How do you evaluate the final episode of the TV series "Three Teams"? Are you satisfied?

Dramatic Journey: A Critique of Adaptation

Was I the first one in the drama group to finish watching?

Not satisfied, it started high but ended low.

Especially after watching the movie version of “The Third Squad,” my expectations for the TV series and for Qin Hao and Chen Minghao were too high.

Super ultimate spoiler warning.

Super ultimate malicious critique warning.

The whole series is essentially an adaptation based on the original novel and the script of the movie version of “The Third Squad.”

To give an inappropriate analogy.

If the original is a piece of quality pork belly, and the movie version is a simple but sincere braised pork, then the drama version of “The Third Squad” is a drawer full of branded sausages and instant noodles, oh, and a bottle of fake alcohol.

The first bowl of instant noodles is fragrant, the first sip of fake alcohol is mellow and slightly intoxicating, and the sausages have bits of meat, great.

But as you keep eating, you start to miss the braised pork.

Continue eating, the noodles become soggy and start to clump, the toxicity of the fake alcohol begins to show, you feel dizzy and nauseous… Then you realize, each sausage only has one piece of meat.

On the last day of 2023, they released an extra update, 2 episodes at noon. If you are willing to spend 18 yuan, you can watch the last 6 episodes all at once.

What’s the concept? I had the chance to finish the remaining half drawer of junk food all at once—tasteless as wax, yet it’s a pity to throw it away.

For the sake of not eating this stuff ever again in 2024, I ate from noon till evening, tears included, I freaking finished it all.

Just like that.

My current mood: I hope that in the grand finale, Wang Dayong goes to Chabang to bring back two atomic bombs, one to just all the characters, one to just all the creators. 2024, Happy New Year!

Episodes 1-24 Brief Summary:

1-4: Wang Dayong and Wang Eryong commit crimes, Cheng Bing leads the Third Squad to chase the criminals. Wang Eryong is captured, beaten severely by the public, and accidentally dies from a punch given by Cheng Bing during interrogation.

5-6: Cheng Bing gets out of prison, everything has changed. He hides in a car wash, his wife and child gone.

7-8: The Third Squad reunites, Cheng Bing prepares to chase the criminal.

9-12: Yunnan—Chabang. “Reborn: The War Wolf of Northern Myanmar.”

13-15: Guangdong Jiecheng, “Run, Third Squad” and “A Skewer of Life in Tongue”; gambling on stones.

16-17: Northeast, Wang Dayong loses the original stone and an M9 pistol in the bathhouse. (Lamb stew cameo).

18: Uncle Qi R.I.P., Cheng Bing performs “Reborn: I Play Dumb to Catch the Tiger in the Nightclub.”

19: “Reborn: Special Forces Kick Against Pyramid Schemes.”

20: “Xiaoman’s Life: How Good It Would Be If He Were My Father (She Were My Daughter).”

21: “Xiaoman’s Life: Miao Miao and the Third Squad and Tong Tong’s Mother Make Dumplings Together.”

22: Back to the main storyline, Cheng Bing goes to Decheng to investigate as a courier.

23: Cheng Bing becomes a water delivery worker, Wang Dayong is captured.

24: Review: Teacher Wang Dayong recounts the escape route.

Wang Dayong’s Escape Route:

1998: Committed the crime and fled.

1999: Guizhou, stole things for money.

2000: Entered Chabang from Ruicheng, snatched the original stone, returned to the country, hid in various mines, forests, and small coal kilns.

2005: Went to Jiecheng to sell the original stone unsuccessfully, met Li Hongxia, and lived in Chenzhou for nearly three years.

2008: Arrived in the Northeast, lost the original stone and gun. Fled to the deep mountains and forests, met An Zi, planned to kill An Zi and steal his ID to escape to Decheng together.

2008: The 512 earthquake, murder and possession, hiding to this day.

Cheng Bing’s Pursuit Route:

October 2007: Released.

April 2008: The Third Squad reunites, Zhao Yang makes trouble, mentioning Wang Dayong again.

Spring Festival 2009: Headed to Ruicheng, failed to smuggle into Chabang.

February 2009: Applied for a passport, went to Ruicheng with Stone, found a clue to Jiecheng.

April 2009: In Ningzhou. Then the entire Third Squad headed to Jiecheng for over three months.

End of 2009: Went to the Northeast alone.

Early 2010: Uncle Qi passed away, rushed back to Ningzhou.

Second half of 2010: Went to the Northeast for the second time, found An Zi’s clue. Moved to Decheng.

June 2011: Captured Wang Dayong in Deyang.

The story begins in April 1998 and ends around June-July 2011.

