How do you evaluate Yin Xiyues remarks on the South China Sea, with Mo Ning responding There is no need for South Korea to join the fray?

On November 20th, spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mao Ning, presided over a routine press conference A reporter asked a question regarding the statement made by South Korean President, Yoon Suk-yi, in an interview on the same day President Yoon stated that China plays an important role in promoting freedom, peace, and prosperity in East Asia However, Chinas cooperation with North Korea and Russia, which openly violates the United Nations Charter, Security Council resolutions, and other international norms, is detrimental to its international reputation and status China plays an important role in enhancing freedom, peace, and prosperity in East Asia and the international community South Korea has always insisted on developing a healthy and mature relationship with China based on mutual respect, reciprocity, and common interests There are multiple geopolitical risks in the Indo-Pacific region, including the North Korean nuclear threat, tensions in the Taiwan Strait, and the South China Sea The South Korean government has consistently emphasized the importance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, as well as the establishment of a regional rules-based maritime order that includes the South China Sea What are Chinas comments on this matter? Mao Ning, in his response, stated that he has noted the relevant reports He emphasized that as a responsible major country, China has always played an important and constructive role in international and regional affairs China is clear about its responsibilities and interests, and we do not need others to dictate what we should or should not do Mao Ning stressed that the Taiwan issue is purely Chinas internal affairs and no external forces are allowed to interfere Regarding the South China Sea issue, China and ASEAN countries have the ability, confidence, and wisdom to handle this issue well South Korea is not a party involved in the South China Sea issue and there is no need for them to get involved Yoon Suk-yi mentioned the South China Sea, Mao Ning responded South Korea has no need to meddle in this

Biden scolds China? Peace and equilibrium? Rush to support the North Korea nuclear issue? Motive behind South Korea in the South China Sea?

To me, it seems the Supreme Leader is a bit slow to catch on. Biden has already shown good faith, but he still continues to criticize China according to his predetermined stance. Of course, this may have been prearranged, after all, playing the roles of good cop and bad cop is not exclusive to us Chinese. South Korea is also in the East Asian region.

He claims Russia violates the United Nations Charter, but is he referring to peace? However, the peace defended by the United Nations Charter is overall peace, which requires a global equilibrium as a safeguard. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine can be seen as upholding equilibrium objectively, countering the disruption of strategic balance caused by NATO’s expansion eastward into Europe.

As for the Security Council’s resolution on the North Korea nuclear issue, China also voted in favor. However, the intention behind this support is for both North Korea and the United States to make reciprocal moves, with one abandoning nuclear weapons and the other giving up the blockade. Since the United States continues to unilaterally exert maximum pressure, we can only say that historical documents no longer hold practical significance.

South Korea’s economy is much more reliant on imports and exports than our country, and the South China Sea is indeed South Korea’s lifeline for trade. But there’s a Chinese idiom called “a guilty conscience needs no accuser.” What hidden motives are behind South Korea’s baseless hype about the South China Sea? Could it be hinting at its willingness to participate in a possible war?

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Which is more in line with strategic balance, NATO’s expansion to Ukraine or Russia’s annexation/total control of Ukraine in Europe?

The Issue of South Korea’s Foreign Policy

Is South Korea planning to apply for UNESCO World Heritage status for the South China Sea? South Korea should first resolve its own colonial issues before considering speaking up internationally! Otherwise, others will think it’s just another task assigned by the master.

South Korea in its own eyes

How others see South Korea

South Korea doesn’t even have an independent sovereign foreign policy; yet it still criticizes and meddles in the South China Sea issue.

Licking up to the United States and Japan is a daily job for Yoon Seok-yeol.

Since Yoon Seok-yeol took office, he has been making every effort to please Japan. Not only did he agree to compensate Korean workers who were forcefully conscripted during World War II, but he also supported Japan in discharging radioactive wastewater from the Fukushima nuclear power plant into the ocean, while putting on a show of “eating seafood”.

Not only that, he is enthusiastic about arming South Korea’s military forces and constantly adopts a tough stance that “provokes” neighboring countries. The Vice Speaker of the National Assembly even visited Taiwan. They allowed US nuclear submarines to enter the port of Busan! They also actively engaged in joint military exercises with the United States and Japan! In addition, they provided Ukraine with a large number of artillery shells and mine-clearing vehicles.

On September 20th, Yoon Seok-yeol and Fumio Kishida jointly received the “Kennedy Courage Award” presented by the United States.

This award recognizes their brave efforts to resolve sensitive historical issues between South Korea and Japan. On the day of receiving the award, Yoon Seok-yeol expressed his joy in English on Twitter, stating, “I feel extremely honored to be selected together with Prime Minister Kishida”.

