How to evaluate the limited character Huo Huo in the 15 version of Honkai Impact 3rd - Star Rail?

Huohuo has officially launched, have pioneers drawn it? How do people like Huohuos character design and user experience?

The Story of Huohuo and Tail Master - A Tale of Resilience and Kindness

The Story of Huo Huo and Tail Master is probably a story about a soft, kind, and weak life that, despite complaints and regrets under the repeated manipulation of fate, never falls into the abyss.

From the introduction of Huo Huo to Sui Yang by the cold crow, it can be seen that this is actually a quite dangerous energy parasite:

Parasitizing on the host, absorbing thoughts, experiences, and emotions

Ultimately taking possession, infinitely magnifying the desires and weaknesses deep inside the host

At this point, the host has already been replaced by Sui Yang, who is “similar but completely different from oneself”, and quickly burns out like firewood

As for how Huo Huo is related to Tail, it is simply due to her youth and ignorance, pure kindness, and a moment of weakness… the result of a momentary lapse of judgement.

Generally, when people see a dim ghost fire of unknown origin on the side of the road, they shouldn’t run as fast as they can.

But Huo Huo, the little fox, is different.

She feels that the ghost fire looks weak. Does it need help? Should she let it rest on her tail?

And so, the bond between Huo Huo and Tail was formed for the rest of their lives.

This story tells us that we should educate our babies well and not pick up ghost fires on the side of the road.

At that time, Tail had just been shattered and was in an unconscious state. It encountered a weak life and perhaps it was its instinct to want to devour it.

This also explains that Tail was only forcibly sealed onto Huo Huo’s tail, not traditionally possessing her through parasitism. So, the presence of Tail does not have the same heavy impact on Huo Huo as Sui Yang’s parasitism.

But obviously, it didn’t bring any good influence either.

Her parents and relatives feared that she carried Sui Yang and sent her to the Ten Kings Department. In reality, they abandoned her.

Her classmates bullied her, whether it was because they were resentful of her special tail stealing their limelight or because they were afraid of a tail that emitted light.

And Huo Huo has always been the weak character who could only cry quietly when bullied.

Because of this series of unfortunate events, Tail was unwillingly bound to Huo Huo’s tail and became a security guard for a crying fox, while Huo Huo lost everything that a normal fox would have in life.

Huo Huo has complained about the unfairness of fate and blamed Tail. She also often regrets her decision to let her brain go blank at that time.

But even after experiencing all this, the most important thing is that Huo Huo is still a soft and kind child. All the hardships have not been able to change her nature. She never thought of seeking revenge or using her tail to gain something. She has always endured everything, going with the flow under the push of fate, fearing and worrying while working hard, treating and helping others with kindness. From this perspective, Huo Huo is actually very strong.

What about Tail?

It used to be the most aggressive fragment of the big Sui Yang that challenged General Luo Fu.

Now… it complains all the time.

Still very spoiled.

Even at critical moments, it selflessly embodies righteousness…..

After finally breaking free from the seal, it chose to restore its former life because it couldn’t bear to leave Huo Huo.

Huo Huo’s life as a fox has been completely changed by Tail.

And Tail’s nature as Sui Yang has also been tamed by Huo Huo.

However, according to every appearance of Sui Yang, it can only be said that Huo Huo was “relatively lucky” to have picked up Tail.

At least it’s not like Fu Yan, whose eyes overflow with obsession (a form of PTSD for the Erosion Law).

“尾巴大爷吃了藿藿的尾巴” -> “尾巴大爷吃尾巴” -> “尾巴大爷吃掉尾巴” -> “尾巴大爷吃掉部分身体”

Translation: “Eating part of the body” Every time I see Huohuo and Weiba, I feel “uncomfortable” and conflicted. Huohuo’s original tail was eaten by Tail Uncle and then replaced.

This makes me unable to help but wonder: could there be a situation where Suiyang eats Niuniu and then replaces Niuniu? In that case, would it be called: Niuniu Uncle?

Regretful tears washed away, like water in decision-making.

Regrets and Tears

The tears I wiped away in regret over the years must have been the result of a momentary lapse in judgment…

Oh, how adorable you are, like a little cake, a delightful cherub chuckling merrily.

The Hidden Power of Metal Scent Pouches

Counting the details on the dense body, a little fox unexpectedly carried a heavy national cultural relic.