8 provinces: Known to include Wandon Province (Jiangxi), Yunnan, Guangdong, Jilin, Shaanxi, Haibei (Guangxi), Sichuan. The map also marks Gansu.

17 cities: Ningzhou, Jiangzhou, Ruicheng, Jiecheng, Xi’an, Decheng, somewhere in Haibei, Ludao… (welcome to add).

My grand finale ended in episode eight, starting from after getting out of prison when a bunch of people recognized me as their “big brother,” and wherever I went, I had help. That’s where I lost interest in continuing, ultimately making the tough decision to cut losses after going abroad.

A Reflection on Fate and Choices

Well, the prediction of Douban users was really accurate; indeed, there was no escape from the fate of “getting dumplings smashed” together.

Maybe it was meant to make everyone’s 2023 a bit more joyful?

As for the ending, I am mostly satisfied. The 1800 points were not spent in vain, but if it had cost me 18 bucks, that might be a different story; I would have to think it over.

Here are my thoughts.

First, let me digress a bit. People really shouldn’t get fat.

This was Wang Dayong before.

This was Wang Dayong after.

He looked somewhat kinder and gentler, but I still preferred the thinner version of him.

He said to Cheng Bing:

“I didn’t want to kill anyone; they were just in my way.”

And he emphasized that he was already on the “right path,” that it was his bad luck that put Cheng Bing in his way.

Such a desperado’s way of thinking is terrifying. They always believe that their current plight is due to bad luck and that they are forced to commit crimes.

He might have read from Li Si: “In life, being lowly is the greatest humiliation, and being poor is the utmost sorrow."

He said he couldn’t understand Cheng Bing, that all he did was for money.

During his years on the run, he was very lonely, never had a good night’s sleep, and trusted no one… He could send things to other people’s mothers but couldn’t go back to see his own…

Finally, he wanted to find someone to talk to, and that person was Cheng Bing.

He said:

“You’ve been looking for me for so many years, you must have a lot of questions to ask, go ahead.”

He was too lonely, with so much on his mind, yet no one to talk to. Unlike me, he couldn’t write diaries or run a social media account.

He wanted someone to confide in.

He wanted to talk about the things on his mind over the years.

He wanted Cheng Bing to understand him.

When he committed the crime, the whole city was under martial law. He hid like a rat in the sewer for 6 days, and it happened to be his birthday. He thought if he were to die, so be it. But he didn’t die; he felt that heaven had spared him.

He first went to a small town in Guizhou, stayed for nearly half a year, dared not take up a job, and survived by stealing. The receivers of the stolen goods knew the goods were ill-gotten, so they always paid him less. Sometimes he really wanted to shoot someone, but he couldn’t.

Later, he went to Chabang because he had a gun and the guts, and that place allowed one to earn money as long as they were ruthless enough. He robbed Mr. Pang’s jadeite raw stones. Mr. Pang thought no one dared to mess with him in Chabang, but he met Wang Dayong.

After stealing the jadeite worth millions, he hid in mines, forests, and small coal kilns, any place that didn’t require an ID. Ridiculous, isn’t it? He had money but nowhere to spend it, doing the hardest and most tiring jobs.

In 2005, he arrived in Jiecheng, wanting to offload the raw stone. The buyer got arrested by the police, and he, fearing involvement, had to flee.

On the way to Chenzhou, he met Li Hongxia. He wanted to settle down with her, so they returned to the Northeast. As long as they registered there, they could live openly and legitimately. But fate didn’t give him that chance; his raw stone and gun were stolen.

He had to leave immediately, then he trekked into the forest and was saved by a ranger. In the old forest, he met An Weiqi and considered murdering and stealing identities.

He and An Weiqi left the Northeast for Decheng. In a private mine in Jinyang, on the day of the 512 earthquake, he killed An Weiqi and took his identity.

In Deyang, he lived peacefully for several years and found another woman.

He said, “I have already reformed and lived a good life; why do you deprive me of the right to become a good person?”

As Cheng Bing said, “You think you can be a good person, but at the slightest obstacle in your life, you will not hesitate to take another’s life as compensation.

Some live so that others may live better, but some must die so that others can live.

The debts owed must eventually be paid.

He couldn’t make Cheng Bing understand him, and he knew he was extremely sinful.

But there are no ifs in life.

He hoped his children would not end up like him.

It’s just hard on Li Hongxia.

Who wasn’t beautiful when young?

Under the torment of life, she turned into an old woman. @Zhihu Drama

Contrasting Movies and TV Shows in the Process of Tracking Criminals

The process of tracking down criminals in TV series seems too mechanistic.

