How to choose "genuinely practical" home appliances amid all the flashy gimmicks?

Various household appliances offer a wide range of functions. For instance, a microwave can both bake and fry, while a washing machine can disinfect and dry clothes. With the increasing number of additional features on single-function household appliances, it requires extra effort to choose a good appliance. So, how can you accurately select a “truly practical” household appliance amidst all those flashy gimmicks?

Thoughtful Purchasing: My Guide to Naviging Sales

My suggestion is, before getting dazzled by all the discounts and promotions, ask yourself, what do you really need?

Here are three criteria I believe define what is ‘truly needed’ in home appliances:

  1. Something you genuinely need and that can enhance the quality of your life
  2. Something that will be frequently used and increases your sense of happiness when used
  3. Something that lasts at least three to five years, or even longer

Once you’ve determined what you need, then consider the discounts. Currently, the Double Eleven (Singles' Day) promotions on various platforms are as numerous as the hairs on a cow, and the discount rules are complex and confusing. After a day of exhausting work dealing with colleagues, bosses, and clients, the last thing I want is to decipher complicated promotions like deposits, price inflations, stacking discounts, or teaming up for more savings. So, for promotions, I believe they must meet three criteria:

  1. Genuine discounts
  2. Quality assurance and reliable after-sales service
  3. Convenience, with comprehensive services that track the entire process

When I choose home appliances, I’m very meticulous and always compare different options because, firstly, appliances generally aren’t cheap, and secondly, if they’re going to be used frequently, any slight inconvenience can become very irritating over time.

This Double Eleven, I’ve added two home appliances to my cart for reference, and those who need similar items might want to do their research and compare:

  1. Midea’s all-in-one washer and dryer (Midea Washer-Dryer Combo)

I’m genuinely lazy, especially when it comes to hanging clothes to dry, especially bed sheets and covers, which I find particularly annoying! The first time I used a dryer was in my school dormitory: throw in the dirty clothes and detergent pod, wash them, then toss them into the dryer. After a couple of games, the clothes are dry and warm, ready to wear! No need to waste space and time hanging clothes, plus it solves the issue of urgently needing to wear something that isn’t dry yet.

The Midea combo is truly all-in-one. I’ve seen friends' homes where they stack two separate machines, and I’m always worried about the bottom one getting crushed. With an all-in-one, it’s not only much more aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also slimmer at 440mm, easily fitting into home spaces.

A nice touch is the centralized control screen, specifically designed for women so you don’t have to bend down to load the washer or reach up to unload the dryer. Very friendly and convenient height!

Talking about main functions, there are several highlights I like:

  1. Wash-Dry linkage, intelligent data sharing. For instance, if you washed cotton or linen clothes, you wouldn’t need to set a separate program for drying; it automatically matches the appropriate time and temperature for those fabrics.
  2. Rapid wash and dry feature, really fast!! Often in the morning, I find myself in a hurry to wear something I forgot to wash, which is very awkward. Quick wash in 15 minutes and rapid dry in 20, it automatically senses the washing progress, efficiently cleaning without wasting a second.
  3. Disinfection + Self-Cleaning Function, Double Sterilization and Mite Removal. Five layers of lint filtering, high-temperature steam disinfecting wash + UV light disinfecting dry, wearing the clothes feels very safe!!! And no need to buy washing machine cleaners or hire regular cleaning services, you can do it yourself!
  4. Notification via a WeChat mini-program after washing, perfect for someone like me who tends to forget and ends up having to rewash due to the smell.

As for installation, I’ve been recommending’s appliance services since the year before last. Almost every appliance purchased there includes free delivery, free dismantling, and installation by their staff. Plus, if the product is intact, it’s returnable within 7 days of purchase. provides additional services on top of Midea’s 3-year warranty, including a 30-day return policy for quality issues, a 180-day replacement for quality issues, and services as per national warranty regulations after 180 days. And there’s even a trade-in offer available, getting more discounts for your old appliances.

2. Ya-Man Beauty Instrument MAX 2nd Generation

Ya-Man’s position in the home beauty instrument field is well-known, with 44 years of dedication to Asian skin research, 500+ intellectual properties, and 200+ patents. The 2nd generation focuses on 5 modes: cleaning, NEB rejuvenation, lifting, eye care, and blue light cold compress; along with 7 technologies: DYHP+DWHP super penetration, radio frequency, EMS current, red and blue light, ion export, and special microcurrent for eyes.

What I particularly value are the radio frequency, microcurrent, and integrated red and blue light. I previously bought nuface for microcurrent to reduce morning puffiness, silkn for radio frequency for lifting (it’s really effective!), and as for red and blue light, I’ve been longing to try but found it too pricey.

Buying each separately is not only troublesome, especially when I love to travel and having to pack all these devices is cumbersome, but also it’s expensive…

But Ya-Man MAX2, aside from these functions, includes cleaning and import/export functions. 5 major functions for only 8499! And on Double Eleven on, it’s just 6999, with additional discounts when you pay a deposit and further reductions on the balance due. Plus, more savings with other discounts! And it comes with a lot of gifts like sonic electric toothbrush, mouthwash, L’Oreal masks, sunblock, charging base, a 2-year warranty card, and a customized double-layer jewelry box…

All of these are my recent Double Eleven additions, truly practical and solid deals!’s appliance sales start at 8 pm on October 31st, with more benefits. Many appliances come with extra promotions like getting additional appliances for free, with total giveaways worth over 100 million. PLUS members get even more discounts, truly saving a lot.

Truly, for high-ticket items like home appliances, saving up for Double Eleven can lead to significant savings.

65-inch TCL V8G 100-Zone High-Quality TV

The most outstanding advantage of the 65-inch TCL V8G 100-Zone High-Quality TV is its full-array 100-zone local dimming, with a peak brightness of up to 1000nits. It also supports HDR 1000, ensuring clear and detailed picture quality without noticeable blurring. This improved visual performance enhances the immersive experience for both daily viewing and TV series watching.

Additionally, it boasts features like 95% DCI-P3 cinema-grade color gamut and dual 120Hz technology. In the audio department, TCL V8G supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, providing a brief escape from the demands of life and elevating the audio-visual experience. Truly a great TV purchase for 2022.

