How to evaluate the final episode of Fearless? Are you satisfied?

The Suspense Left in Season 1

I have already written a piece about my feelings towards the finale of Season 1, which covers love, growth, life, and mortality. Please refer to that article for more details.

Now, I would like to write about the suspense left in Season 1, the clues that were planted, and the expectations for Season 2…

  1. Will Lan Lan be the second Wendy?

With the capture of Wendy, the clues that ran throughout the entire first season have come to a close. However, at the end of the story, when Luo Yingzi’s marital home is being auctioned off, in addition to the auctioneer arranged by Luo Yingzi and Chen Shuo, a third party joins the bidding. This person is Luo Yingzi’s nanny, Lan Lan.

Lan Lan seems to have a similar background of suffering to Wendy. Initially, she helped Luo Yingzi “steal” the property certificate from her ex-in-laws' home and sided with Luo Yingzi. However, she gradually reveals another side of her humanity. If learning law without a legal background can be considered as cross-disciplinary and proactive, then climbing up to Zhou Lao Ban by taking advantage of Luo Yingzi’s opportunity and attempting to seduce Chen Shuo undoubtedly makes her a poor imitation of Wendy.

In the conversation between Wendy and Luo Yingzi, Wendy mentioned that she did all these things just to hold her head up high in front of people like Luo Yingzi. So Lan Lan, who cares if Chen Shuo cares about being treated as a nanny by Luo Yingzi, is operating on the same low-level logic.

Unable to face their own native families, unable to face themselves, excessively self-deprecating yet extremely arrogant.

Lan Lan’s final attempt failed, but it also marked her complete falling out with Luo Yingzi. So in the second season, will she stir up trouble again and become the second stumbling block for Luo Yingzi?

Hopefully, Luo Yingzi will learn from her mistakes and not repeat them.

  1. Mei Daliang’s case is still unresolved

Mei Daliang, as Luo Yingzi’s mentor, not only helped her find a job when she fell on hard times, but also acted as a life mentor when Luo Yingzi was indecisive. Mei Daliang is an extremely important person to Luo Yingzi.

However, in a subplot, it is revealed that Mei Daliang and her husband were involved in a lawsuit together. Due to the sudden change of mind of the parties involved, not only did they recant their previous statements, but they also accused Mei Daliang and her husband of incitement, leading to her husband having a heart attack and dying in court. Mei Daliang had her lawyer’s license revoked and went from being a founding partner of a law firm to becoming a teacher for the judicial examination.

But by the end of the first season, the details of Mei Daliang’s case have yet to be further disclosed, and it is bound to become a prominent plot point in the second season.

And behind this case, perhaps another side of the law firm will be revealed.

  1. Does Fang Lihong have any hidden secrets?

As Mei Daliang’s former partner and the only founding partner of the law firm after Mei Daliang’s incident, Fang Lihong undoubtedly had a shining moment in her career. But in the corner of human nature, does she also have unspeakable secrets?

When Luo Yingzi was overshadowed by her master, Lao Han, and found Mr. Mei, Mr. Mei said something meaningful: “Sometimes you can handle opponents, but you can’t handle teammates. The workplace is like a world of rivers and lakes, so be careful!”

Who is she referring to as teammates? What was the truth back then?

To be honest, I really liked Fang Lihong’s character in the first season. She was calm, rational, composed, and not entirely good. She also had a unique, decisive, and ruthless perspective on business, interests, gaming, and restraint.

In the law firm, when Luo Yingzi was facing her most difficult time, Fang Lihong stood up to protect her from being kicked out, but when Xia Shu faced the same dilemma, she actively kicked Xia Shu out! Does this mean that her hidden side is about to be revealed?

But what I believe is that every person who stands in the spotlight of success hides more bitterness and hardship in the corners where the light cannot find them, including the unspeakable gray areas.

I am really looking forward to this plotline.

  1. Xia Shu’s future path

At the end of Season 1, Xia Shu’s father encountered trouble, and Fang Lihong immediately removed Xia Shu as a partner and fired her. Her celebrity boyfriend, who was enjoying the benefits of her successes, disappeared in her car! Xia Shu seems to have become another Luo Yingzi in Season 2.

