How do you view the cancellation of the New Year's Eve drone show in Shijiazhuang, Hebei due to unforeseen circumstances, with the organizers kneeling to apologize to the audience?

New Year’s Eve Drone Performance Cancelled, Organizer Apologizes by Kneeling to the AudienceNewYearEveDronePerformanceCancelled OrganizerApologizesByKneelingOn December 31st, it was reported online that the New Year’s Eve drone performance in Wanlimiao Pedestrian Street, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, was suddenly canceled, and the organizer kneeled down to apologize to the audience. In a video circulating online, the drones were already set up, and many tourists were eagerly waiting for the performance. However, the organizers' staff announced the cancellation of the performance and kneeled down on the spot to apologize to the audience. The operating staff of Wanlimiao Pedestrian Street responded that the performance was canceled due to unforeseen circumstances and assured that they would notify everyone in advance for the next time.

As a resident of Shijiazhuang, I had the fortune to witness the event that night. The cancellation of the drone show was primarily due to the large number of balloons released by the audience at the venue, which undoubtedly brought significant safety pressure to the organizers. They were concerned that the balloons might collide with the drones, thereby triggering a safety incident. From this perspective, the organizers demonstrated a high level of responsibility and respect for public safety.

The organizers were not at fault in this matter. They needed to ensure the safety of the audience while providing the best performance possible.

Reason Behind the Organizer’s Kneeling

The reason for the organizer’s kneeling was distress.

In the crowd, a woman shouted: “Kneel down and apologize to the audience.” And then, the organizer actually knelt down.

If something unexpected happens in your project, and someone tells you to kneel, obviously you wouldn’t.

So, the organizer’s kneeling wasn’t entirely for the audience.

It was more about the frustration and sadness in their heart that couldn’t be resolved other than by kneeling.

All the hard work preparing the drones and venue was meant for a spectacular New Year’s Eve show. Although no tickets were sold, there was significant traffic and revenue from short videos or live broadcasts.

But now, something has gone wrong.

How distressed they must have felt!

What, you want me to kneel? Fine, I not only want to kneel but also feel like crying bitterly.

Oh heavens, have I offended you in some way? Why can’t my drones fly?

That little fairy who demanded kneeling should come out for a walk, let everyone admire her.

Look at the neatly arranged drones on the ground, so densely packed, what a tragedy.

Disappointment at Drone New Year’s Eve Performance Cancellation in Shijiazhuang, Hebei

On the night of December 31st, New Year’s Eve, at Wanhuali Pedestrian Street in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, crowds gathered to witness a drone performance. After waiting for two to three hours, the audience was informed of the sudden cancellation of the drone New Year’s performance due to continuous interference from individuals releasing hydrogen balloons and other private drones, leading to dissatisfaction among the onlookers.

A woman in the crowd angrily shouted, “No, kneel down and apologize! Everyone should kneel, not just one person!”

Voices in the crowd echoed, “Yes, that’s right!”

In an attempt to appease the anger of the crowd, a male representative from the organizing team reluctantly kneeled on the ground.

It is reported that this drone performance was a free event organized by the host for the citizens.

The demand for an apology from the girl who called for kneeling has gained strong support from netizens. She is urged to come forward and apologize voluntarily!

It can only be said that this girl is a selfish individual, always blaming others, and feeling owed by everyone. Some girls can be quite domineering, insisting on making everyone kneel even after an apology has been made. Is that fair?

Is Shijiazhuang more extraordinary than the heavenly patterns?

Why is it always women doing such things? I don’t understand…

That is someone else’s livelihood. For you, it’s just a matter of watching or not watching, but for them, it’s their livelihood. Life is not easy; please try to understand!

A piece of advice: Be kind.

Even if you are poor, humanity should always prevail!

Although I don’t want to judge the entire Shijiazhuang based on the actions of a few individuals, it seems that this place keeps experiencing strange incidents, from traffic restrictions to banning noodle presses, pancake stalls, and even making people kneel. Is there a fascination with Shijiazhuang’s news?

I have a deep fondness for Shijiazhuang because of the rock band Universal Traveler and their classic song “Kill the Shijiazhuang People”!

I am in the northern region, not on-site. If I were on-site, I would definitely have pulled my big brother up first and confronted that woman. There were too many people, and the communication signal was jammed. I couldn’t even get my phone to work, and launching a drone would also pose significant risks. Wishing everyone a happy New Year!

After watching the video, the guy who knelt down was pulled down by his colleagues to kneel as well, which is clearly a sign of pent-up frustration and a form of self-inflicted venting. Whether he was angry at the audience or something else is unclear.

Now let’s assess the public relations capability in Shijiazhuang and identify the influencers who can make a significant impact, detaining them if necessary.

If they are internet celebrities, reject all contact requests from various platforms.

As an engineer, I truly sympathize with this individual.

Sometimes, some naive and fanatical individuals cannot distinguish between unwillingness and impose their views on others.

This year’s New Year’s Eve celebrations have been canceled in many cities for various reasons. It’s unclear what exactly they are afraid of or worried about. Why are they so nervous, like a startled bird, just for the sake of crossing into the new year together? It’s not like the people of Ningling County, who question, distort facts, and evade responsibility.

Lack of self-confidence.

All emotions erupted together, and when this woman added fuel to the fire, the situation escalated.

Fulfilling one’s duty, deserving of a clear conscience

Being sarcastic and harsh, a cold-hearted demeanor

The key is that the organizer, knowing the reasons but unable to state them explicitly, can only shoulder all the responsibilities themselves, and some resentfully mention the hydrogen balloon.