75-inch TCL Q10G Mini LED TV

The 75-inch TCL Q10G Mini LED TV is undoubtedly an excellent choice. Mini LED technology allows for higher brightness levels compared to OLED, and it offers better picture quality with zone-by-zone backlight control, without the risk of OLED burn-in.

In terms of design, it features a stable center-mounted metal base, ensuring safety and stability. The TV is powered by a 4-core A73 CPU and a 2-core G52 GPU, supporting MEMC dynamic frame interpolation. It also comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM, making it suitable for both watching movies and playing games.

TCL 75Q10G with 360-Zone Micro-Level Local Dimming

The TCL 75Q10G utilizes 360-zone micro-level local dimming, providing 4K Ultra HD resolution with uniform brightness that is nearly imperceptible to the naked eye. The 75-inch TCL high-quality TV features a 144Hz refresh rate with a sleek metal frame and a one-piece back panel, offering a minimalist and sturdy design.

The TV also includes reinforced back ribs for better screen protection. It incorporates a 100-zone local dimming, reaching a peak brightness of 1000nits, and features a full-channel 4K144Hz high-refresh HDMI 2.1 interface. It integrates technologies like VRR dynamic refresh rate and ALLM for automatic low latency, making it an excellent choice for immersive entertainment.

Choosing Home Appliances for Your New Home

After renovating your new home, the choice of home appliances is undoubtedly an important consideration. You should select appliances that match the overall appearance and style of your decor while also focusing on functionality and user experience.

In today’s market, many smart home appliances have emerged, boasting versatile high-end designs and advanced intelligent features. They have become a trend, and many households choose to install them as part of their renovation. However, practicality is paramount when it comes to home appliances. If they aren’t practical, you may regret your choices after moving in, and ongoing costs may continue to accumulate.

Many young people tend to follow trends, but those who have actually used these appliances know that they can be quite disappointing. When it comes to buying appliances for your new home, it’s not recommended to blindly follow trends.

Below, we introduce three high-value and practical large appliances for your consideration.

Changhong TV - D6P MAX - Changhong UMAX TV with 120Hz Refresh Rate

As a national household appliance brand that consistently keeps up with user demands, Changhong TV has recently released its new product, the Changhong D6P MAX 4K Ultra HD 120Hz far-field voice LCD gaming TV, which is highly appreciated by gaming enthusiasts.

The Changhong D6P MAX TV features AI dynamic zone backlighting, a technology typically found in high-end TVs. This array-based dynamic zone backlighting enhances dynamic contrast, peak brightness, and dark detail visibility. For most consumers, the most noticeable effect is when watching content with high visual demands or playing games that require high-quality visuals. With the help of advanced gaming consoles, ray tracing, and HDR effects, the entire visual experience becomes more lifelike.

Moreover, the Changhong D6P MAX TV is equipped with its own developed True Color Picture Quality technology, optimizing color contrast and reducing dynamic noise. Multiple display technologies make the overall picture look close to what the human eye sees.

For gaming enthusiasts, dynamic clarity is crucial. The Changhong D6P MAX TV boasts a screen refresh rate of up to 120Hz, allowing for 120 frames per second to be displayed in an instant. The hardware support also makes moving images smoother. The Changhong D6P MAX TV utilizes a high-end TV-specific chip with MEMC, supporting 4K 120Hz anti-shake, ensuring clear representation of even the fastest movements.

Changhong Panda Lazy 3P Air Conditioning Cabinet Unit

Changhong’s “Panda Lazy” air conditioner is a one-click startup system that automatically senses the environment, adjusts temperature and airflow, eliminating the hassle of repetitive adjustments.

The airflow speed is automatically adjusted, and intelligent balance compensation ensures that even when the air conditioner’s performance degrades, airflow remains sufficient, with the air conditioner compensating for 80% to 90% of the lost airflow.

Once your hands are free from adjustment tasks, you can spend more time with your family. The “one-click comfort” feature of household appliances can save you the trouble of adjusting and help you relax and enjoy restful sleep.

Midea Refrigerator - Worry-Free Embed 501

Midea’s BCD-501WPU9CX refrigerator features a new frosted texture that provides a soft and delicate touch for users. It seamlessly blends with various home decoration styles, while the sandstone gray satisfies consumers who prefer a simple and luxurious style.

Notably, the Midea 501 also offers premium quality alongside its eye-catching appearance. It features a six-layer material overlay, including a fingerprint-resistant layer, a color-steel damage layer, and a performance-enhancing layer. This design not only provides excellent durability but is also highly resistant to stains.

Furthermore, the Midea 501 refrigerator lives up to its name with a spacious 501L capacity, offering ample storage space to accommodate two weeks' worth of groceries for the whole family.

Practical and Worthwhile Home Appliances

There are undoubtedly many flashy gimmicks when it comes to home appliances, but there are also genuinely practical ones. Today, I recommend TVs worth buying for Singles' Day! This year, I’ve discovered too many hidden gems among home appliances, and I’d like to briefly mention a few. These are the ones I’m planning to purchase for Singles' Day, and I highly recommend these three!

75-inch TCL High-Quality 144Hz True High Refresh Rate TV T7G

Leading the Way in True High Refresh Rate TVs – No Empty Promises

The T7G features a native 144Hz true high refresh rate screen from BOE, coupled with a custom-made MT9652PLUS chip that supports 144Hz signal decoding. It also supports HDMI 2.1 with a 48Gbps transmission rate, ensuring dynamic 4K 144Hz display capabilities.

I’m a fan of gaming, and if you are too, I believe you’ll appreciate this setup. Additionally, the T7G supports AMD FreeSync Premium and ultra-low latency, providing a desktop monitor-like experience when connected to a PC.

75-inch TCL Q10G Mini LED TV

A TV Well Worth Buying in 2022, with a Massive 4GB+64GB Memory Combo, Dolby Atmos, and AI Sound Field Audio Enhancement. Combined with TCL’s own TV+OS, this TV is consistently raising the industry bar in its class.

Micro-level dot matrix control lighting, and a full-channel 4K 120Hz true high refresh rate.

