How to evaluate Bidens statement on the unified leadership of the Palestinian National Authority in Gaza, opposed by Netanyahu? How will the future of the Gaza Strip develop?

(The Paper) This round of Israeli-Palestinian conflict has already caused over 13,000 deaths, but the United States has consistently opposed international efforts to promote a ceasefire On November 18, local time, US President Biden published an article in The Washington Post, reiterating the USs firm support for Israel and claiming that a ceasefire would give Hamas the opportunity to launch attacks again, thus refusing to call for a ceasefire in Gaza Biden also put forward the USs position on the post-war governance of Gaza, stating that the Gaza Strip and the West Bank should be led by the Palestinian National Authority However, according to the Israeli Jerusalem Post, this statement was opposed by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, who responded at a press conference on the 18th that the Palestinian National Authority is not capable of leading Gaza and that Israel will retain military control over the Gaza StripIn this article, Biden accuses Hamas of adopting terrorist tactics, hiding among Palestinian civilians, setting up tunnels in hospitals, schools, mosques, and residential buildings, maximizing the deaths and suffering of Israelis and Palestinians He states that the United States will stand firmly with the people of Israel in their fight against Hamass cruel attacks Biden refuses to call for a ceasefire in Gaza He claims that as long as Hamas continues to adhere to its destructive ideology, a ceasefire would provide Hamas with the opportunity to rebuild weapon reserves, redeploy armed personnel, and launch attacks again, and would not bring peacePhoto source Surging News ImagesWho will govern Gaza? Biden states his position, Netanyahu opposes

Attitude Change of Western Countries towards Israel

This means that the white supremacist and Jewish factions have officially broken ties

Several Western countries have undergone significant changes in their attitude, with a complete 180-degree turnaround.

On November 3rd, the Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs called on Israel to listen to the advice of its allies and exercise restraint.

On November 12th, Pope Francis of the Vatican called for a ceasefire between Israel and Palestine and urged for rescue operations in Gaza.

On November 14th, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau publicly urged Israel to stop the killing in front of global journalists.

On November 15th, French President Macron strongly condemned Israel for the first time, demanding that Israel stop bombing civilians and medical personnel.

On November 18th, Germany criticized Israel’s settlement policy for the first time, with Chancellor Schulz expressing clear support for a two-state solution.

On November 18th, US President Biden strongly criticized Israel and drew a red line:

First, Israel cannot annex Gaza and the West Bank, and these two areas must be handed over to the Palestinian National Authority, specifically to be managed by Fatah.

Second, Biden reiterated US support for the two-state solution, stating that the territory of Palestine must not be reduced, the blockade and siege of Palestine must not continue, and the Palestinians must not be forced to leave their land.

Finally, Biden stated that Israel must cease its attacks on Palestinian civilians and stop building settlements in the West Bank. If Israel continues to do so…

Biden stated: “The US is prepared to take its own measures, including imposing visa bans on extremist militants who attack civilians in the West Bank.”

“If you continue to build settlements, we will impose sanctions directly. Biden’s attitude towards Israel can be said to be progressively getting harder.

This criticism of Israel is different from previous ones. Biden has made the specific details very clear, leaving no room for ambiguity.

Look at the statements above.

Although Western countries still support Israel, they are clearly and rapidly distancing themselves.

Why do Western countries support Israel on one hand, when it is Western countries that provide Israel with ammunition and aid?

On the other hand, why are Western countries constantly distancing themselves from Israel?

This is what I said in my previous article: “The water is boiling, but the fish doesn’t know.”

The current attitude of Western countries is as follows:

It is as if a bad person is telling a foolish landlord’s son to kill and beat whoever he wants, to do whatever he wants to do!

So this foolish son of the landlord starts to indulge himself.

And the bad person quietly picks up a camera, starts recording the foolish son’s crimes, and also dials the emergency phone number…

What they want is for him to act crazy like this, so that once he is captured and convicted, they can divide up the foolish son’s property.