Troubleshooting in Hebei Shijiazhuang’s New Year’s Eve Drone Show

The New Year’s Eve drone show in Hebei Shijiazhuang was canceled due to technical issues, leading to a public apology from the organizers. It is a typical case of a “tragedy” caused by technical problems.

First, let’s understand the technology and equipment required for precise control of drone performances:

  1. IoT Chip Technology: This is the fundamental technology for drone performances. It allows drones to connect to ground stations via the internet. Through a combination of IoT chips and software, the performance can be controlled by setting up programs in the software backend, enabling real-time tracking and control of drones. For example, in the 2023 Air Force Aviation Open Event, 2023 drones performed simultaneously.

  2. Ultra-Low Latency Real-Time Control System: This system can operate 12 drones with just 2 Mbps bandwidth, with a downlink latency of 60ms and an uplink latency of 10ms. Such network speed and real-time responsiveness are more than sufficient for drone aerial performances.

  3. 5.8GHz WiFi Technology: Ensures stable communication but may lead to congestion in the bandwidth.

  4. 3D Modeling Technology: This technology is used for calculating the flight trajectory and position of drones.

  5. Differential GPS Technology: Used for real-time corrections in drones.

  6. IEEE8025 Token Ring Network Technology: Controls the motion and light performances of drones.

  7. High-Precision RTK Positioning Technology: Ensures ground and aerial positioning accuracy within a 1 cm error, greatly enhancing the precision of drone performances.

  8. Drone Light Show Technology: Utilizes 3D modeling, differential GPS technology, and token ring network mechanisms to create various mesmerizing visuals with drones.

  9. Drone Production and R&D: The design, production, and research and development of drones are necessary to meet the requirements of drone performances. For example, Heqi Intelligent is a company specializing in drone production, R&D, and sales.

In addition to these, there are various other technologies that, when combined with relevant equipment, enable highly precise control of drone performances, creating stunning visual effects.

There are many reasons for drone performance failures, including but not limited to:

  1. Battery Issues: Common causes of failures during drone performances include battery-related problems such as low battery levels and overheating. For instance, insufficient battery charge may prevent drones from completing performance tasks, while battery overheating may lead to battery damage or circuit failure. Additionally, loss of GPS satellite signals and compass interference can disrupt drone performances.

  2. Network Connectivity: To enable remote control and data transmission, drones require a stable network connection. Unstable network signals or interference can result in drones losing contact with ground control centers, rendering them unable to execute their tasks.

  3. Signal Interference: Drone performances may also be affected by signal interference. For example, 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz wireless signals can interfere with drone performances, especially in crowded public events where a large number of people and devices may affect the signals.

  4. Software Failures: The flight programs and control system software of drones need regular updates and maintenance to ensure stable and safe operation. Software failures or delayed updates can lead to loss of control and even the risk of drone crashes.

  5. Circuit Problems: Drones themselves may have circuit issues, such as signal transmission link failures, which can hinder their normal operation and impact performances.

  6. Equipment Issues: Components or devices within the drones themselves may malfunction, including engines, sensors, and more. These problems can prevent drones from performing correctly.

  7. Sensor Failures: Drones' sensors are responsible for monitoring the surrounding environment, such as distance, altitude, and speed. Sensor failures or abnormal data can lead to misjudgments of the environment, resulting in flight and performance issues.

  8. Weather Conditions: Drone performances require favorable weather conditions, and factors like high winds, low temperatures, and adverse weather can disrupt drone operations.

  9. Human Factors: Drone performances can also be influenced by human factors, such as improper operation or mistakes by the operators, which can affect the performances.

  10. Safety Concerns: Safety is paramount in drone performances. If drones experience failures or mishandling during performances, it can pose risks to performers and audiences.

These are some of the possible reasons for failures during drone performances, and different troubleshooting methods may be required for each specific issue. Understanding these failure reasons and mastering solutions is crucial for performers.

In the case of the New Year’s Eve drone show in Hebei Shijiazhuang, the reasons for the failure may have included network, GPS, interference, and other factors, leading to a situation where many drones could not take off, resulting in the failure of the performance.

Progress and Challenges in Shijiazhuang’s Urban Development

Shijiazhuang’s urban development has indeed made significant progress, and city officials have implemented many practical measures to improve the lives of residents. Their efforts are commendable and undeniable.

However, despite the efforts to promote environmental protection, there has been an incident that has negatively impacted the city’s reputation.

One of the issues worth reflecting on is the unauthorized flying of drones and the problem of illegal drone operations.

Many citizens, with the intention of showcasing the city’s beautiful achievements in urban development, have conducted numerous drone photography sessions. There is an abundance of short videos on platforms like TikTok featuring drone footage, and it has become somewhat excessive.

It is hoped that the city management authorities will take reference from the meticulous management practices of first-tier cities and impose strict regulations on private drone flights and aerial photography using drones.

Zhang Muzhi: No kneeling allowed!

One who can be stopped is definitely not someone who can kneel down willingly.

Someone who can kneel down is definitely not because they genuinely apologize to the audience.

On the night of December 31st, all the people in Shijiazhuang went to Beiguowang Li Temple and other places for New Year’s Eve celebrations.

For future performances, it is advisable to choose a landing pad further away from the audience. On one hand, this can help avoid interference from private drones, and on the other hand, it reduces the risk to the audience in case of a malfunction during takeoff. Even in situations where it is impossible to proceed with the performance, having the audience spread out can prevent any disturbances. When people are crowded together, they are more likely to exhibit virtual courage and are more prone to impulsive and inappropriate behavior.

To be honest, the drones in Changsha perform over the Xiang River, so even if they malfunction, they end up in the river and won’t fall on the spectators. So, is Zhengzhou performing these over the heads of onlookers or above some river or something?