65-inch TCL V8G 100-Zone High-Quality TV

With 100-zone local dimming, the TCL V8G is a hidden gem. It sets the standard for price-performance ratio. In terms of peak brightness, the TCL V8G boasts a peak brightness of 1000 nits, with a dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000,000:1 and a 3840x2160 resolution. It also incorporates the Q Engine for image control, intelligently sensing screen content, enriching the depth of the TV picture, and enhancing image details.

The Practicality of Home Appliances: Projectors for Versatile Entertainment

When it comes to home appliances, practicality reigns supreme. There’s one appliance that stands out for its versatility: the projector.

A projector can be a lifesaver for young people who rent homes. Buying an expensive TV for a rental property can be inconvenient when moving, as it’s not easy to take with you. On the other hand, opting for a more affordable projector allows for easy portability when relocating.

This year’s Singles' Day sales event features significant discounts on home appliances. Let me recommend a few projectors worth considering for this year’s Singles' Day.

1. XG Orange NEW X7D

The only 0.47DMD display chip smart projector in the 3000-yuan price range. It features a flagship 0.47-inch display chip, rapid automatic keystone correction, full-frame autofocus, HDR10+HLG dual decoding, and vivid picture quality. A top choice for high cost-effectiveness during this year’s Singles' Day event.

2. XG Orange X20

A flagship home projector with a DSLR-style optical zoom lens, 8K decoding, a high-end AmlogicT982 processor, 4GB+64GB of ample memory, and upgraded USB 3.0 and HDMI 2.1 interfaces. It offers ultra-low latency for gaming and features two 10W speakers for immersive sound.

3. XG Orange H3

A cost-effective smart projector in the 2000-yuan price range. It’s lightweight, portable, offers 800 ANSI lumens, 1080P high-definition resolution, adaptive screen and obstacle avoidance, and a wide range of smart features.

Ultimately, the choice to purchase a projector depends on individual preferences and needs. For me, projectors are a favorite, and they offer a wide range of uses. Especially for those who rent homes, projectors can be a versatile tool for watching shows, movies, taking online classes, listening to music, and gaming – enhancing the overall quality of home life.

Truly Worthwhile: Home Appliances for Singles' Day

This year’s Singles' Day offers an abundance of high-value home appliances that are truly worth recommending. I’ve personally purchased several home appliances, especially the TVs mentioned below, which are excellent choices for Singles' Day if you’re in need of a new TV.

75-inch TCL Q10G Mini LED TV

A highly worthwhile TV to purchase in 2022, featuring 360 backlight zones and the leading-edge M1 image engine. This combination delivers a peak brightness of 1000 nits, exceptional black level performance, increased contrast, and rich color space presentation with detailed nuances.

75-inch TCL High-Quality 144Hz True High Refresh Rate TV T7G

A new leader in true high refresh rate TVs, boasting genuine picture quality

In addition to excellent contrast, the TCL T7G aims to provide a display closer to the real world when watching HDR movies, with a peak brightness performance of up to 1000 nits and support for HDR 1000. This means that even when facing scenes like a sunrise in a video, you can accurately reproduce the realistic quality of the sunrise under high brightness, making the TV picture more vivid and lifelike.

In terms of interface configuration, it is similar to other new models, featuring HDMI 2.1 ports and two USB ports.

65-inch TCL V8G 100-Zone High-Quality TV

TCL’s newly launched TCL V8G features a full-size 100-zone backlight and a peak brightness of 1000 nits, making it a treasure trove of technology. Backlight zoning has been a significant trend in recent years, with the main advantage being the independent control of light in smaller areas by dividing the entire backlight source into smaller zones, resulting in clearer picture details. TCL V8G adopts Conchs Sound speakers with deep bass and clear high tones, complemented by Dolby Atmos technology, allowing you to enjoy a cinematic audio experience at home.

How to Precisely Choose “Real Practical” Home Appliances

Selecting “real practical” home appliances is not difficult, especially during this Singles' Day sale! Let me briefly introduce three TVs that are worth considering without any fancy gimmicks.

1st Choice: TCL 75T7G 75-inch 100-Zone Backlight 1000nits Brightness High Refresh Rate Gaming TV 4+64GB Large Memory 4K LCD Smart Flat Panel TV

Featuring a full array of 100-zone backlight, HDR1000, it supports full-channel 4K 144Hz, 96% (DCI-P3) film-level true color high color gamut. With 4GB+64GB, HDMI2.1*3, Dolby IQ smart light sensing, and Dolby Vision, it allows you to truly enjoy life and enhance your happiness! TVs with ultra-high refresh rates not only meet the needs of gamers seeking smooth gaming experiences but also provide a better sense of the excitement of large-screen viewing. Whether you want to watch Blu-ray movies or enjoy sports events like football and basketball with friends, it can impress you and present any exciting moments perfectly.

2nd Choice: TCL TV 75Q10G 75-inch Mini LED Quantum Dot Wide Color Gamut 4K 120Hz High Refresh Rate TV Ultra-Clear Full-Screen Rhein Eye Protection LCD Smart Flat Panel TV

Clear and straightforward with fast operation: no lag, clear screen, comfortable sound, and it can be set up as a wall-mounted display.

3rd Choice: TCL 65V8G 65-inch TV 100-Zone Backlight HDR1000 120Hz 4K Ultra HD Smart LCD TV 65-inch

Clear screen, smooth 4K, true to its 120Hz nature, smooth action, no ghosting, 100-zone backlight, a treasure trove of technology. This TCL TV has a very atmospheric appearance, high aesthetics, and a fast operating speed. It can be controlled by voice and doesn’t require a remote control.

Preparing for Singles' Day Sales: Recommendations for Big Appliances on

Singles' Day is approaching, and various platforms are gearing up to meet their KPIs. If you are cautious and avoid pitfalls, it’s an excellent time to consider purchasing large appliances.

While other platforms still offer last year’s coupon promotions (e.g., ¥520 off on ¥300), has started presale activities from October 20th. They offer substantial discounts like ¥50 off on ¥299 and ¥100 off on ¥1000. Although the prices for specific products are similar across platforms, when buying big-ticket items, I personally prefer because of their excellent after-sales service and hassle-free returns.

