just short of deflated, but it’s precisely there, appearing righteous, internally strong, and externally fragile, striking a perfect balance.

The reunion of the “Infernal Affairs” team fifteen years later and the familiar faces of Hong Kong-style crime films in recent years have delivered a commendable result. By the way, if you plan to watch it, remember to choose the authentic Cantonese version.