How to Evaluate Gumayusis Performance in the S13 Finals?

The Unpredictable Actions

guma: Meticulously, I am happily last-hitting minions in the bottom lane, when suddenly the top laner shouts, “You have no idea what I have sacrificed!” and rushes in like a mad dog. The jungler, who has been working out for a whole year, also follows suit and says, “Don’t underestimate our bond!” and charges in as well. I thought the mid laner, the old man, would play it safe and stick with me, but to my surprise, after selecting his skin in the first match, he suddenly blurts out, “This is so boring.”

Gumayusi: The New Standard for LCK AD

Coincidentally, less than an hour after the game ended, someone in the Anti-Bar forum started a thread titled “Here’s a question, who is T1’s five-time champion?”.

After some thought, in the three games against the bots, Gumayusi had the chance to perform well and directly hoist the trophy. Many people say it was Gumayusi.

Perhaps that’s how life is.

This year, Gumayusi seems to share SSG.Crown’s helplessness.

In his strongest year, he couldn’t lift the trophy, but in the end, he completed a 3-0 victory with his teammates on the final stage where he didn’t have much of a performance.

But the results of the game don’t lie.

In the first game, Karista and Lenata executed the task of pressing the enemy line perfectly.

WBG’s Senna couldn’t catch his breath.

T1 executed the “5 8 10” strategy perfectly,

which means taking the first dragon at five minutes, the first Rift Herald at eight minutes, and the second dragon at ten minutes.

In the second game, on Draven,

he played a role in team fights, dealing damage.

After receiving a kill from TheShy in the laning phase, he didn’t suffer as much from Karista.

In the third game, on Xayah,

he performed well in both laning and team fights.

Compared to the ADC on the other side who had no impact in all three games, he focused on doing his own job,

isn’t that also a kind of success?

In addition,

I have to say,

Gumayusi’s performance in the Worlds in the past three years has been almost flawless.

The title of the limited Worlds god Lu Bu is well-deserved.

Throughout the S13 World Championship, he only had one game where he struggled with Kai’Sa’s 5400 points of damage.

Gumayusi’s performance in Worlds has earned him praise even from the strictest of Faker fans.

He has taken over the banner from his predecessor Bang, and he’s the new benchmark for LCK AD.

He has surpassed his idol UZI, and he is the AD champion of S13.

Guma’s performance is not as outstanding as his teammates because he is an ADC.

A qualified ADC should stay behind the team and focus on dealing damage, rather than leading the charge with his four teammates protecting him.

But who wants to lose while standing if they can win while lying down?

Guma won’t miss his past self who stole Baron with “Punishment Arrow” multiple times but couldn’t ultimately win the game. Gumayusi’s performance is definitely not as impressive as his teammates, after all, he is an ADC.

A normal and qualified ADC is supposed to stay behind the team and maximize their output, rather than charging ahead and relying on four teammates to protect and play around them.

However, if winning means lying down, who wants to stand up and lose?

Guma won’t miss the version of himself from last year, who successfully stole the Baron with “Punishing Arrow” multiple times, only to fail to win the game in the end.

Just played a game of Draven, had a tough time without buying shoes, got chased by Gwen and killed by the enemy mid and top laners before making any impact.

The only impression was playing a game of Draven, where the shoeless Fairy God barely bought any shoes. He was swiftly sprinted away by Gwen from the Star Realm, leaving him ten miles behind. By the time he arrived, the opponents in the mid and top lanes were all killed.

Gumayusi: LCK’s Future Threat in the ADC Position

Take a look at this champion pool. From the start of the Worlds, to the final victory, Gumayusi has selected a total of 11 champions!

And he can still pull out more champions.

Adding Keria to the mix, they are a sea of champions. The two of them can handle two bot lanes.

The ceiling for champion select is infinitely high. The red and blue sides skillfully educated the bot lanes of the LPL.

In the finals, his performance wasn’t particularly outstanding. It was when playing against JDG that he showed his deadly rhythm, taking down Ruler’s Xayah and 369’s Jax 1v2, achieving a double kill.

From a promising future to an uncertain one, Gumayusi has represented the ADC face of the LCK in the World Championships for the past two years. Their bot lane has rarely been in a disadvantageous position.

In last year’s finals against Deft, he exerted constant pressure and even single-handedly secured three dragons.

He is known as the small Lu Bu with his three consecutive shots at the enemy turret.

Last year, his highlights were the most numerous. But this year, he seems more like a utility player for the team. Once he completes his assigned tasks, it’s as if he’s just punching in at work.

After T1 defeated LNG, he stated in an interview that they would not lose to the LPL and gave a shoutout to Ruler, congratulating him on winning the Asian Games. He then claimed that the World Championship title would be claimed by him this time.

He must have felt uncomfortable having Ruler take his place at the Asian Games. After all, he has been playing in the LCK for so long, but due to the MSI defeat, the almost certain spot at the Asian Games went to Ruler.

He didn’t get the honor of a gold medal or the exemption from military service. There must be some regret in his heart.

But in the end, he still won the Worlds title, fulfilling his regrets.

I feel that Gumayusi can continue to play for several more years. He will be a formidable opponent for the bot lanes in the LPL for a long time.

Visible Despair

Visible Desperation

Guma: No, please, spare me, I’m already struggling to keep up. Don’t kill me! Can I at least have a little soup?!

Uncle became invisible after the first round.

English Translation: Uncle became invisible after the first round. After the first game, Aunt became invisible.

During the second game when selecting players, I said Aunt should put some pressure on her teammates.

After the top 4 games, JD still hasn’t learned how to “pull and drag”.

When your teammates are fighting, you should be pulling and dragging. As a marksman, if you don’t pull and drag, what are you doing?

After pulling and dragging until the end, your teammates died, the enemy team was all low on health, and you, full health Darius, went in and got a kill, directly landing an impressive scene.

Then Darius really walked the world barefoot.

In the end, Gwen’s entire Star World killed Darius and he didn’t even get away.

Aunt: This game is unplayable (throws).

Using his own theory.

Applying his own theory.

On Weibo, there is no need for extra fluff, who cares how many eggs you have?

Even JD, with both water and noodles, still relies on having more fragrant eggs and tastier noodles on its side to win.

Steady development and teammate’s casual play: a reflection on performance

Like his predecessor, bang, in the S5 World Championship, he steadily developed while his teammates played recklessly. In this game, I’ll clean up the mess.

Did the jungler kill all of the opponents? Then everything is fine.

Speaking of his path to the championship, it seems similar to Crown brother. Last year, he dominated the lane with a five-game advantage, crushed DEFT under the tower, and no matter how hard the enemy team tried to reverse the situation with dragon steals, they couldn’t. This year, he was farming in the bot lane and suddenly the enemy base went up in smoke.

No Performances, No Victories.

What did he do? He didn’t do anything at all!

Before he could even do anything, the game was already over.

Thinking back to the three games in the finals, do we only remember him playing as Darius?

Then getting crushed in the lane, shy coming down to equalize the gold, and then what?

That’s it. And then they won…

The other two games were even worse, losing in the laning phase, losing the dragon, losing the initiative, and that’s it…

To say that he is a five-time champion is too much, after all, besides Darius, he doesn’t have any pressure or need to make an effort.

Overall, the victory of the system relies heavily on confidence and the desire to win.

In three games, or in matches against the four LPL teams, regardless of advantage or disadvantage, they all have extremely risky plays that can change the situation if successful.

On the other hand, looking at the four LPL teams, except for blg’s efforts, and individual efforts from Brother Look-at-the-Screen, the rest just lie flat and wait for death.