Throughout Season 1, she was a girl in the castle, pure, innocent, untouched by dust. But in Season 2, she will face the real world.

For a moment, I thought of “Friends” when Rachel first appeared and everyone helped her cut up her credit cards. Then Monica said to her:

Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You are gonna love it.

I am really excited to see the little girl venturing into the big world. I believe Xia Shu will be a pleasant surprise.

  1. The fate of Luo Yingzi and Qiu Hua’s love

At the end of Season 1, the love lives of the girls seem to be hanging in the balance. Luo Yingzi is still in a legal marriage with Liu Ming and has not legally ended their relationship, so naturally, she cannot truly start a relationship with Chen Shuo. Their future will definitely be an interesting highlight for the audience; I have to say that Wang Yang is really good at flirtation.

Compared to the tearing each other apart after a relationship is confirmed, the subtle, ambiguous interactions in Season 1 were even more interesting!

Who knows? Let’s continue to wait and see.

Qiu Hua, in pursuit of reality, temporarily chose his childhood sweetheart from his hometown. But can two people with different values really make it work?

Qiu Hua was the girl that Jasmine really liked in Season 1, and I really want to see what kind of path her love life will take.

What other clues were planted in Season 1? Feel free to discuss in the comments…

I am **, a writer born in the 80s, who works hard in the workplace during the day and writes for self-entertainment at night. I feel deeply, express sincerely, live freely, and age gracefully. Stay tuned for reviews of popular and classic TV dramas, and join me in discussing life.

Fearless: Screenwriters Disrespecting the Audience’s Intelligence

By Scarlett

If I had to describe the ending of “Fearless” in one sentence, it would be: Came in high spirits, left in disappointment.

For office workers, who wouldn’t want to watch a workplace drama that turns the tide? However, after enduring the finale, all I can do is sigh. What happened to the good intentions? How did it end up in such a mess?

The responsibility lies squarely on the screenwriters.


By eliminating the storyline of the cheating husband and the evil mother-in-law,

the show would have had less of the audience’s disdain towards deceitful Chinese dramas

In fact, you may or may not have noticed that “Fearless” was imitating American TV dramas.

Even before airing, it was announced that Reba Chong would sign for two seasons.

This is not something commonly seen in Chinese dramas.

The idea was that if the show had good word of mouth, a third season would be ordered.

Moreover, the main storyline closely followed the format of American dramas. The female protagonist enters a new workplace with her own issues, and as she solves her problems, she integrates into the workplace, resolves issues, finds herself, breaks through herself, and grows into a leading figure. The audience follows the perspective of the female protagonist and opens the door to a new professional story.

In the end, it’s a win-win for both the audience and the protagonist. Season after season, encountering different people, unfolding different stages of life.

This was the model for many American dramas ten years ago.

The initial intention to learn from them was good, and the model itself is good. In the workplace, everyone has their own stories.

However, for workplace dramas that follow an elite route, it’s rare to have an evil mother-in-law accompanying the plot from the first episode to the last.

This is the biggest problem with this show.

The issue at hand actually reflects the screenwriters' limited understanding of professional workplace dramas. They think that by adding a workplace setting to a story about mother-in-law and daughter-in-law conflicts, they can label it as a workplace drama.

Compared to American dramas, their attempts are superficial and lack depth.

Of course, if the conflict between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were engaging, like the palace fights in “Empresses in the Palace,” it would be somewhat interesting. The problem is that the screenwriters created a mother-in-law character who acts unscrupulously throughout the entire show, without any consequences to bear for her actions. She is clearly at fault, but still has the audacity to confront the innocent mother of the female protagonist.

This forced contradiction is unreasonable, low-level, and completely disrespectful to the audience’s intelligence.

The more a villain acts unreasonably and disruptively, the more it exposes the protagonist’s lack of intelligence. When you try to force the audience to feel satisfied at the ending, they will feel helpless because the previous plot has proven that the protagonist is undeserving.