Now, I’ll provide some recommendations based on’s appliance promotions.

I. Introduction to’s Singles' Day Appliance Promotion

1. Comprehensive Presale

From October 20th to October 31st,’s appliance section is running a comprehensive Singles' Day presale event. You can enjoy a 12-month interest-free installment plan, making it suitable for those on tight budgets, such as renters who need to pay monthly rent without significant savings.

2. Generous Coupons frequently provides large coupons, including some as high as ¥1000 off on ¥5000, specifically for the appliance category. Additionally, you can find more general coupons in the PLUS coupon center, and some of them can be combined.

3. Major Brands at Reduced Prices

For this Singles' Day event, has negotiated with well-known appliance brands to offer prices much lower than usual, especially when combined with presale discounts and coupons. In some cases, you might get products cheaper than the estimated prices listed on the product pages.

4. Premium Privileges for Just ¥0.01

During Singles' Day, if you happen to miss out on’s presale activities, you can still pay ¥0.01 to gain various premium privileges from numerous brands. These privileges may include exclusive presale prices, extra gifts, interest-free installments, price protection, and more. This provides an alternative for those who dislike the rush of presale events.

5. Trade-In Bonus Starting from ¥300

For trade-in services, appliances offer additional subsidies starting at ¥300 during Singles' Day. This means you may end up receiving more money for your old products when purchasing new appliances, reducing the financial burden of upgrading.

6. PLUS Membership Bonuses Doubled

While the regular price for a PLUS JD Card is around ¥98, during Singles' Day, some popular appliances come with a complimentary PLUS membership, saving you approximately ¥100.

II. Recommendations for Singles' Day Appliances

Due to limited space, I’ll briefly discuss how to choose between a front-loading washing machine and a top-loading washing machine, as well as a washer-dryer combo or a separate washer and dryer.

Choosing Between Front-Load and Top-Load Washers

1. How Top-Load Washers Work and Their Pros and Cons

Top-load washing machines are characterized by a rotating agitator at the bottom that stirs clothes through the water. They are known for their simplicity.


  1. Simple to operate, suitable for users of all ages.
  2. You can interrupt the washing process, open the lid, and add or check clothes at any time.
  3. Affordable prices; you can find good ones for under ¥1,000 (or even just a couple of hundred yuan for used top brands).


  1. Limited functionality, typically offering only basic washing and spinning functions.
  2. High water consumption, with some mainstream brands using up to 144 liters for a standard 10 kg load.
  3. Clothes, especially long ones, can get tangled during washing, potentially leading to damage.

2. How Front-Load Washers Work and Their Pros and Cons

Front-load washing machines operate by rotating a drum horizontally, lifting clothes to the top of the drum by gravity, and then allowing them to fall, creating a tumbling effect. This process reduces wear and tear on clothes.


  1. Designed with specialized wash modes for different fabrics, and some models offer additional features like drying and sterilization.
  2. Less risk of tangling clothes.
  3. Significantly lower water consumption, eliminating the need for water labeling on and other platforms.
  4. Front-load machines can be built into cabinets, offering a sleek appearance.


  1. Longer washing times and higher energy consumption.
  2. Heavier due to added reinforcements for the front-load mechanism, making them harder to move.
  3. Higher price points compared to top-load washers.

Choosing Between Washer-Dryer Combos and Separate Units

1. How Washer-Dryer Combos Work and Their Pros and Cons

Washer-dryer combos are essentially front-load washing machines with an added condenser dryer. They wash and dry your clothes in a single unit.


  1. Cost-effective; you can find good deals for around ¥3,000, making them suitable for budget-conscious consumers.
  2. Convenient and labor-saving—just load your clothes and wait for them to be clean and dry.
  3. Compact and easy to install.


  1. Less efficient drying compared to dedicated dryers, and clothes may shrink due to the higher drying temperatures.
  2. Typically lack lint collectors, which can lead to dust accumulation over time.

2. How Separate Washer and Dryer Units Work and Their Pros and Cons

Separate washer and dryer units provide optimal performance for washing and drying, with each unit specializing in its function.


  1. Efficient drying with lower risk of clothing damage compared to combo units.
  2. Usually equipped with lint collectors for better maintenance.
  3. Available in various sizes and styles to suit different needs.


  1. Washing and drying processes are not automated, requiring you to transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer manually.
  2. Higher price range, with some high-end models exceeding ¥10,000.
  3. Bulkier and more challenging to move.

These are the fundamentals for choosing washing machines and washer-dryer combos. For a more comprehensive guide, including factors like capacity, size, motor, and self-cleaning capability, feel free to ask, and I can create a dedicated article.

Now, let’s turn our attention to refrigerators. There are also several key factors to consider when purchasing a refrigerator, such as the number of doors, energy efficiency, inverter technology, multiple cooling zones, direct cooling, low noise levels, and tempered glass or ceramic panels. If you’re interested, I can write a separate article on this topic.

If you’re looking for a space-saving refrigerator, consider Haier’s Zero-Installation BCD-501. During’s Singles' Day promotion, you can get it for around ¥5,899 with 12-month interest-free installment options. Plus, you’ll receive a PLUS membership card and may qualify for an additional subsidy of up to ¥820.

Key Features:

  1. Designed for seamless integration into your cabinets, with a slim 622mm body.
  2. Features an advanced preservation system with different temperature and humidity zones for optimal food storage.
  3. Utilizes intelligent constant temperature control, preventing frost buildup, ensuring temperature stability, and reducing the risk of freezer burn.
  4. Offers a spacious 501-liter capacity, along with precise control of temperature and humidity in various compartments.

I hope these recommendations and insights help you make informed decisions during’s Singles' Day sales. offers attractive promotions, and their trade-in subsidies and excellent after-sales service make it a great opportunity to upgrade your appliances. This aligns with the concept of enjoying the benefits of your purchase sooner rather than later.

If you’d like to see more detailed and comprehensive guides on appliance shopping or product selection in the digital and electronics category, please let me know.

I am Fu Li, and I wish you a pleasant shopping experience!