The fragrant sachets on the fox, without a doubt, came from the treasure of the Shaanxi History Museum, one of the treasures of the Hejia Village.

Grape and bird-patterned fragrant sachets

The Chang Ge Xing describes the sad parting of Emperor Tang Ming Huang and Yang Yuhuan, saying “Not seeing the beauty, only emptiness in death.”

However, history has given another kind of sadness -

The skin is ruined, but the fragrant sachets remain.

The lover’s skin is damaged, only the fragrant sachets that were once together day and night remain.

For a long time, historians didn’t understand why the skin was ruined, but the fragrant sachets remained, because in later generations, fragrant sachets were made of cloth and would surely have been soaked in corpse fluid and smelled foul. It wasn’t until Hejia Village and Famen Temple unearthed metal fragrant sachets one after another that this secret was finally revealed -

Fragrant sachets made of metal can naturally escape the fate of decay, crossing the gap between life and death, and sending a fragrant scent to the living lover.

On the head is the Liagram, the fire in the Eight Trigrams, proving that her power comes from the Sun (the essence of dense attributes is wind, which is Xun).

The hairpin on the head is one of the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism.

The Best Jinchuriki

Best Jinchuriki!

There is no doubt that Huguo possesses enormous potential.

There is something special about Huguo’s body, to the extent that even the proud Saiyang tail is infatuated with her. Although she has now become Huguo’s sidekick, the tail has already developed feelings for Huguo.

Perhaps Huguo herself is an excellent container for Saiyang. The stronger Saiyang becomes, the more he desires Huguo’s body.

There is better compatibility between Huguo’s body and Saiyang.

Therefore, once they have taken possession of Huguo’s body, it means they will become even stronger in the future, perhaps even becoming a dominant Saiyang ruling over everyone else.

If they were to enter the world of “Naruto”, Huguo would undoubtedly be an outstanding Jinchuriki.


Jinchuriki is a term that appears in the manga “Naruto”. It refers to individuals who have the Tailed Beasts or their chakra sealed within them, serving as containers for sealing the Tailed Beasts or their chakra. The ability to transform into a Tailed Beast and utilize their chakra is their unique method of attack.

Once a person’s body has been occupied by Saiyang, it cannot be occupied by another Saiyang again, making Huguo possess a unique attribute even in the Ten Kings Organization.

No doubt, Huguo still has many secrets.

I look forward to Huguo coming to my side. Together, we will explore the secrets hidden within Huguo’s body.


Huo Huo’s Analysis: Heals and Supports with Strong Burst Healing

Huo Huo’s Four-hit Normal Attack

Huo Huo’s Resistance to Damage

Is Huo Huo’s Skill Single-target?

Is Huo Huo’s Healing Insufficient?

Huo Huo Doesn’t Need Speed Boots

Is Huo Huo’s Ultimate Skill Underwhelming?

Is Huo Huo Weaker than Luo Cha?

Huihui’s Positioning: First of all, she is a healer. If she doesn’t encounter a strong individual enemy (2-star Soul solves this problem), her healing capacity is sufficient. Additionally, she has powerful dispelling abilities. No matter what crowd control effects the opponent uses, she remains calm. Furthermore, she has the ability to charge up and enhance damage, making her a healer with good overall abilities.

Huihui’s Basic Attacks Consist of Four Parts

Most players may only notice this little one reluctantly attacking the enemy a few times and then retreating, without realizing that she actually has four parts to her basic attack. Some might immediately say, “What’s the use of having four parts? With such low attack power, it’s useless even if she attacks a hundred times.” But what if it’s about breaking shields? This efficiency greatly compensates for the lack of damage on the healing side, especially in battles with many enemies. Her basic attack shield-breaking efficiency is even better than most other characters.

Huihui is extremely durable

Don’t underestimate Huihui’s small frame. She has good growth in terms of HP and defense. Even at a low level, her defense easily surpasses one thousand, not to mention that her development is based on maximum HP. With both meatiness and defense, who can Huihui be afraid of? Therefore, it is recommended to place her in the far-right position of the team and basically not worry about her survival.

Are her skills single-target abilities?

In the skill description, it is indeed a single-target skill that can spread to other units. Some players might refer to some group skills and understand it as the targeted unit receiving more healing while the surrounding units receive less. This thinking is not wrong, but the difference is that Huihui’s skill is basically a group healing skill, as the amount of healing received by other units is only 20% lower than that of the targeted unit. This can be considered quite powerful.