This actually highlights the screenwriters' misunderstanding of creating conflict. They believe that the audience will only be satisfied when the protagonist counterattacks after being oppressed to the dust. However, if we look at dramas like “Nirvana in Fire” and “Joy of Life,” they are satisfying dramas without illogical antagonists.

It’s already 2023, and what the audience wants to see in a workplace drama is a fair fight, not a situation where someone with seemingly high education, intelligence, and income is crushed by someone with low moral values, low abilities, and low intelligence.

If iQIYI insists on producing a second season, I suggest greatly reducing the screen time dedicated to the mother-in-law storyline. Don’t give the audience the feeling that you just want to create a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law conflict, but realize that it wouldn’t attract younger viewers, so you wrapped it in a workplace setting.

I roughly calculated the last two episodes, and if you cut out a quarter of the mother-in-law storyline, you can reduce the show from 40 episodes to 30 episodes.

This way, you would lose half of the audience who left due to the immature and tedious mother-in-law plot.

So, based on the mother-in-law storyline alone, the biggest responsibility for the mockery that “Fearless” received lies with the screenwriters. If possible, I recommend hiring a different screenwriter for the next season, someone who knows how to write a workplace drama, after all, that’s what you set out to produce.


The best approach for a workplace drama is to have several episodes dedicated to one case,

and not have 40 episodes where the female protagonist doesn’t complete a single case

The second responsibility of the screenwriter is that the portrayal of the workplace outside of the mother-in-law storyline is highly unprofessional.

Typically, legal dramas have several episodes dedicated to one case, which is clean and concise, allowing both the protagonist and the people involved to grow. However, this show is strange. It seems to have covered many cases but hasn’t fully resolved a single one.

In the first case, the Wang Dafu murder case, the finale aired, and yet no one remembered that the real culprit was still at large.

In reality, there is no need for lawyers to catch murderers. The problem is that the screenwriter had Wang Yang constantly searching for the culprit in the first few episodes, raising the audience’s expectations, and then they forgot about it.

What happened after Ma Lili’s ex-husband was sentenced to life in prison? The lawyers clearly discovered that they were framed, so what happened next? Nothing? Isn’t all of the ex-husband’s property now hers? What kind of example are you setting for the general public? As long as a woman is ruthless enough to send her ex-husband to prison, owning four houses is not just a dream?

Then there’s the sexual harassment case, which revolves around whether to fight or not fight, and dragged on for four episodes. To put it nicely, the screenwriter wanted to express the difficulty of the case, which is why it was so indecisive. However, to be frank, the screenwriter has no concept of pacing. Are you implying that anything difficult in this world requires dragging it out with more episodes?


Give the protagonist’s role to Qiu Hua,

She’s the relatable leading female character

The third problem with the screenwriting is the character development of the protagonist Luo Yingzi, which pales in comparison to the supporting character Qiu Hua, making it difficult for the audience to relate.

Not everyone has parents who are law professors, with four houses and a wealthy family background. In such circumstances, if a husband runs off with a mistress and leaves all the debt to the wife, and she still refuses to report it to the police, is this the choice of a lawyer?

The audience can understand the struggles of a protagonist who comes from a difficult background and turns things around, as that is a relatable storyline. However, it is rare for someone to relate to a character who has money and education but is foolish enough to be deceived and carry on with a lovestruck mentality for 40 episodes.

Screenwriter, the audience is not that foolish!

It was clearly a forged signature, but the bank refuses to acknowledge it and the protagonist doesn’t even consider reporting it to the police!

Audiences who understand the law fall silent when they see these plotlines.

On the other hand, Qiu Hua, from a humble background and difficult family, works tirelessly without any cases assigned to her, constantly being manipulated by her superiors. Yet, she never gives up.

She doesn’t have a cheating husband, a mistress with plastic surgery faces, or an evil mother-in-law. Qiu Hua represents the determination of a working-class woman fighting for her career.

A real leading female character doesn’t have to constantly endure the premeditated harm inflicted by all of humanity; rather, she must strive hard to break free from the web of life that has trapped her—this web that dictates her life, her class, and her future.

In 2023, the audience wants to see how individuals overcome all of this in a workplace drama. It’s about giving women a stage and respect based on their real abilities, instead of focusing on infidelity and mother-in-laws.