Inspector Cha managed to save a child, and in return, the child saved them.

Jie Cheng started a barbecue stall, and the only two people who knew the clue were either eating at the stall or fighting with the main characters.

In the northeast, they found a child, who happened to be Wang Dayong’s lover’s child.

The Sichuan gang was searching for an electric scooter, and it turned out that Wang Dayong’s wife had lost it.

These coincidences are just too direct!

In the movie version, at least they ask for clues one by one.

Piggy Girls in “Jade Bones Distant” and Wooden Acting in “Smiles”

Renyi in “The Third Squad” looks quite attractive.

Cheng Bing’s Wife Can Take Her Daughter to an Unrecognized Place

Wang Miaomiao, on the other hand, cannot and has to endure the damage of rumors.

Both Faced Crossroads in Their Childhoods

Cheng Bing is fortunate to have met Uncle Seven, who brought light into his life.

While Wang Miaomiao didn’t encounter a good man and ended up as a minor celebrity.

Did Wang Miaomiao Make These Giant Dumplings Herself?

Normal restaurants don’t serve such huge dumplings!

Wang Dayong Also Shared an Allusion

“To be in a lowly position but not seek fame and wealth is like birds and deer seeing meat but not eating it, having a human face but barely able to walk upright. Therefore, the greatest shame is in lowliness, and the greatest sorrow is in poverty.” (From “Records of the Grand Historian” by Sima Qian)

Being in a lowly position and not striving for fame and wealth is like animals that avoid eating meat when they have the chance, even though they have the appearance of humans and can barely walk upright. Hence, the greatest shame lies in being lowly, and the greatest sorrow is in poverty. Being in a lowly position and enduring poverty, yet still being disdainful of worldly success and material gain, claiming to be indifferent to the world, this is not the true sentiment of a scholar.

Uncle Seven’s Portrait, Far from the Humor in “The Young Marshal”

A Decade of Wrongful Imprisonment, Family Separation, and a Journey Following Wang Dayong

Ten years of wrongful imprisonment, family separation, and following in the footsteps of Wang Dayong, from Yunnan to Chabang, to Jieyang, to Xi’an, and then to the Northeast, amidst vast snowy mountains and near-death experiences, experiencing the same breath and destiny! From originally traveling with seven members of the Third Squad to ending up alone, Cheng Bing’s journey in this “calamity” rivals that of immortals transcending their own “tribulations”!

Immortals transcend their “tribulations” to become immortals, but what awaits Cheng Bing is even greater suffering! Uncle Seven leaves without them even having a final meeting! His daughter severs ties with him for the sake of her future, drawing clear boundaries!

He tearfully tells Pan Dahai, “I’ve lost myself!” It’s a mix of heartache, grievance, helplessness, confusion, and unwillingness. At this moment, the song “Orphan of the Beautiful World” seems tailor-made for Cheng.

To repay Uncle Seven’s son’s debt, Cheng Bing becomes a manager under Zhu Zi. After experiencing the trials of both the underworld and the lawful world, Cheng Da is perfectly suited for this occasion, with a hint of playfulness, a touch of righteousness, a dose of loyalty, and a dash of disdain. Cheng Da’s life takes an extraordinary turn!

The segment dealing with the mayor’s son is remarkable! With a mixture of alcohol and blood flowing down his face, Cheng remains calm, downing a few drinks, driving everyone away, and covering the door’s glass with his clothes. He single-handedly handles five or six people, even kneeling and begging for mercy. Afterward, he calmly washes the wounds on his hands with alcohol!

When my father comes to say it’s a misunderstanding? Would your father believe such a misunderstanding? Cheng Da deals with troublemakers like Pan Dahai with precision!

Facing Pan Dahai’s remark, “Even Uncle Seven is not worth it for someone like you!” Cheng Bing retorts, “He should feel unworthy of himself!”

Pan Dahai understands what Cheng Bing means; Cheng Bing doesn’t owe him anything. Instead, it’s the Ningzhou police that owe Uncle Seven and Cheng Da justice and an explanation. Just this alone makes Pan Dahai feel inferior!

During the demolition of the nursing home, Cheng Da encounters Wang Dayong’s mother again and decides to find Wang Miaomiao!

The scene with the CX organization is both humorous and realistic! Eight thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight, a personal satellite that belongs to him, Cheng Da almost bursts into laughter but continues to train and pursue his dreams with them. A group of people seriously caught up in PUA, still calm and composed, and the previous fight scene, Qin Hao portrays the calmness of an experienced artist!