Is Huihui’s healing capacity not enough?

Huihui’s healing capacity includes: the skill itself + her talent (which triggers twice when her HP is below 50%, but there is more to it, keep reading). If we bring a Huihui with zero upgrades to a low-level battle, then the healing effect of her skill is already okay. However, the healing effect of her talent for each heal is a bit low (less than 600+). Let’s pause for now and let’s first understand her talent.

After releasing a skill and at the beginning of a battle, Huihui will gain a buff (lasting for two of her turns) that automatically restores the HP of allies when they “take action” (including using ultimate moves, etc.), based on Huihui’s maximum HP. Additionally, it will provide an extra heal for teammates whose HP is below 50%. This “taking action” includes using an ultimate move, which means that in the situation where the entire team is low on HP and it is the enemy’s turn to act, as long as a team member has an ultimate move, the entire team can act as healers.

After understanding her talent, let’s revisit the issue of healing capacity. For example, when facing a strong enemy using an ultimate move that leaves all team members with low HP, as long as Huihui has the talent buff, each character with an HP below 50% will restore twice the amount, which is 1200+. Moreover, if any character uses an ultimate move or any other immediate action skill at this time, Huihui’s talent will be triggered again. The accumulated amount of healing can be quite substantial.

It can be said that where Huihui is stronger than Rosaline is her emergency ability, which means that she has the ability to instantly revitalize the entire team. Although it seems like Rosaline has a more sustained healing capacity, Huihui will bring out the potential of each team member. In critical situations, every teammate can heal the entire team. Moreover, since any team member with an ultimate move can become a healer, you can arrange the order of ultimate move releases properly to ensure that the healing capacity does not overflow. This is a very good design.

Huihui doesn’t need speed boots Following the third point, Huihui’s talent buff lasts for two of her turns, and every time Huihui takes action, it reduces the buff by one turn. Therefore, Huihui doesn’t need speed boots (although a speed higher than 120 is preferable for the Huihui team). As long as she is the slowest in the entire team, the buff will last for a longer time. It doesn’t need an attack to trigger it like Rosaline’s talent. Furthermore, Huihui’s signature ability increases her speed by a total of 5 points, and one of her skills grants Huihui the talent buff at the start of the battle. These various signs strongly suggest that Huihui doesn’t need to stack speed.

Is her ultimate ability not very useful?

In my personal opinion, Huihui’s overall design is very successful. Leaving aside her adorable appearance and personality that evoke a protective instinct, her combat mechanics are very well-rounded. Some players say that based on her ultimate ability alone, the energy recovered is very limited and the increase in attack power is still inferior to that of 4-star characters. However, you need to consider the overall picture. Huihui’s ultimate ability is meant to bring out the potential of each team member. Compared to individual energy recovery or attack boost, this kind of group buff with numerical values is very reasonable. When facing strong enemies, whether a character is being focused or the entire team is low on HP, Huihui can control the overall situation.

Of course, her ultimate ability has a higher energy cost, and Huihui can usually only use her ultimate ability every four rounds. This frequency might seem low, but you should know that her ultimate ability is meant to turn the tide of battle or prepare for an explosive damage phase. It is not suitable to use it as soon as it is available and needs to be timed correctly.

Is Huihui inferior to Rosaline?

Most players believe that Rosaline is easy to generate skill points because even though her skill needs to be stacked twice, the second layer can be used opportunistically, so she mostly just uses basic attacks. But this is only applicable when there aren’t many negative statuses affecting your teammates. If your teammates are constantly being controlled, then Rosaline will need to continuously use single-target control, which is quite wasteful. You might say that there isn’t much pressure now, but there will definitely be many enemies like this in the future.

Let’s take a look at Huihui. Some people say that she always needs to use her ultimate ability, and using the ultimate ability continuously is quite wasteful. However, if the situation on the battlefield is stable, which healer keeps using their ultimate ability continuously? Her skill triggers the effect of her talent, providing up to seven control purifications, including the first use of her skill. After that, it can be triggered six more times. Therefore, when facing enemies that require continuous purification of teammates, Huihui’s performance is absolutely outstanding.

Huihui is a healer with strategic significance, very much inclined towards a harmonious positioning, and a very reasonable combat mechanism, which will make players who have used her like her. Moreover, Huihui is so cute, how can you not bring her home?