If there is a next season, and if iQIYI insists on producing it, I suggest swapping the roles of Luo Yingzi and Qiu Hua. I want to see Qiu Hua’s struggle, not a finale where every man buys a house for Luo Yingzi.

The issues with the director and the main cast will be discussed in the next article, but in comparison, the problems lie more with the screenwriters.

November 21, 2023 Hong Kong

Emotional Threads and Endings

There are still many loose ends:

  1. Will we see Wendy again before she gets caught?
  2. Is there no future for Luo Yingzi and Chen Wuliang?
  3. Did Qiu Hua choose Zhang Quanquan over her family?
  4. In the end, was Xia Shu expelled? Lawyer Tao seemed very excited. (Also, earlier Luo Yingzi seemed to have predicted that her father would be in trouble.)
  5. What’s going on between Lan Lan and that boss?
  6. Did Chen Wuliang advise Liu Ming to confess just so he can become his substitute lawyer?
  7. What punishment will Liu Ming eventually receive?
  8. Will there be a second season?

The Journey of the Working Class Towards the Pinnacle of Life

The working class must be infuriated when they watch the drama “The Journey of the Working Class Towards the Pinnacle of Life”.

I realized in the end that there are people who can easily mobilize tens of millions of funds!

Let’s start with the auction scene:

Finally, Luo Yingzi and Liu Ming’s marital home was foreclosed.

As mentioned before in the plot, the market price was around 11 million.

But let’s not give a discount for the foreclosed house. It was sold at the auction for a reasonable price of 10 million. Sounds reasonable, right?!

1. Chen Shuo’s friend helped him buy Luo Yingzi’s house here.

They shouted 15 million, and the deal was done. - Chen Shuo obviously has 15 million, and at the same time, this friend of Chen Shuo is willing to bear the portion exceeding the market price, 4 million. - Chen Shuo has many friends willing to contribute several million to help him (repay a favor).

2. Luo Yingzi’s friend (Zhou Houze) is also helping Luo to buy a house here.

They bid up to 14.5 million and gave up. - Luo Yingzi has at least 11 million, and Zhou Houze is willing to bear the part that exceeds the market price for Luo Yingzi, which is 3.5 million.

Three, the rich fool that Zhang Shilan recently flirted with is also bidding for this house.

After reaching 13.5 million, he gave up - even if the rich fool is rational, after obtaining this house, he would only give Lan Lan the right to live in it under his name. At least he can spend 13.5 million to buy the house and make Bolan Lan laugh. (Referring to Zhou Houze who also gave that 6.6 million house to Lan Lan back then.) The young housemaid is the most inspirational character in this drama.

Four, Speaking of Wenli.

Starting from scratch, Wenli swindled about 30 million from Liu Ming, and swindled 60 million from Sun Huading. In order to deceive Ding Qiwei and his father for over 9 billion, she gave 31 million back to Chen Shuo and sent 2 million to Ding Qiwei as bait.

5. Then there’s Ma Lili and Xu Jianshe.

Xu Jianshe, in order to evade a debt dispute of 200,000 yuan, refused to pay and even killed the creditor.

He owns several properties worth tens of millions of yuan - these properties have been successfully acquired by Ma Lili.

Six, Luo Yingzi’s parents are also invisible multi-millionaires.

Both university professors, they currently own a property in Lingnan and have another old house, which they nearly gave to Liu Ming’s parents.

Luo Yingzi’s first house, worth 6.6 million, was mostly paid for by her parents.

By referring to the housing prices in Jinan, Shandong in 2016, these properties combined are definitely worth more than 10 million.

VII. Let’s talk about Liu Ming’s parents.

Liu Ming and Wen Li took all the money away.

Liu Ming’s parents, who are in Lingnan, bought a large house near Luo Yingzi’s parents' house just to show off.

In 2017, the living room part of this house:

No need to say more about what’s left.

Luo Yingzi and I are the same age. Back then, for the down payment of 300,000, my parents and I used every last penny we could find in our corners.

We only kept a little for daily expenses…

Can you empathize with Luo Yingzi?

