How to Design an Original Elemental for Navalight in Genshin Impact?

Navelite possess the most comfortable way of starting the game, capable of both e-starting, q-starting, and heavy-hitting starting Its team composition is flexible and versatile, with strong defense, self-healing, and a wide attack range Not only are its mechanisms excellent, but its values can also instantly kill many fully equipped opponents It is impossible for a character to remain consistently strong, so how should the original magic be designed to counter Navelite? I hope everyone focuses on designing specifically for Navelite, as targeting everyone = targeting no one The design of water immunity does not belong to targeting Navelite, it simply indicates that water-type characters are not welcome on this path

“Call me?”

Slime: Did you call me?

How to Deal with Highest Praise

How to target the highest praise

Speaking honestly about using water immunity is a bit rubbish, no different from surrendering.

I imagine a few scenarios:

  1. Life Multiplier: The dead domain should have already entered the Abyss, even if the mechanism is good, it is still afraid of numerical pressure.

Issue: Zhongli’s shield will become thinner, most life multiplier main healers will have less capacity, and attack-focused main healers will have an easier time reaching the original demon execution line after their HP is reduced.

  1. Holy Chariot Beast: Do you like burning blood? Baby, do you miss me?

Issue: That late half-HP and full-HP for attack-focused main healers are almost the same. If someone really can threaten him through survival, then more people’s teams are simply playing Contra.

  1. Original Demon’s Eternal Frost is here. Although that late has invulnerability after 1 HP, they will still be frozen. As a main tank, it will greatly delay output.

Issue: Actually, many main tanks now tend to rely on stalling. The one who laughs last will be Xiangling.

  1. Inflation only has 0 times and infinite times. As long as I release a 5.1 version where a single-target DPS is converted into an AoE DPS with a 1.8 multiplier, everyone will forget about that late.

Issue: The original poster will ask how to design an original demon that targets the Fire Dragon King.

  1. Healing ban, taking down the Hunter Set.

Issue: If water is increased and defense is increased, complaining that Zhongli is too strong and introducing a bleeding system, and now that the Dragon is too strong, going back to lifting the shield. Moreover, if that late switches to a 2 hydro 2 pyro team with Zhongli, the one who truly dies is the hydro character.

  1. As long as you consume water droplets…

Issue: Evaluating and consuming seed-level ideas in relation to the original demon, to be honest, this approach lacks emotional intelligence, it’s the same as simply stating that that late is prohibited from entering.

To be honest, I’ve always been wondering how to target Yaoyao’s issues, but in the end, actually targeting Yaoyao still relies on numerical inflation and mechanics mismatch.

So, I think we should just wait for the Fire Dragon King to finish.

Excessiveness of Water Dragon King’s Mechanisms: AOE effects on innocent characters.

The Dragon King is too comprehensive and strong, causing any mechanism against the Dragon King to affect innocent characters in a large area.

Immunity to water? Besides Nielu, this method is not only weak, but also affects all water element characters except Nielu. Besides, the Abyss is divided into upper and lower sections, so the Dragon King can just go to the other side. And with two Dragon Kings, the team composition is liberated, it’s also simple to use a counter card like Zhang.

Unable to remove attached elements? That’s great, but it also turns a group of teams that react to damage into direct damage ones.

Losing HP and debuffing? Except for Fendan C, they all have to die, Xiu and Funing Na can be disabled directly.

Hyperactivity? If I adjust the mouse sensitivity, how will you deal with it then? Besides, it’s difficult for a group of regular team compositions to deal with hyperactivity.

Slowing down with water? I feel like there are not many characters that are unaffected.

Difficult to charge up? Let’s not talk about specialized weapons solving the Dragon King’s charging problem, teams like Wanda Crane are even more severely affected if they rely heavily on charging.

Freezing the monsters? Just want to ask, which character is immune to freezing? And mainstream main C characters, like Hutao, Linghua, Haishen, etc., all have to be on the field.

Dealing high damage like Sanctified Beasts? The Dragon King at half health is tougher than traditional damage dealers. And it’s very unfriendly towards Funing Na.

The last resort: Target the water droplets of the Water Dragon King. The Dragon King’s water droplets are of the same kind as the main C character’s water droplets, and they cannot see each other in multiplayer mode. But what’s the difference between this approach and simply writing “Dragon King is forbidden to use” on its face?

Of course, one can completely ignore it and wait for the numbers to inflate, naturally eliminating the purely front-end Dragon King.

Resistant Water Element and Frozen Elemental

Water with delayed water antigen magic, and frozen magic.

Immunity to Navaleth Damage

When it comes to the Fire Country, in order to boost the Fire element, there are Abyssal Ice-Water Mages and Apostles all over the place. You should know how to deal with them.

It’s not even about specifically targeting them, it’s just something that conveniently happens when promoting current roles.

And before that, in order to protect the Water God, the Abyss will absolutely not let those annoying creatures discomfort the Water element.

As for the idea of “only targeting Naiviret,” it’s just plain foolish to bring it up. Even if the planners are silly, they wouldn’t make it so obvious. But if you insist on disregarding any limits, here’s a simple solution: “This monster is immune to Naiviret’s damage.”

Title: “Defeat the Abyss by Throwing It In”

翻译后的标题: “扔进深渊就可以了” Vienna by the lake is not a boss with only 60 stamina, oh

Just toss it into the abyss, that’s all you need to do.

Here it is.

Here it comes, here it comes.

Not a Ready-made Answer

Isn’t the Shape of Water a ready-made thing…

DEBUFF limits healing, encourages shield defense.

Last “poison milk” DEBUFF, all healing effects are reversed and cause damage, only allowing the use of shields for resistance.

Enhanced Defensive Shield


  • Ability to absorb long-range attacks and return the damage, or to enhance shield-wielding monsters.