On November 3rd, according to “The Hill” report, the US Department of Defense issued a memorandum stating that its senior military leaders will no longer be allowed to visit Israel, and US lawmakers will no longer be encouraged to visit Israel during the conflict. This memorandum will take effect on November 7th.

The foolish son of the landlord, Israel, has not yet realized it.

On November 3rd, the US had already begun to adopt regulations that explicitly separated and distanced itself from Israel, in black and white!

Many people have a misunderstanding, including myself in the past.

They think that in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Elon Musk’s tweets and the overseas version of Douyin (TikTok) played a significant role, allowing Western people to see the truth and thus reversing Western public opinion.

That is just the result, not the cause.

Elon Musk is merely a businessman; he has no political power, and his money is not enough to manipulate all US politicians.

So if the US government really wanted him to shut up, he would not have the ability to resist.

The same applies to the overseas version of Douyin; if it were not protected by our government, it would have been shut down or confiscated by the US long ago.

Currently, the overseas version of Douyin is surviving in the US in a very disciplined manner. It is absolutely impossible for it to openly participate in politics, let alone go against Western governments.

So why are these two apps spreading a lot of truth?

It’s because these two apps, although they don’t have the ability to confront the US government, are not owned by Jewish financial consortiums.

These are platforms that do not belong to Jewish financial consortiums and have minimal Jewish capital involvement.

There are some people within the core circle of the US who want to spread voices unfavorable to Jewish financial consortiums, and these two platforms happen to be beyond the influence of Jewish financial consortiums. That’s why a large amount of Palestinian truth exposure has appeared on these two platforms.

This is the truth! Some people in the US want to target Jewish financial consortiums.

Otherwise, even if Elon Musk had 100 times more courage, he would not dare to challenge Jewish financial consortiums on his own. Businessmen of his level are not fools; if they dared to openly do such bold things, there must be someone behind them or a force supporting them. Those who have done business in this field understand this.

Likewise, with the overseas version of Douyin, it recently underwent a hearing in the US. It can be said that it barely survived in the US. How could it have the courage to interfere in politics?

So we have all misunderstood the problem.

Why hasn’t the overseas version of Douyin been banned in the US? Because it is a Chinese app! That’s my analysis.

Yes, you heard me right. Let me explain in detail below.

Some people might say, this is a Chinese app, during the China-US competition, don’t they want to kill our platforms? Isn’t it dangerous to have a Chinese platform in the US, inviting trouble?

You’ve got it all wrong; if you think this way, you’re oversimplifying the problem.

This is not inviting trouble, it’s striking a balance.

Let’s go back in time to before Musk acquired Twitter.

At that time, almost all US public opinion platforms and media were under the control of Jewish financial consortiums, except for the overseas version of Douyin.

For the overall US, the overseas version of Douyin is a Chinese platform.

But for the white supremacist faction, the overseas version of Douyin is Chinese, meaning it is not part of the Jewish financial consortium. Do you understand the implication?

This is a completely new force, someone who can be an enemy, but they can also be a short-term tool for suppressing enemies.

In fact, we can say that the reason why the overseas version of Douyin has survived in the US until now is precisely because it is a product of a Chinese company. In an environment where almost all US media is controlled by Jewish financial consortiums, it is a breath of fresh air.

There is an ancient saying that goes: “The enemy of my enemy can also be a friend.” In battle, priorities must be considered. Who is the primary enemy, and who is the secondary enemy?

For the US as a whole, the primary enemy is undoubtedly China.

But for the specific US, is the primary enemy of the white supremacist faction really China?

Now Jewish financial consortiums are almost kicking them out of the ruling class in the US. Isn’t it obvious who the primary enemy is? Before attacking others, they need to deal with internal matters first!

After Musk, this white man capitalist, acquired Twitter at lightning speed, sensitive people should have realized the problem.

This means that there are now two major platforms in the US that are not under the control of Jewish financial consortiums.