What details in “Fearless” struck a chord with you…

So funny.

Characteristics of Middle-class Characters in the Drama

This drama leaves no stones unturned. It is a drama filled with a strong sense of middle-class superiority and self-indulgence, with astonishing perspectives.

In this drama, the villains all come from humble backgrounds. Just look at how poor they were when they were children, uneducated and destined to do bad things. So, it is a must that the villains are these characters. On the other hand, the good characters are all victims of male persecution. Let’s not mention the deliberate display of the evilness of men, as it is a basic tactic to attract attention. The screenwriters have also mentioned that they have not spared the bad female characters. Wendy’s character is simply outrageous; I dare to say that her actions are comparable to those of an international thief. Lulu, from a rural family and uneducated, must rely on wealth and be hostile towards the rich, with a twisted mindset, making her a potential target for Wendy.

As for our protagonist, born into an intellectual family, beautiful and kind-hearted, she generously helps a young nanny study law and introduces her to Lawyer Chen (guess the purpose). She looks down on her boyfriend from Qiu Hua’s hometown. Sister, you are a great lawyer, and you owe it to him for marrying you, right? Speaking of high taste, how did you end up with such a bizarre husband? The first thing she does when she joins the company is find a female boss to support her own career as a lawyer, only to end up causing the boss to collapse and lose the lawsuit.

Confronting people who are wealthier and have higher social status, she assumes the role of a “savior” lawyer: you may have more money, but I decide the fate of your assets. Do you submit to me? In short, people poorer than me have lower morals and must be targeted, while people richer than me have lower intelligence, so I have to help them. Just look at my personality; I can even deal with loan sharks. Seriously, the courage of the screenwriter to turn a loan shark into a positive and comedic character is admirable.

Now, let’s talk about the main female character. We can understand the character of an optimistic and foolish girl. But with her hunched back, lecherous smile, and alley accent in the workplace, isn’t it a bit too much? Which breakthrough in the cases did the female lead achieve? It was all Qiu Hua silently working, while the female lead was busy fooling around.

Can a professional drama truly focus on the profession? The disputes between mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, and husband are the only things that run through the entire drama. Just when the case is about to be explained, an evil mother-in-law unexpectedly appears. It’s truly unbelievable. None of the cases are properly resolved in the end.

The only normal character in this drama is Qiu Hua—calmly and diligently doing her work, leading a stable and mentally healthy life. She should be the real protagonist.

Unexpected Reveal of Character’s Fate

I tried to empathize with Luo Yingzi, but I couldn’t.

Interestingly, I was also born in 1988, and I’m from Shandong Lingnan — Lingnan should be south of Mount Tai, right? I’m from Tai’an.

In our generation of Shandong people, our parents are university professors, and both parents work. In 2016, my dad could come up with 6.6 million to buy a house for his child in Beijing. It’s quite rare…

Let me empathize with Qiu Hua. At first, I could empathize because I have also encountered such a boss who is always scheming behind my back.

My parents treat me well, but there are also parents who always exploit their own daughters in our village.

Later, I couldn’t empathize anymore. Zhang Quanquan, who pursued her, is the son of the county magistrate…

In all of China, how many girls are chased by the son of their own county magistrate?

There are a total of 2,843 county-level administrative divisions, including 977 districts, 394 county-level cities, 1,301 counties, 117 autonomous counties, 49 banners, 3 autonomous banners, 1 special administrative region, and 1 forestry area.

Unmarried, of marriageable age, with time to accompany her in Jingbei, driving an Audi, and a county magistrate’s son who is faithful in love. As a grown man, I want her too. Luo Yingzi advised Qiu Hua to think twice.

Go away!

I can try to empathize with Zhang Shilan — the maid who helps others when she sees injustice.

She has changed. She has turned bad.

When a man has money, he becomes bad. When a woman becomes bad, she has money.

How bad did she have to become?

She hooked up with Zhou Houze and got a 6.6 million house. But in the end, she hooked up with a new tycoon who was willing to give her a whole set of houses worth 13.5 million.

Go away!

Who else can I empathize with? Xia Shu, Fang Lihong? They are too far away.