Comparison Analysis of Huohuo and Luosha: Treatment, Skills, and Talents.

After a quick look, I noticed many discussions comparing Huohuo and Luosha, so let me share my own views on them.

What are the differences between Huohuo and Luosha if they compete on the same stage? This is currently a topic of much discussion. In this article, we will compare these two limited richness characters in several aspects.

Difference in Healing Output

What would be the result of comparing the healing output of these two limited richness characters? Let’s do a rough simulation: for selection, both characters are 0-star souls at level 80 with full talents, equipped with the Healing Set and the Dragonbone Set.

[Huohuo + Whiteboard “A Post-Surgery Conversation”] has 9001 HP. The skill can restore 3541 HP to the main target and 2832 HP to adjacent targets. The talent Rangming can restore 759 HP each time it is triggered.

[Luosha + Whiteboard “A Post-Surgery Conversation”] has an attack power of 4410. The skill can restore 4980 HP to the target. The talent can restore 1494 HP to the trigger and 581 HP to other teammates.

Skill Comparison

Both of them can actively remove 1 negative effect from a single target. However, Huohuo has a higher single healing output (up to double that of Luosha), while Luosha has a higher error-tolerant rate (automatically casts the skill once when teammates are at half health, with a 2-round cooldown).

Huohuo tends to be more proactive, being able to quickly restore the HP of 3 teammates at once, which is better for recovering from the impending high burst AOE damage from enemies. Luosha tends to be more passive, mainly countering single-target high-damage bursts, to prevent teammates from being directly eliminated by continuous targeting.

Talent Comparison

Huohuo’s talent Rangming lasts for 2 rounds, with a guaranteed active trigger coverage but high skill point consumption. During this period, our team’s turns and ultimate skills will heal themselves as well as teammates below half health, and will also remove 1 negative effect when triggered, up to 6 times.

Luosha’s talent Baihua Zhike lasts for 2 rounds, with a lower controllability and coverage than Huohuo (skill/passive skill/ultimate can stack up to 1 layer and be triggered when reaching 2 layers), but the advantage is saving skill points. During this period, when the enemy is attacked, both the attacker and other teammates will be healed.

Huohuo’s talent is more functional, providing healing while also removing negative effects, which is particularly effective against control effects that are marked for activation in the next round. Luosha, on the other hand, has a higher healing output, and during the talent trigger period, the whole team is basically at full health after our attack is complete.

Ultimate Skill Comparison

Huohuo leans towards offense, restoring 20% maximum energy to other teammates and providing a 40% attack bonus for 2 rounds. Luosha leans towards survival, removing 1 buff effect from the enemy team and stacking 1 layer of the talent.


[Skill Point Output] Luosha > Huohuo; [Self-protection Ability] Huohuo > Luosha; [Teammate Protection Ability] Luosha > Huohuo > Regular richness characters; [Team Output Strength] Symmetrical characters > Huohuo > Luosha. Opinions on choosing between these two characters can also be based on this conclusion, depending on your own team and playstyle. Stability or a faster end to the battle?

In principle, it is not recommended to have too many richness/survival characters. Having 2 useful and versatile ones is sufficient. Especially in the Starry Sky Iron Way mode, most calculations are related to rounds and turns, so as long as survival is enough, the main direction should be to defeat the enemy faster.

In addition, the souls and corresponding limited conical objects of these two characters complement their own shortcomings. If conditions permit, it is more cost-effective to continue enhancing the already held survival position configuration than to draw a bunch of richness/survival characters. After all, cases with multiple survival positions in a single team are relatively rare, and enhancing the individual abilities of characters brings a more intuitive gaming experience!

The above is the comparative analysis of Huohuo and Luosha in this issue. If you have other ideas/suggestions, feel free to leave a comment and explore together.

Cute, want

Cute, I want *

Blue dwarves, pink dwarves, green dwarves, small and all very cute.

Their tails are also very cute.

Sorry, I posted the wrong picture.

No significant information obtained.

A Picture Illustrates the Problem

I have accumulated numerous Star Crowns and materials from the same alliance.

I am a person who needs to make a living.

Huohuo(placeholder name) cannot harm me.

The Power of Huohuo’s Entity and Fuyan’s Rebirth.

The translation of the given text is:

Is Huihui’s true identity supposed to have some kind of great power? Otherwise, Fuyan wouldn’t be able to say that her tail can make a comeback by borrowing Huihui’s body.

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