Rolling on the edge of hope time and time again, rising in hope time and time again, being abandoned time and time again, and self-redemption time and time again. This sense of obscurity and bitterness can probably only be effortlessly handled by a masterful actor like Qin Hao!

Full of vigor at times, the right touch of poverty when in the depths! Silence and desolation during the low points, sobriety and solitude when hope is ignited. The redemption akin to that of a monk is nothing short of this!

What is the true meaning of life? A meal, a set of clothes, a room, or something that pierces you unexpectedly amidst the heavens and earth, inexplicable but piercing? None of the members of the Third Squad can explain, but Qin Hao has portrayed it vividly!

Living is not for anything else but to give oneself an account, so this journey is not in vain!

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While Pan Dahai was on the phone, he brushed past, out of the blue, he said, “Wang Dayong.” He exclaimed, “What a guy!!!”

Li Naiwen’s character had no impact on the plot whatsoever, and I don’t understand why he took up so much screen time as the leading actor. Purely a waste of screen presence?

The same goes for Qin Hao’s plastic-faced daughter; she seemed like she was cast just for the sake of it.

Original Three Teams: The Lone Hero Pursuing the Murderer for Thousands of Miles

Movie Three Teams: Three Teams Pursuing the Murderer for Thousands of Miles

TV Series Three Teams: The Motherly Figure Pursuing the Murderer for Thousands of Miles

Yes, in the TV series, it’s constantly evident how much of a motherly figure Cheng Bing is. I feel like he’s not trying to capture Wang Dayong; he’s trying to reform him! Whether it’s dealing with family, brothers, colleagues, or the murderer’s relatives, his behavior is just like Tang Seng. Is he pursuing the murderer? Or is he enlightening all beings?

Spent 1800 iQiyi points, previewed, absolutely not leaving Wang Dayong until 2024!!!

“Secret Heroes” - “The Disappearance of Da Yong” - “Wu Xie and His Chubby Partner” - “The Chosen Workers” - “Da Yong and His Two Wives” - “I Don’t Eat Beef.”

Oh no, my mistake.

It’s Da Yong who doesn’t eat ginger candy.

The Grand Finale and Bonus Update Have Commenced

I just want to figure out where my violet glass seed went.

Emotional Reconciliation of Father and Daughter…

One unsatisfactory point is that in the final episode, in the interrogation room, Mileage Bing did not tell Wang Dayong, “Xia has given birth to a child for you.”

I wonder how Wang Dayong would react when he learns that he has a child?

According to the situation, why did Wang Dayong temporarily assume the identity of An Weiqi when he went back to see his mother?

Impressions on the 2024 Adaptation

I apologize, but in 2024, I haven’t read the original work or watched the film adaptation. I’ve only glanced at the synopsis and went straight to watching the TV series. Overall, it was quite decent, with perhaps a slightly sluggish middle part, but that’s to be expected in a TV series, with some family drama sprinkled in. Setting aside the plot and the main storyline, it made me reflect on the question: What are people really pursuing in life? I admit I shed a tear during the reconciliation between the father and daughter. In my younger, more naive days, emotional scenes would make me cry easily, but it’s been a while since I last cried. The scene where everything comes together, especially Haoge’s performance, was truly moving. The emotions that had been pent up inside for years suddenly found release. Of course, there was a lot of buildup leading to that moment, and the audience, like me, couldn’t help but feel the intensity, not to mention the character of Bing in the series. Art draws from life but transcends it, and this adaptation was certainly impactful.

Reached episode 21, no need to watch the final episode, it’s pretty much like this.

Started strong and ended weak, that’s a fact. It’s probably because the scriptwriting is very strong, and the directing is also very professional, but it’s far from real life (the drama has a strong sense of life, but it’s not realistic enough), and it lacks the pursuit of a perfect ending, with insufficient dramatic conflicts. From this perspective, on a scale of 10, I’d give it 5.5 points.

However, in terms of the overall acting skills of the cast, the richness of the storyline, and the thoughts it provoked about “the fate of human beings” due to coincidences, I think the whole drama is still quite good. I’d rate it 9 out of 10.

The ending was very satisfying, but the pacing in the middle was a bit slow. The line from Wang Dayong in Pan Dahai’s staircase really sent shivers down my spine.

I thought it was a suspense drama. However, in the middle of it, for more than ten episodes, Wang Dayong appeared for only two or three minutes to tease the audience’s curiosity, and the entire series consisted of asking if anyone had seen this person in those photos. There was no sense of plot progression, and most of it was about romantic relationships. Then, there was another twist in the storyline. The next episode continued, but there was still no significant plot advancement.

This is the worst among all the plays I’ve seen in the foggy theater!