In other words, at this point, the media stronghold of Jewish financial consortiums was breached, but they themselves were not yet aware of it.

Let’s mention another detail.

On November 2, 2021, Musk suddenly wrote a tweet in Chinese, quoting a Chinese poem:

“Humankind boils beans in beanstalks, Beans in the cauldron weep, Originally from the same root, Why so fast to fry each other?”

He also posted this content on Chinese microblogging platform Weibo.

Why did Musk write this seven-step poem? Was someone persecuting him?

The reason is that at that time, US public opinion instigated by Jewish financial consortiums was attacking him, demanding that Musk donate his money directly. Musk thought to himself, “We’re all capitalists, why do they have to do this? Why so fast to fry each other?”

In 2021, Musk officially became the world’s richest person.

Then, on March 19, 2021, US Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont began attacking Musk, saying that Musk and Bezos are too wealthy and they should donate a portion of their wealth as a gesture.

Subsequently, David Beasley, the Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme, also urged Musk and Bezos to donate, saying that if they donated just 2% of their net worth, it could solve global hunger.

What are the highlights of this?

First, Bernie Sanders is a well-known Jewish figure.

Then, another person pressuring Musk to donate besides Bernie Sanders was David Beasley.

I haven’t found if David Beasley is Jewish or not, but as is well known, David is a common Jewish name.

Although not all Davids are Jewish, many Jews are named David.

Why were Musk and Bezos singled out for forced donations at that time? Because these two billionaires are not Jewish.

Don’t think that because they made donations at that time, everything is settled. It was just the beginning of a downward spiral. Once this precedent was set, whenever there is a problem in US public opinion, they will demand donations from these two individuals. A mother’s enemy becomes a self-inflicted enemy.

I have done clear research on this, and it is true that Bezos is not Jewish. He has never publicly declared himself Jewish, and his family records show no Jewish background.

At that time, Bernie Sanders and David Beasley both named and demanded donations from Musk and Bezos, not mentioning any other Jewish billionaires.

Isn’t this a double standard? Why should only these two non-Jewish billionaires donate?

So it can be said that the conflict between the white supremacist faction and the Jewish faction started a long time ago.

By the way, I must say, don’t think that Bernie Sanders is a good person just because he promotes socialism in the US, which makes many people like him.

But I’m afraid what he says is a lie because he supported Hillary Clinton when she ran for president. Do you believe that someone who supported Hillary Clinton, who is known in the US as a war profiteer, is genuinely intending to implement socialism in the US? Before attacking the enemy, one must first stabilize the internal situation!

Finally, let me summarize why the white supremacist faction and the Jewish faction, who used to be close allies, have now broken apart. What is the root cause of this fundamental conflict?

  1. The US Federal Reserve, controlled by Jewish financial consortiums, has accumulated an increasingly large amount of debt that the US cannot repay. There will be a severe debt crisis next year.
  2. Our global de-dollarization strategy has been very successful. The US financial hegemony is gradually losing its effect; they can no longer harvest as before. This makes the white supremacist faction feel that the Jewish financial consortiums are of no use to them anymore, and the appetite of the white supremacist faction is growing.
  3. To understand a nation, you have to look at its history. In European white history, Jewish businessmen were always given control of the money bags by kings. But when the kings couldn’t pay back the money, they blamed all the problems on Jewish businessmen, and then turned the deposits of Jewish businessmen into their own. This way, the economic crisis was resolved.

Remember, every time in history, they have always done this.

So, do you understand now? This is why Western countries are gradually distancing themselves from Israel while still supporting it with words.

They can’t do anything to harvest and contain China…

If it doesn’t work externally, is there an internal target they can tackle? Can you guess who they are planning to go after?

As Xiang Yu danced his sword, his true aim was at Liu Bang!