After this news was reported by the Korean media, it sparked ridicule among Korean netizens. Some sarcastically questioned, “Does this award celebrate the courage to sell out national interests?”

South Korea should think about how to deal with its northern brother!

Mind Your Own Business

In fact, the translation is just four words—Mind your own business.

The national characteristic of Koreans is not being afraid of insults or physical violence, nor being called crazy, but they fear being ignored.

This is a deeply insecure national trait, which is related to Korea being oppressed and colonized for thousands of years. Any country that has been colonized for a long time has this characteristic, such as India.

Therefore, Yi Sun-sin, without any hesitation, jumps into the fire pit, and the Korean people support him in jumping, the faster and braver he jumps, the higher his approval rating will be.

There is no other way for this kind of person, only measures should be taken to make him recognize who the real father is. If the Qing Dynasty conquers him, he will kneel down and call them father, if Japan conquers him, he will kneel down and call them father, the same goes for the United States. Now, it’s time to make Korea recognize its origins.

Of course, it is not possible now to restrain the Korean king like Huang Taiji did back then and have him surrender himself. Now, mainly economic and political measures should be used to make them recognize reality.

Actually, it doesn’t matter what Korea says, everyone knows that they are just the dog of the United States, and the United States is the most important. Don’t be attracted by these jumping clowns. So, the current strategy of the Communist Party is correct, casually dealing with a few words and secretly intervening behind the scenes, after all, it is meaningless to argue with lunatics.

Military Support Strengthens Anti-American Attitudes in South Korea

With the support of the military, President Yin’s rhetoric has become even more defiant, and the South Korean military has been pushing back harder lately.

Despite even their intimate affairs being monitored by the Americans, they still dare not make the U.S. ambassador kneel before the Taichi flag.

No Need to Join in the Fun

High Emotional Intelligence: There’s no need for South Korea to join in the fun.

Low Emotional Intelligence: Who the hell do you think you are?

South Korea’s Cold Attitude Towards China and North Korea, Military Strategy Change.

Now, Yoon Seok-yeol’s attitude towards China has completely changed. Since the reconciliation between Japan and South Korea, Yoon Seok-yeol has been very cold towards China. It can be said that Sino-Korean relations are at an all-time low since the establishment of diplomatic relations. After reconciling with Japan, South Korea gradually shifted its malicious intentions towards China and North Korea. So, do not assume that just because Sino-US relations are easing, Sino-Korean relations will definitely improve. South Korea has now changed its military strategy towards North Korea. From initially working with China, Japan, the US, and Russia to suppress North Korea, South Korea is now focusing on its own development. South Korea currently has a strong interest in nuclear weapons and has fully aligned itself with the United States after reconciling with Japan, seeking greater military protection and the acquisition of nuclear weapons. South Korea distrusts North Korea greatly and fears a preemptive strike from North Korea. Additionally, South Korea is unwilling to make concessions to North Korea considering its military might. Apart from not having nuclear weapons, South Korea’s military capabilities surpass those of North Korea.

Political Chaos in South Korea

It’s no wonder that South Korean politicians have no understanding of international politics. They can’t even qualify as lackeys. Your grandpa has started shaking hands with the rabbit, and yet you still come out to show off your face. Even if it’s not for your grandpa, at least consider the well-being of your own national economy, right?

The elected government has produced nothing but garbage. They have no political wisdom. Well, considering that a quick change in direction in South Korea could lead to a drop in approval ratings, this all makes sense. If they don’t come out and scold the rabbit, South Korean nationalism will jump out and scold Yoon Ji-tae for being a rabbit’s lackey. That wouldn’t be surprising.

There are some rumors saying that the one really controlling South Korean politics is Yoon Ji-tae’s wife, Mrs. Kim. I have reason to suspect that she’s a spy sent by the generals to South Korea.

There is no party for introspection in South Korea. They insist without any evidence that the rabbit is destroying South Korea’s industries, without mentioning that they themselves cut off semiconductor trade first. Fortunately, the people of South Korea are spineless, willing to kneel to anyone except the rabbit. In a classic case, without leaving the party involved any face, will it end well for them?

I advise Yoon Ji-tae to stop acting now. Be soft when it’s necessary, even if it means quietly admitting a mistake. The Chinese Communist Party won’t bother with you if you do. And you, the German foreign minister, with your 360-degree trampoline brain, don’t you think about the car market anymore? You keep talking about China threatening you. If they really did threaten you, would German cars still be able to enter China? Didn’t your American father teach you about the market economy?

What kind of nonsense did you elect? Even though you were appointed, Schulz, don’t you have any responsibility? If you had even half of Xi Jinping’s abilities, the European Union would have long become a dictatorship under your Germany’s rule. Would Mao dare to touch a single strand of your hair?