Choosing Truly Practical Home Appliances: Consider Your Needs and Brand Quality

When it comes to purchasing home appliances during Double 11, it’s essential to balance your specific requirements with the reputation of the brands. Well-known brands often provide quality assurance, technological innovation, and superior after-sales service. Double 11 offers the best prices of the year, making it an ideal time for purchases. However, rushing decisions can lead to regrets.

For this year’s Double 11, I would like to recommend the following appliances in the categories of televisions, refrigerators, and air conditioners:

Changhong TV - D6P MAX

This is an all-channel 120Hz UMAX television.

It features an all-channel 4K 120Hz high refresh rate with motion compensation. The picture quality includes chessboard fine light control and a DCI-P3 93% cinema-grade wide color gamut. UMAX picture quality ensures a cinematic experience with every frame.

With 3+64GB of massive memory and a flagship chip, it delivers powerful performance.

Meiling Refrigerator - Wuyou Embed 501

This is an ultra-thin 500L large-capacity built-in cross-shaped refrigerator.

The product’s advantages are summed up in three words: thin, large, and embedded. It employs comprehensive thin technology for all-space purification, offering ample storage for various refrigeration needs while allowing precise control and compartmentalization. The embedded design enhances its aesthetics, and it features excellent heat dissipation at the bottom.

Changhong Panda Lazy 3P Air Conditioner Cabinet Unit

This is an inverter cabinet-type air conditioner with a new 3-level energy efficiency, ensuring exceptional energy savings. It offers precise temperature control down to 0.1°C, enhanced comfort, and 57°C high-temperature intelligent cleaning for a clean and healthy home environment.

In terms of intelligence, it boasts one-touch activation and automatic environmental sensing, adjusting temperature and airflow, eliminating many hassles.

These three products are my practical home appliance recommendations for Double 11, and they come with significant promotional discounts.

How to Choose Truly Practical Kitchen Appliances

With continuous upgrades and updates in the world of household appliances, many consumers are starting to realize that some products are overloaded with new features but lack practicality. This often results in increased complexity and difficulty in using these appliances.

Key Considerations for Identifying Truly Practical Kitchen Appliances

When determining whether a kitchen appliance is genuinely practical, consider the following factors:

  1. Rich and practical functionality that meets most cooking needs and is frequently used.
  2. A well-thought-out design that aligns with common usage habits.
  3. Intuitive and straightforward operation, ideally accessible to elderly users.
  4. Durability, ensuring a long lifespan.
  5. Comprehensive safety features to safeguard the kitchen.

Once you’ve established your criteria, you can proceed to explore tips for selecting specific kitchen appliances like gas stoves, ovens, and range hoods.

NORITZ Efficiency: Time-Saving and Energy-Efficient Triple-Burner Stove

NORITZ, as a dedicated company, has been committed to producing high-quality stoves for 72 years. In 2023, NORITZ introduces a cooking solution that caters to modern dietary habits, the NORITZ Japanese Cooking Center. This includes two products: the NORITZ Japanese Stove K5 (NORITZ Hīhīro) and the Japanese Range Hood K5. These products can be installed in traditional and open kitchens, catering to users' diverse kitchen needs with speed, convenience, and versatility.

Truly Practical Kitchen Appliance: NORITZ Japanese Cooking Center

Efficient Cooking: Triple-Burner Stove Saves Time and Energy

The NORITZ Japanese Stove K5 (also known as NORITZ Hīhīro) features a high-boron-silicate glass panel with a clean and elegant design. Its vertical chain-style burner design creates a unique cherry blossom flame pattern, evenly covering the bottom of the pot. It boasts a high thermal efficiency of up to 66%*, making it perfect for Chinese stir-frying and other cooking methods.

In terms of flame control, the NORITZ Japanese Stove K5 uses a five-level flame adjustment, allowing users to have precise control over the heat levels. This ensures that users are aware of the flame size during cooking, preventing undercooking or lengthy cooking times due to insufficient heat or scorching due to excessive heat. The five-level flame adjustment ranges from as low as 0.33 kW for tasks like baby food and hot milk in the morning to 4.0 kW for high-temperature stir-frying, reaching a pot bottom temperature of 290°C. This not only enhances flavor but also minimizes unnecessary gas wastage.

Efficient cooking is the first step towards achieving more with less. Additionally, the NORITZ Japanese Stove K5 (NORITZ Hīhīro) features three burners that can individually adjust their heat levels and be timed simultaneously. This allows for simultaneous cooking of multiple dishes such as stewing ribs, making thick soups, and cooking rice. The stove turns off automatically at the set time, allowing users to enjoy their leisure activities without worry. Notably, the NORITZ Japanese Stove K5 comes with an SI temperature sensor that automatically adjusts the stove’s flame size based on pot heating time, speed, and excessive pot bottom temperatures. It also automatically turns off in case of food burning, empty pots, or excessive oil temperature. This adds an extra layer of safety, making it more user-friendly and reducing the risk of leaving the stove on unattended.

No Preheating Required: Open-Flame Cooking for Western and Asian Cuisines

The NORITZ Japanese Stove K5 (NORITZ Hīhīro) offers a wide range of cooking functions, including grilling, stewing, baking, air frying, baking, simmering, steaming, and oil-free cooking. It handles both Chinese and Japanese dishes with ease, making it suitable for cooking a variety of cuisines. The appliance comes with 30 pre-installed recipes to cater to various tastes, including dishes like taiyaki, wine-steamed clams, tomato-flavored dragon fish, cheesy baked prawns, and red wine braised beef. Even those who are less experienced in the kitchen can learn and prepare these dishes. It’s perfect for preparing feasts during holidays and family gatherings. Additionally, the machine includes “Automatic Recipes” and “Cooking Modes” that allow users to customize their cooking with a simple touch, simplifying the cooking process even for elderly users.

Unlike electric ovens, the NORITZ Japanese Stove K5 (NORITZ Hīhīro) uses upper and lower double-layer burners for open-flame cooking, eliminating the need for preheating. This significantly reduces cooking time. For instance, while chicken wings may take 30 minutes in an electric oven, the NORITZ Japanese Stove K5 can complete the task in just 8-10 minutes. This means that dishes like steak, seafood rice, and creamy stew can be prepared quickly even in a fast-paced lifestyle. Moreover, the open flame cooking at high temperatures results in the Maillard reaction, creating a crispy outer layer while preserving tenderness inside the food. This provides a rich and appealing color and flavor, satisfying the taste buds.

