How to adjust the computer resolution to 500%?

It has been several days

Do not release pictures

You should not release pictures, allowing enthusiastic netizens to also change theirs to 500% to teach you a lesson, wouldn’t that be more thoughtful?

User Guide

You should be able to right-click. Even if you can’t, some keyboards have a right-click button.

Right-click ☞ press “D” ☞ press the “Tab” key 4 times ☞ press the “↑” key 2-4 times ☞ press “Enter”

I just tried it out, and I’m not entirely sure about the number of times you should press the Tab key. You can try a few times, between 2 to 10.

Attempting to Restore the Upstairs Method

Trying various methods to restore the upstairs.

Search and Install Minecraft

I have never encountered a situation like this before. Here’s what you can do: first, search for “Minecraft” in your browser or Microsoft Store. I forgot what comes after that.