Let’s try empathizing with Jianbing Xishi, Ma Lili.

A divorced woman who started her business from scratch with a pancake stall.

Xu Jianshe, to avoid a debt of 200,000, accidentally killed the creditor, who actually had 6 properties worth tens of millions.

All of those tens of millions went to Ma Lili…

I’m out of here.

By the way, there is one person who is forgiving and loyal, regardless of past grievances — Wang Dafu’s wife.

It seems like she is the only one in the entire drama with completely normal values.

The screenwriter is ruthless and arranged for her to have a prostitute husband…

Fearless: The Persistence of Female Lawyers

The first season of “Fearless” comes to a close. Wendy is arrested, and after returning to China, Liu Ming voluntarily surrenders himself at the airport. Luo Yingzi and Chen Shuo are still in the early stages of their relationship.

In this drama, the protagonist is a lawyer who is deeply influenced by her parents. Despite knowing what kind of people her former in-laws are, she does not guard against them. Not only does she burden herself with debt, but she also causes her mother to become a vegetable.

One can persist with dignity, but one cannot blindly persist. Luo Yingzi’s father is a law professor and she herself is a lawyer. Yet, she is bullied to this extent by her despicable ex-in-laws. This is not responding to revenge with virtue, but a case of excessive devotion.

In the drama, Lan Lan, who was initially the maid of the Liu family, undergoes a sudden change upon encountering Zhou, the boss. In reality, young girls like Lan Lan, who have entered society early, know better how to seek benefits and avoid harm, and they would not actively provoke people like Zhou, who engage in gray-area businesses.

Compared to Luo Yingzi, played by Reba, Qiu Hua, played by Chuan Ni, has a more captivating character portrayal.

Qiu Hua comes from a rural background and diligently studies to become a lawyer. However, her path is not smooth sailing. She encounters a boss who is only interested in personal gain and occasionally harasses her. Unfortunately, she lacks the courage to walk away.

In terms of relationships, Qiu Hua has a well-off suitor, the son of the county chief in her hometown. Although they have no feelings for each other, she has to seek his help for her family’s sake and they reluctantly end up together.

Qiu Hua’s experiences seem to be more relatable to the average person. She wants to make a name for herself in the big city through hard work, but she cannot completely escape the influence of her family background. Nevertheless, she gradually changes through her own efforts.

Looking forward to the second season’s release, to see if Luo Yingzi ends up with Chen Shuo and to witness Qiu Hua’s growth.

Progress, Filming, and Release of Part Two

Not satisfied. Very dissatisfied.

Lan Lan has become even more arrogant than before, using beauty as a means to seek wealth, pushing the boundaries of morality and law. Amazingly, she has made it to the next season.

The wicked mother-in-law has infuriated the protagonist’s mother. That’s a matter of life! If she doesn’t seek forgiveness, I can’t let this go.

Also, are most of the men in this drama idiots? They are easily enchanted by beauty and have their wallets emptied.

That Liu Ming is even more infuriating. I feel he is even more infuriating than his own mother. There are so few big jerks like them, really too few!!!

The protagonist shouldn’t cry, and she shouldn’t cry after beating Liu Ming. She should tell Chen Shuo and refuse to be Liu Ming’s substitute lawyer. Let Liu Ming find whoever he wants. Tolerance towards bad people is persecution of good people.

The male lead shouldn’t be so foolishly in love. His character is too slick on the surface, not only unacceptable and unimaginable for Luo Yingzi, but also unbearable for the audience. I’m just puzzled, can’t we find a reliable and gentle gentleman in the entirety of Jingbei?

Sexual offender lawyer Han didn’t receive the lesson he deserved. He might even make it to Part Two. He could become a catalyst for Luo Yingzi’s team to leave the law firm and work independently on cases.

Ma Lilis, who provided false testimonies, has already received money. How much negative influence will this cause to the younger generation!!! No tolerance!!! Must be severely punished!!!

Why doesn’t the protagonist appeal for her house worth over ten million? Liu Ming has also returned to China to turn himself in, let him bear his own mistakes, why should he be given everything to repay his debts!!! Because of this, she offends Fang Lawyer again for no reason. Fang Lawyer has helped her so much!!! If I were Fang Lawyer, I’d really give up on her.