Oil-Free Cooking: Promoting a Low-Fat Nutritional Diet

A low-oil diet helps control calorie intake and reduces fat accumulation in the body, benefiting both health and weight management. The NORITZ Japanese Stove K5 (NORITZ Hīhīro) adopts open-flame cooking and incorporates the innovative “Crescent-Shaped Grilling Pan” design. This design eliminates the need for additional oil when grilling meat. Additionally, excess oil flows into the oil collection trough, increasing food de-fatting efficiency and reducing oil intake. This approach aligns with modern dietary structures and light eating habits.

Quiet Smoke Absorption: Powerful 24m³/min Airflow*

During peak cooking hours, public exhaust ducts can become congested, making smoke extraction challenging. This is when the performance of the range hood is put to the test. The NORITZ Japanese Range Hood K5 boasts a >900mm wide smoke collection area, a maximum static pressure of 1000Pa*, and a robust airflow of 24m³/min*. It is equipped with a DC variable-frequency fan, ensuring efficient smoke collection even during intense stir-frying, maintaining a fresh and clean kitchen environment. With multiple adjustable settings, it caters to various cooking scenarios.

The range hood supports gesture control, allowing users to turn it on or off with a simple wave of the hand. The oil-resistant panel remains clean, making it user-friendly for the elderly. Furthermore, after turning off, it continues to operate for an additional 2 minutes, ensuring that lingering smoke is cleared without disrupting family meals.

NORITZ has spared no effort in creating the NORITZ Japanese Cooking Center, featuring an elegant design, high usability, and multifunctionality. It brings culinary happiness and makes cooking more enjoyable.

*66%: Test Report No. RQJ-WSY-202304-00069, Testing Institution: Shanghai Gas Equipment Measurement and Testing Center Co., Ltd.

*1000Pa, 24m³/min: Report No. WTS2023-13961, Testing Institution: Weikai Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

Young People’s Evolving Preferences in Appliance Shopping

Today’s young people are not just looking for practicality and affordability when buying home appliances anymore. Compared to the previous generation, today’s youth are more inclined to seek personalization, aesthetics, and smart features when shopping for home appliances.

These new-generation appliances not only enhance the quality of life but also free up time, providing a more enhanced user experience. Here, we recommend some high-value home appliances.

Changhong TV - D6P MAX – Changhong UMAX TV with 120Hz Full-Channel

The Changhong 65D6P MAX “Light Shadow Assassin” TV features an all-metal body with integrated design, offering an exceptional tactile experience.

In terms of hardware, it comes equipped with a quad-core A73 chip, dual-core GPU, 3GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage space, delivering robust performance. With configurations matching mainstream TVs, it ensures smooth performance for everyday activities, whether gaming or watching movies.

As for the screen, it boasts a full-channel 4K 120Hz high-refresh display, 93% DCI-P3 wide color gamut, and 10-bit color depth. It utilizes independent zone backlighting, allowing individual control of each backlight block. This enhances dynamic contrast and elevates picture depth. Moreover, it increases peak brightness, ensuring a silky-smooth visual experience.

Meiling Refrigerator - Worry-Free Embedded 501

This cabinet-style cross-opening refrigerator aims to meet consumers' demand for embedded integration and represents another breakthrough in the refrigerator market.

Notably, this “large yet slim” 501WUPCX refrigerator consumes only 0.83 kWh per day, demonstrating outstanding energy efficiency. In the context of consumer upgrades, practicality is just the first step in realizing consumer value. Brands like Meiling aim to provide consumers with additional value and create a higher-quality living experience.

Meiling has added a “dry-wet partition” feature to this 501WUPCX refrigerator. The fruit and vegetable compartment is equipped with GSM preservation film for dry-wet separation, effectively locking in moisture, extending the freshness of food, and enhancing preservation quality.

Changhong Panda Lazy 3P Floor-standing Air Conditioner

The Changhong “Panda Lazy” floor-standing air conditioner is a first-class energy-efficient product. It significantly outperforms three-star energy-efficient air conditioners in terms of power savings.

Data shows that a three-star energy-efficient air conditioner has a cooling power of 1075 watts, with an energy efficiency ratio of around 3.3. Assuming continuous operation at full power for 10 hours, it consumes 10.75 kWh of electricity.

In contrast, a first-class energy-efficient air conditioner has a cooling power of 810 watts, with an energy efficiency ratio of 4.7. Assuming the same 10-hour operation at full power, it consumes only 8.1 kWh of electricity.

The Changhong “Panda Lazy” air conditioner goes a step further with its four-dimensional full DC inverter technology. It not only covers an extensive area of 30-45 square meters but is also more energy-efficient than ordinary first-class energy-efficient air conditioners. At its lowest setting, it consumes only one kWh of electricity for three hours of operation.

The Importance of a Quality Refrigerator for Health and Freshness

In the older generation, the emphasis was on thriftiness when it came to food consumption. Leftover meals were not discarded, and even when vegetables showed signs of mold, they were often trimmed and still consumed. Eating ingredients that are not fresh can be detrimental to one’s health. This kind of “thriftiness” is far from praiseworthy!

Having a good refrigerator is essential, but having a durable and reliable one is even more crucial. With an emphasis on improving the quality of life and prioritizing health, one cannot afford to be careless.

TCL’s release of the Geshe Q10 Global Leading Refrigerator. It’s the perfect time to make a purchase during the Double 11 promotion.

Highlight 1: Molecular Preservation Technology

The Geshe Q10 refrigerator utilizes advanced molecular preservation technology jointly developed by the Chinese Academy of Food Science and the School of Food Science at Jiangnan University. This technology slows down the microbial and cellular metabolic processes, extending the freshness of ingredients such as vegetables. With this refrigerator, you can enjoy fresh ingredients every day.

Highlight 2: Flexible Temperature Zones

TCL’s Geshe Q10 refrigerator is equipped with three evaporators, providing it with a wide-range temperature adjustment function. The two lower compartments serve as wide-range temperature zones, allowing precise temperature control from 5°C to -18°C. This flexibility in refrigeration and freezing configurations enhances the refrigerator’s space utilization.