Article Source: WeChat Official Account: Mao Dou Lun Dao (Soybean Theory)

Israeli Drones Shot Down

Biden proposed a compromise and muddy solution, after all, from the perspective of the United States, less trouble is better than more trouble;

But Netanyahu understands that the Palestinian National Authority has long turned into a moderate faction and cannot suppress the anti-Israeli forces in Gaza. Sooner or later, they will launch rockets at themselves; after all, Israel is well aware of the evil deeds it has done in Gaza.

Just saw an interesting news.

A few days ago, the Israeli military launched a raid on the Shifa Hospital in Gaza, claiming that the underground of the hospital is Hamas' “underground command post”. Under pressure from international public opinion, the Israeli Defense Forces finally found the so-called evidence:

For example, during the search of the Shifa Hospital, the Israeli army found firearms and ammunition left by Hamas, such as several AK rifles.

However, if Shifa Hospital really hid weapons, wouldn’t the armed anti-Israel forces inside rush out with their weapons before the Israeli army arrived? Why leave them behind as evidence for Israel? Moreover, when the Hamas forces retreated, why didn’t they take the AK rifles with them, considering that they lacked weapons?

What’s even more ridiculous is that the AK rifle images presented by the Israeli army as evidence were found to be suspicious, as those rifles should be wooden models:

The Israeli army suspected of using wooden models as “Hamas firearms.”

The joke is too big;

It’s not over yet.

The Israeli army also claimed to have found the entrance to the Hamas tunnel in the hospital and even filmed a video, showing a dug-up hole, as if it were a “tunnel entrance.”

But strangely, Israeli soldiers did not enter the “tunnel” to chase after Hamas, but used a back-and-forth shaking method to demonstrate their “achievements”.

The Israeli army claimed to have found the “Hamas tunnel entrance.”

But sharp-eyed netizens quickly discovered that this so-called Hamas “tunnel entrance” looked very much like a septic tank.

After comparison, there are indeed similar designs such as septic tanks, including similar storage facilities and pipe designs, and so on.

Unable to hold on, the Israeli Defense Forces went to great lengths to dig three feet into the ground to find the entrance to the Hamas tunnel, only to discover a septic tank.

A big loss.

Also, on November 18th, Hezbollah in Lebanon released a combat video, showing the shooting down of an Israeli Air Force “Hermes 450” armed reconnaissance drone using anti-aircraft weapons.

Previously, the Israeli Defense Forces refused to admit that their drones were shot down, claiming that all anti-aircraft weapons fired by Hezbollah would be intercepted;

Now it turns out that the Israeli Defense Forces lied again.

In the footage, it can be seen that Hezbollah fired an Iranian-made 358 anti-aircraft missile, successfully hitting the Israeli Defense Forces drone.

At the same time on that day, the “Somali Coast Guard” discovered an Israeli drone shot down by the Houthi armed forces from Yemen.

This Israeli drone took off from Eritrea’s only overseas military base, hoping to gather intelligence on the Houthi armed forces' cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, and suicide drones, in order to guide US destroyers and the Israeli Air Force in conducting precision strikes;

As a result, the Israeli drone went missing, directly shot down by the Houthi armed forces.

The History and Current Situation of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

In the past two days, after work, I have been reading two books about the Israeli-Palestinian issue. One is “The Fictitious Land of Israel” written by Professor Shlomo Sand from Tel Aviv University in Israel, and the other is “Neighbors and Enemies” written by Ian Black.

In “The Fictitious Land of Israel,” Professor Sand deconstructs the so-called “historical rights” of the Jewish people to the land of Israel and their Zionist narrative, starting from historical evidence, combined with the Old Testament and the Zionist movement in modern Israel. He pointed out sharply that the sole purpose of the Zionist revivalist’s so-called legal-historical logic is to provide moral legitimacy for territorial acquisition.

As for the book “Neighbors and Enemies,” it tells us that the so-called Israeli-Palestinian conflict has long been trapped in a vicious cycle. Every intense and painful conflict is actually another replay