How do you view Naxida's ability to defeat Funina and win this year's "Genshin Impact" Moeng King title?

How do players view this?

Watching the Genshin Impact concert in Shanghai, the most enthusiastic cheers were for the veteran character Klee.

The unwavering dedication to cuteness by veteran anime fans can truly be described as staying true to their original aspirations.

Therefore, to compete for the title of cutest in Genshin Impact, one must look to the battle between Hu Tao and others.

Compared to Funingna, Naxida’s character design is clearly more two-dimensional.

Reject infantile aesthetics, starting with you and him.

Meng Zhan is essentially about chart battles, indicating that these two have strong charting capabilities and may release more popular merchandise for profit in the future (joking).

Note that Meng Zhan is quite an old concept. Here, “Meng” does not mean cute but is closer to the meaning of love (which is the original meaning of Meng in the ACG subculture).

Conflict of Interest: None

“Moe” vs “Moe King”

Upon careful examination of the title, it’s about “Moe Battle,” right? And the choice is “Moe King,” isn’t it?

In this battlefield, judging solely based on character designs, there’s a high probability of young girls defeating older ones, soft and cute overpowering tsundere, emotionally stable healing-type angels defeating easily flammable and explosive ones, and naturally airheaded ones outperforming in acting skills. In simple terms, the “softer” it is, the more “moe” it becomes.

For example, take a newborn kitten and a few-month-old lively kitten, put them in a cat cafe, and ask people which one is cuter. Most people would definitely be charmed by the newborn kitten even more. That’s the essence of “moe.” It’s about what can melt people’s hearts.

The outcome of this vote shows that it’s not just a popularity contest; there are many people who understand the competition rules and are voting accordingly.

“Moe Battle” Reflections and Observations

The competition took place nearly two weeks ago, and there were previous inquiries on this topic that got locked. I wondered if I should raise another one, but I didn’t.

However, I noticed that this question has been active for a few days, and today it suddenly appeared on my homepage with a significant increase in answers. It turns out that it made it to Zhihu’s hot list.

I participated in this “Moe Battle” and observed it on various platforms. Both sides were closely matched in terms of scores, frequently overtaking each other. It’s undeniable that both sides had significant support since the average number of votes per match ranged from six to eight thousand. In the secondary round, each person could cast three votes, with around thirty thousand participants and a vote difference of one thousand five hundred. In essence, it was a tie, and there was no need for mutual disparagement.

As a fan of Dua, I actually believed that Venena would win because the voting coincided with the conclusion of the final chapter of the Fengdan storyline. I thought the storyline boost would be significant, and Venena’s victory was indeed unexpected.

Lastly, I’d like to advise some answer authors in this thread to calm down a bit. While it’s true that “Moe Battle” involves campaigning, it’s still more organized than your trashy game creation workshop. At the very least, people need to log in, unlike certain rankings where a call for votes can lead to a sudden overnight surge. I’m referring to some individuals who use that ranking to provoke and create conflicts.

In conclusion, congratulations to Naxi Dua for winning the “Moe King” title, and my sincere respect goes to Venena. I don’t consider her a loser in any meaningful sense. After all, in the voting on the Tivat Assistant public account, she still had a significant advantage.

Here’s the translation of the content:

Let me put it this way, if you were to ask Genshin Impact players whether they prefer Fufu or Xiao Cao, I think most people would be torn.

But if you were to ask who is cuter, I believe many would quickly choose Xiao Cao, because she is closer to the majority’s perception of cuteness.

In the end, I think when a vote is accompanied by specific modifiers, it’s difficult to directly determine who is more popular based on the results.

Depending on the modifiers used, one character could be ranked first by one standard, while falling far behind in another.

Just like how Starry Sky Railway defeated Genshin Impact and became the top game in the second game flow back then,

Both the champion and runner-up candidates are my people.

How do you dare to compete with me?

Now, both the champion and runner-up are my wives.

No matter who you choose, you can’t go wrong.

Hello, I am a nematode, and I have never heard of this poll before. Can fellow netizens provide some information about it?

Reject infantile aesthetics, starting with yourself and others.

With Naxida’s foot stuffed in her mouth, she fell into contemplation.