Highlight 3: Deep Sterilization Without Cross-Contamination

The TCL Geshe Q10 refrigerator employs GP+ photocatalytic purification technology, which can rapidly eliminate odors in just ten minutes. This function can be activated by pressing the sterilization and purification button located in the upper right corner of the refrigerator’s refrigeration compartment.

By combining aerospace-grade graphene catalysts with a high-voltage electric field and applying UVC deep ultraviolet light, it releases a large number of highly active photogenerated electrons to cover the interior of the refrigerator. This results in a 24-hour highly effective sterilization process.

The effective sterilization rate reaches up to 99.999%, with a virus removal rate exceeding 99% in just 2 hours. Tiny particles are released to quickly absorb odor molecules inside the refrigerator. In addition to sterilization, it ensures that food items do not cross-contaminate.

This refrigerator, with its molecular preservation, flexible temperature zones, and sterilization technology, is truly exceptional. It’s a genuinely practical home appliance.

Quality Home Appliances for Double 11 Shopping

The Double 11 sales event is just around the corner, and for those in need of essential home appliances, it’s essential to plan ahead and be ready to seize the deals. Today, we’ll briefly share a few high-quality home appliances, including refrigerators, air conditioners, and televisions, which are not only stylish in appearance but also feature-packed, making them ideal for home use.

1. Meiling 500L Cross Door Refrigerator (Model: BCD-501WPU9CX)

This refrigerator belongs to the ultra-thin series, saving space while utilizing full-space purification technology, ensuring excellent performance in both freezing and refrigeration functions!

  • Zero-distance Integration: Ultra-thin body, bottom heat dissipation, unrestricted right-angle opening, only 0.95cm embedding required on both sides and the top.
  • Full-Space Purification: Full-space purification for refrigeration and freezing, with a 99.9% antibacterial rate.
  • Dual Humidity Control Space: Knob-adjusted humidity control ensures double moisture for fruits and vegetables and prevents dry goods from becoming damp.
  • Three-Temperature Settings: One space for fruits, vegetables, and chilled items, offering versatile usage.
  • -32°C Rapid Freezing: Fast cooling, no nutrient loss, and preserved texture.
  • Stylish Appearance: Sand gray color, delicate texture, and soft touch, suitable for various settings.

2. Changhong TV (Model: D6P MAX)

Changhong’s UMAX television features 120Hz full-channel refresh rate, chessboard-style precise light control, DCI-P3 93% cinema-grade wide color gamut, 3GB + 64GB large memory, excelling in both appearance and functionality!

3. Changhong Panda Lazy 3P Floor-Standing Air Conditioner (Model: KFR-72LW/ZDTTW1+R3)

One-touch startup, intelligent air conditioning with sensorless temperature adjustment, new 3rd-level energy efficiency, significant energy savings, precise 0.1°C temperature control for added comfort, and 57°C high-temperature intelligent cleaning. Ideal for households with babies or sensitive individuals.

For more refrigerator recommendations, you can refer to this article:

  • What are the standards for choosing a refrigerator? What are the differences between refrigerators costing from thousands to tens of thousands? What are some highly cost-effective refrigerators that won’t disappoint? - “2022 Most Comprehensive High-Value Refrigerator Brand Recommendations: Midea, Haier, Rongsheng”

Top Three Value-for-Money TVs for Double 11

As the Double 11 shopping extravaganza approaches, major television manufacturers are gearing up for substantial discounts. If you’re considering upgrading your TV soon, don’t miss out on this opportunity. Today, we’ll recommend three TVs known for their excellent value and features. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, consider these three options.

1. TCL 65V8G

TCL 65V8G 65-Inch TV - 120Hz 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

  • Appearance and Design: The TV has an attractive appearance with a simple and elegant color. It runs smoothly.
  • Speed: The initial boot-up speed is very fast.
  • Screen and Sound Quality: The screen offers a clear and three-dimensional visual experience, and the sound quality is excellent.
  • Size: You can choose the size that suits you best.
  • Easy Installation: Simple and convenient installation.
  • Functionality: Most of the functions are practical and perfect.

This TV features a large Quantum Dot display, anti-shake technology, and a variety of useful functions. The Acoustic Arrangement audio system provides excellent sound quality for music enthusiasts. It offers smooth operation, high-quality picture, and a slim profile when viewed from the side. With powerful features, you may not need to purchase a set-top box.

2. TCL 75Q10G

TCL 75Q10G 75-Inch Mini LED Quantum Dot 4K 120Hz Smart LCD TV

This TV employs Mini LED micro-level matrix control light technology, with 360 independent control light zones that accurately adjust brightness based on screen content. A high number of backlight zones ensures better light uniformity, resulting in finer picture details. With high contrast, brightness, and color gamut values, it achieves shadow-free images and natural colors. Even tiny specks of dust are visible in sunlight. Moreover, the TCL 75Q10G Mini LED TV has a brightness of up to 1000 nits, ensuring excellent HDR performance during both day and night viewing.

3. TCL 75T7G

TCL 75T7G 75-Inch 4K LCD Smart TV - 1000 nits Brightness, 4+64GB Memory

The TCL 75T7G features a classic metal full-screen design with minimal screen borders, offering a 98% screen-to-body ratio for an immersive viewing experience. The TV is exceptionally slim, with a screen thickness of only 11.7mm, giving it a stylish and lightweight appearance. The TV’s screen borders are fully protected by a metal frame.

The television is equipped with a sturdy and lightweight alloy base with a sleek silver knife-edge appearance, capable of supporting the large 75-inch screen. In terms of connectivity, the TCL 75T7G offers three HDMI 2.1 ports and two USB 2.0 ports, accommodating commonly used peripherals such as gaming consoles, PCs, 4K players, and external hard drives.

Smart Home Appliances Worth Considering

When choosing home appliances, it’s a good idea to start by selecting a reputable brand. If you’re looking for budget-friendly options, consider second or third-tier brands for air conditioners. One brand that stands out to me is Changhong. Changhong is a top 2000 global enterprise in 2022, with a forward-thinking culture that aims to forge a first-class company and refine its core product competitiveness.