However, the ending hook is quite suspenseful. It is highly likely that Xia Shu’s father has been imprisoned for corruption, and it seems quite serious. Not only has he deprived Xia Shu of her partnership and fired her, but Fang Lihong is not the type of person to abandon others in times of crisis, so Xia Shu’s father’s case must be extremely serious.

Will the next step follow an anti-corruption storyline? It is very possible.

Lawyer Tao directly slammed the door and questioned Fang Lihong, which may also imply that he might break away from Fang Lihong’s influence. Tao Lawyer is usually emotionally stable and not the kind of person who easily severs ties with partners. For the sake of Xia Shu, he unexpectedly lost control of his emotions. Part Two might have more space to showcase the internal power struggles within the law firm.

In this regard, Xia Shu’s role may be enhanced in Part Two. The fall of the first-generation officials, the second-generation rich becoming poor, and starting a new life from scratch, there are not many roles of this type. It has suspense, it is anticipated.

But, will Xia Shu dramatically become the female protagonist of Part Two?! Don’t forget about the promotional poster for Part One where she and Luo Yingzi and Qiu Hua stood together in the first tier. She shouldn’t calculate and scheme her way to the top within the drama while secretly undermining it outside! If this kind of parachuting happens, I might abandon the drama.

Qiu Hua has always had a grudge against the rich. She has never liked Xia Shu and is not too willing to help her. It is estimated that in Part Two, her interactions and relationship with Xia Shu will increase. Perhaps she and Luo Yingzi will work together to represent Xia Shu’s father’s case. Through this, Qiu Hua may become softer. Will the three of them establish an independent law firm together?

Everything is about to happen, anything is possible.

There are a few more serious questions.

Has Part Two started filming?

Is the film edited?

When is it planned to be released?

The Struggle for Property and Compromise in TV Plot

Very dissatisfied!

From the first episode to the fortieth!

Why withdraw the lawsuit and give up a house worth 10 million RMB?

Why persuade Liu Ming to surrender and reduce his sentence?

Have you forgotten about your mother who was driven to death? Have you forgotten about the 11 million RMB in personal loans you paid off for others?

You paid the money back, while Liu Ming enjoyed a luxurious life with Wenli, buying a house and raising a dog in the United States. Are you the leading actress in a drama? Is this a romance drama that should not have such a love-struck mindset?

No wonder the barrage in the comment section says that this show should be renamed “Luo Yingzi’s Dignity.”

I don’t understand why in TV dramas, the divorced female protagonist always compromises and selflessly gives up the property she deserves.

In the recent drama “Double Happiness,” Lin Shuang could have fought for more property and held the future and career prospects of her ex-husband in her hands, but she gave up, claiming that he had undisclosed income and might take it back someday. As a result, she worked tirelessly, unable to balance her personal life, and created an opportunity for the male lead to shine (one could reasonably suspect that this plot was artificially created to introduce conflicts and make the male lead appear).

And in “Fearless,” it’s even more inexplicable. The house mortgage contract was signed by the ex-husband and his mistress under false pretenses, and they even have video evidence, yet somehow none of this comes back to her. She wouldn’t lose in a lawsuit, so why did she just accept her fate like this?

Is 10 million RMB so easy to earn?

Is 10 million RMB so easy to earn?

Is 10 million RMB so easy to earn?

10 million RMB is an amount many people can’t earn in their entire lives, and yet it’s given away so easily?

I don’t understand, is the law pointless? Must we repay evil with kindness?

Please, I beg the screenwriters to be a little more in touch with reality. Life is already full of hardships, so please don’t artificially create more.

In my opinion, everyone is watching these leading actress dramas for the sake of “enjoyment.” They could have reported Liu Ming for fraud as early as the second episode, so why bother leaving room for consideration and dragging it out until the final episode?

Then, film scenes of them partnering with Qiu Hua, arguing with Chen Wuliang, solving the case, and appearing in court. Provide a more detailed account of the case, explain it clearly, wouldn’t that be great too?