I had no idea about this vote, and I don’t care either.

Check out the power of Naxiuda!!!

Funingna wearing shoes is not as attractive as Naxida going barefoot.

Hmm, it seems that the malicious distortion of the plot with scattered rhythm in an attempt to smear Naxida, and further tarnish the story of Shumi, has had a very limited impact. Has the plan of the deluded ones failed?

Chest not flat, how can one flatten the world? But if everything is already flat, then the world naturally becomes even flatter.

First Time Playing Moe Battle?

Moe Battle is the second-dimensional ranking competition, and everyone participating in it is as pure as can be.

Back in the day, you imitated foreign Moe Battles and created B Moe. At that time, popular female characters like Rin Tohsaka and Saber were smashing the competition, including Asuna. It was because the Fate series had a high fanbase concentration, with games, manga, and anime. More than double the number of participants compared to the Sword Art Online fans. In the end, Fate won the first B Moe, but it doesn’t necessarily mean Fate was the most popular work; Rin Tohsaka was the most popular female character.

What can a Moe Battle with 40,000 participants really prove? Besides the fact that Nasu fans are very devoted, it doesn’t prove much else.

Moe Battle: A Glimpse into the World of Pure Fandom

Moe Battle is a second-dimensional ranking competition where the participants are true enthusiasts.

Back in the day, you imitated foreign Moe Battles and created B Moe. During that time, Rin Tohsaka, Saber, and other popular female characters were dominating the rankings, with Asuna also making her mark. This was largely due to the intense fandom surrounding the Fate series, which had games, manga, and anime adaptations. The number of participants from the moon alone was more than double that of Sword Art Online fans. In the end, Fate emerged victorious in the first B Moe competition, but this didn’t necessarily make it the most popular work; Rin Tohsaka was crowned as the most beloved female character.

With 40,000 participants in this Moe Battle, it’s challenging to draw significant conclusions. The only clear result is the unwavering dedication of Nasu fans, as it doesn’t shed much light on anything else.

I have always felt that World Otaku and B Otaku are one of the main culprits for the rapid evolution of the Two-Circle Monkey Community into the Fan Circle.

Rules are more important than cuteness. If both are only three points behind, Fenina would definitely win in popularity, and she might even win by a considerable margin.

This result is quite normal, no problem at all.

Ah? Moe king? Genshin Impact?

Setting aside this Moe king, in my heart, I think the most beautiful one is Shenli Xinghua. I have been using her as my wallpaper for almost two years as proof: Shenli Xinghua, the number one beauty in the world.

The Nature of Fandom in Genshin Impact

There’s nothing much to look at. At most, it can be said that there are quite a few active fans of Nassetta, but it’s hard to determine their exact composition.

Among Nassetta’s fans, there are those who analyze the storyline seriously, those who accept the scattered storyline, and even those who criticize the scattered storyline and call it “tumors.” Some lightly express, “The scattered storyline is like a rat dropping in the mustard,” and suggest forgetting about both the scattered storyline and Nassetta’s storyline. On the other hand, some strongly state, “When I see that thing, I want to curse everywhere,” “Nassetta can only be with the Traveler; being with someone else is a defilement of Nassetta.” There are also those who simply want to make Nassetta an RBQ (Royal Bitch Queen) or offer themselves as RBQ to Nassetta.

All these people vote for Nassetta. But in my opinion, some of them can’t even be considered true fans. Why not? Isn’t the scattered storyline a part of Nassetta’s character design? Isn’t it a part of Nassetta’s storyline? Vice versa. If you can’t even accept a complete Nassetta, how can you claim to be a fan? It would be more accurate to call yourself an ML saint or a “fanatical hater of Nassetta’s scattered storyline.”

The essence of the Moe Battle is “Moe,” so fans of any nature can cast their votes. So it can be said that there are many Nassetta enthusiasts, especially since Baiyun is already in an advantageous position in the Moe Battle. But this doesn’t reveal much information. A slight difference doesn’t mean much. So, don’t approach questions or answers with a mindset of praising or bashing, as we are all the same. I believe Fischl’s fanbase is equally diverse (laughs).