Changhong Panda Lazy 3P Floor-standing Air Conditioner

The Changhong Panda Lazy 3P Floor-standing Air Conditioner is a smart air conditioner with one-touch startup and intelligent temperature adjustment without sensing. It offers new level 3 energy efficiency, excellent energy savings, precise temperature control to within 0.1℃, and double comfort. It also features intelligent high-temperature cleaning for a clean and healthy environment.

  • Appearance and Design: The cabinet design is quite stylish, and the rear filter is easy to remove for cleaning.
  • Cooling Effect: It provides effective cooling, and the cold air is refreshing.
  • Quiet Operation: The air conditioner operates quietly and adjusts the fan speed automatically based on the temperature, making it barely audible.

This air conditioner offers great value in the price range of over three thousand yuan.

Changhong Television - D6P MAX

Changhong’s D6P MAX is a cost-effective TV option. It features a 120Hz full-channel UMAX display with two HDMI2.1 ports, MEMC motion compensation technology, and a perfect blend of ultra-clear images and silky-smooth high frame rates. It ensures zero trailing, zero jitter, and no screen lag at 4K120Hz. With excellent compatibility with the PS5 gaming console, fine grid precise light control, DCI-P3 93% cinema-level color gamut, and a large 3+64GB memory, it offers great value at just over two thousand yuan.

Meiling Refrigerator - Wuyou Qian 501

The Meiling Wuyou Qian 501 is an ultra-thin 500L cross refrigerator, perfect for your needs. It boasts several advantages:

  1. Comprehensive thin technology for full-space purification.
  2. Bottom heat dissipation for precise control and storage separation.

After reading these introductions, it’s time to place your order for the home appliance you want!

Decoding the “Fancy” Claims in Projector Advertisements

Manufacturers often go all out in their advertisements, making it seem like their projectors are flawless. But which claims are true and which ones should you pay attention to? As a home theater blogger, I want to discuss some of the “fancy” aspects of buying projectors with you today.

The motivation for this content came when several friends informed me that I had provided inaccurate information about a particular projector’s specifications. Upon checking the manufacturer’s official website, I realized that marketing can be quite deceiving. So, I decided to delve deeper and explain the true meaning behind projector advertising claims. This article compiles and supplements information I’ve shared in previous answers and comments.

Projectors have gained significant attention as emerging home entertainment devices in recent years. Advertisements claim they offer excellent picture quality, value for money, and easy installation. However, as consumers, we should be cautious because not all claims are accurate. Let’s analyze some common projector advertising claims, ranked by their level of deception:

Is That Really 8K?

The claim of 8K resolution in projectors may sound impressive, but in reality, some projectors labeled as 8K are only physically 1080P (1920x1080) projectors. They can decode 8K video but output it in 1080P. This means that while they can recognize 8K video, the actual displayed resolution is far from 8K. The key takeaway is that playing 8K video on a 1080P device won’t be sharper than playing uncompressed high-bitrate 1080P video.

Deception Level: ★

HDR Decoding and Display

HDR in projectors differs from that in TVs. Projectors often struggle to meet HDR standards due to their limited brightness and contrast capabilities. Claims of HDR10+HLG dual decoding often only mean that the projector can recognize HDR content but may not deliver true HDR performance. HDR enhancement typically involves adjusting the projector’s tone mapping to approximate HDR effects. True HDR requires HDR content, decoding, and display capabilities.

Deception Level: ★★

Color Processing and Reproduction

Claims about color depth, like “over 16.7 million colors,” can be misleading. These numbers refer to color depth and not necessarily color reproduction. For instance, 8-bit color depth equals about 16.7 million colors, while 10-bit provides around 1.07 billion colors. The key is that color depth does not guarantee accurate color reproduction. The actual displayed color range should be the focus when choosing a projector.

Deception Level: ★★★

Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance – Or Not?

Features like automatic obstacle avoidance and keystone correction in projectors seem intelligent, but they often come at a cost. These functions may compromise image quality by cropping and compressing the image. Moreover, the brightness of the projected image may decrease with obstacle avoidance enabled. These features are best suited for temporary use rather than long-term home theater setups.

Deception Level: ★★★

Color Gamut Volume vs. Coverage

Color gamut volume is often misunderstood in projector ads. While larger color gamut volumes seem better, they don’t necessarily indicate better color gamut coverage. Coverage is crucial; it’s the percentage of a specific color gamut that a projector can reproduce accurately. A high-volume claim might not mean complete coverage. Focus on gamut coverage rather than volume.

Deception Level: ★★★★

Hardware-Level Blue Light Reduction

Claims of hardware-level blue light reduction may mislead consumers. Projectors with traditional light sources have stable blue light levels, making additional reduction unnecessary. However, LED projectors, which emit more blue light, may benefit from blue light reduction features. Keep in mind that genuine hardware-level blue light reduction should be an advantage.

Deception Level: ★★★★

HDMI 2.0 vs. 2.1?

Some projectors claim to support HDMI 2.1, but they may only offer HDMI 2.0 capabilities. HDMI 2.1 certification now encompasses HDMI 2.0 features, leading to confusion. However, HDMI 2.1 also introduced two protocols: FRL (48Gbps) and TMDS (18Gbps). Manufacturers should clarify whether their projectors use FRL or TMDS. Failing to disclose this information is misleading.

Deception Level: ★★★★★

Real-Time Focus Trap

Real-time focus might seem like a convenient feature, but it’s mainly a compensation for subpar lenses. Projector lenses, particularly those using resin, may deform with temperature changes. Real-time focus compensates for these issues but may affect image quality and stability. Consider projectors with all-glass lenses for better performance.

Deception Level: ★★★★★

In conclusion, be cautious when choosing a projector and don’t fall for misleading advertisements. Marketing can be persuasive, but informed decisions are essential. Remember that not all advertised features deliver as promised. As a blogger in the home theater field, I’m here to provide unbiased information and answer your questions. Feel free to reach out to me for guidance on home theater setups, equipment selection, and more.

If you find this information helpful, please like, bookmark, and follow me for more updates. Your support motivates me to keep sharing valuable insights!