How do you evaluate the Argentine Deputy Foreign Ministers statement that they will not join the BRICS?

After the right-wing politician Mila won the election in Argentina, various speculations arose about the future economic and political direction of Argentina According to Russian Satellite News Agencys report on November 20, Diana Mondino, who was nominated as the Foreign Minister after the Argentine presidential election, stated to the media that Argentina will not join the BRICS mechanism In response to the question of whether Argentina will join the BRICS on January 1, 2024, Mondino said, No I dont know why people are so interested in BRICS, she added, and it is still unclear what benefits joining BRICS will bring to Argentina The Argentine government will analyze this In addition, when asked whether she would encourage trade with China and Brazil, Mondino said, We will stop cooperating with the governments of Brazil and China In response to Mondinos statement about BRICS, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maoning said at a regular press conference on November 20 that the BRICS cooperation mechanism is an important platform for emerging market countries and developing countries to strengthen unity and cooperation and safeguard common interests BRICS is also an open platform, and we welcome any willing country to become a member of the BRICS family Argentines soon-to-be Foreign Minister says Argentina will not join the BRICS, and China responds

Mila’s Diplomatic Route

Mila is a pro-American politician, and his election will inevitably lead to adjustments in Argentina’s previous policies. He will change anything that the United States doesn’t want to see, and he will also make efforts to implement and enforce anything that the United States hopes he will do.

Therefore, when it comes to the option of whether Argentina should join the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) cooperation organization, Mila will definitely choose not to join without hesitation. He knows that the United States does not want this organization, which poses a threat to its hegemony, to develop and expand. As the nominated foreign minister appointed by Mila, he will certainly respect Mila’s opinion and express it publicly. He even explicitly stated that trade cooperation with Brazil and China will be stopped.

Under Mila’s leadership, Argentina is fully aligned with the United States. However, it remains to be seen whether this “wholeheartedness” will be recognized and supported by the United States. It would be a shame if, in the end, Argentina loses everything it had hoped to gain.

BRICS Membership and Free Trade Agreement

In light of this, the United States may become the biggest loser. Let’s summarize: the BRICS countries are pushing for settlement in their own currencies, the current government of Argentina wants to join the BRICS, and the future government of Argentina intends to use a new currency. What a clever bait and switch, but it was spoiled by the new foreign minister’s loose talk.

Getting back to the point, news of Argentina joining the BRICS came after Milani’s bizarre remarks, so there is reason to believe that it was originally intended to assist the current government. Now, whether the BRICS agrees to this experiment remains an unknown, especially since the upcoming general election is in jeopardy.

Furthermore, this move will have different effects on different BRICS countries, with Brazil being the most unfortunate. It had originally planned to negotiate a free trade agreement with my country, including Argentina as a member of Mercosur. Now, not only is the free trade agreement in jeopardy, but Latin American integration itself may be at risk.

The Right-wing Government and Extreme Economic Policies Experiment Chosen by Argentina

The result of this is not surprising. After Mila won the election, it was already determined that Argentina would not join the BRICS organization.

What is Mila’s ideology?

He advocates a high economic dependence on the United States, abolishing Argentina’s central bank and its own currency, and fully implementing dollarization.

What is the ideology of the BRICS countries?

Multilateralism, win-win cooperation, opposition to hegemony, and the rupture of the global supply chain, and de-dollarization.

Therefore, the ideologies of these two are completely opposite and incompatible. Under Mila’s rule, Argentina has no reason to join the BRICS countries. They chose to withdraw themselves, which is the most dignified outcome for both sides.

Actually, there is no need to conceal it. Now in South America, and even in Latin America as a whole, there is a fierce game of “left or right?”

Brazil tried it for four years under Bolsonaro, but it doesn’t seem to work. Now they are trying Lula and the BRICS route again. However, we should also see that Lula’s advantage in winning the election is very small, only 1 or 2 percentage points. It shows that Brazilians are also very undecided.

Now, on the eve of Argentina’s joining the BRICS organization, they have chosen a completely right-wing route. Should we feel regretful? Actually, there is no need to rush to conclusions.

In my opinion, the main purpose of including Argentina in the BRICS summit was to make a final attempt, under the leadership of Brazil, to retain this country on the verge of economic collapse.

But the people of Argentina chose a more extreme government and more extreme economic policies, so we can only let them go.

In fact, this provides the best experimental target for countries around the world who are still hesitating between the Chinese path or the American path. Let’s see which country’s ideology will become the mainstream of global economic development.

The struggle between paths is never a one-time event. Of course, we firmly believe that our own path is correct. But everyone should realize that the most convincing and powerful tool to prove everything is “time.”

Although from our perspective, Argentina has taken a “dead end” path.

The most obvious points are that Mila wants to give up borrowing money from the world, fully dollarize, and even abandon their own currency for the exclusive use of the US dollar. So who will Mila ask for dollars? Should they wait for the Americans to give them to Argentina?

Another point is that Mila wants to cut off trade with China and Brazil. This clearly satisfies certain extreme voices within Argentina. However, these two countries are Argentina’s largest trading partners. If they stop doing business with them, who will Argentina sell their goods to? The United States?

So, what goods are there that the United States cannot produce, but only Argentina can? Or are there any goods produced by Argentina that have a better cost-performance ratio than Chinese products?

But I think we don’t need to rush to “sentence” Mila and Argentina to death. It is better to let them verify whether this path is feasible themselves.

To some extent, it is also a verification of the rationality of our own system.

If, by any chance, Argentina succeeds, it means that we should also optimize and adjust our policies to a certain extent.

Argentina chooses “mentally ill” president

Argentina has reached a desperate point where they are willing to try anything to fix their problems. Since conventional methods cannot heal Argentina, they have chosen an unconventional approach! The Argentine people have elected a president who represents their frustration with the world - it’s either destruction or resurrection.

Let’s take a look at Milagro’s campaign promises; without joining BRICS, Argentina will not be seen by the international community. Perhaps the Argentine people can sing “Don’t Cry for Me” again!

The reason why the Argentine people have chosen a “mentally ill” president is because Argentina has been living in a state of misery for a long time.

Inflation is extremely severe, reaching an astonishing 116% this year. The Argentine peso has been continuously depreciating.

With internal inflation and external depreciation, the entire Argentine population is experiencing a wealth plunder. For example, if you earn 100 pesos today, in a few months, the purchasing power of those 100 pesos may only be 50 pesos.

Given this situation, if a sane person cannot handle the situation, then let’s choose someone who is “mentally ill.”

Due to the deplorable state of the national currency, there is a demand for its abolition by the president. Due to the incompetence of the domestic bureaucracy, there is a demand for a significant reduction in government departments by the president. Due to excessive feminism, there is a demand for the direct abolition of the national Ministry of Women by the president.

Milagro is not pro-China; Milagro advocates using US dollars and severing ties with China. How can a deficit country like Argentina obtain US dollars? Argentina is one of the few deficit countries for China, which means Argentina can acquire foreign exchange through trade with China. Let’s see if this is truly “crazy” or not.

Stay away from the new Argentine government, gradually halt trade and foreign exchange agreements with them, and let them do business with the United States and the “new Nazis”!

The long-awaited utopia by the intellectuals is about to be born. Anarchy + extreme liberalism + extreme privatization has finally found a place to experiment on Earth.

Can Argentina’s Prosperity Come True?

In the eyes of some people, Mila may be Argentina’s savior. The Argentine Foreign Minister will certainly endorse Mila’s decisions. After the election results were announced, Musk commented, “Argentina’s prosperity is on its way.” Musk got it half right, but we need to add the word “temporary” to his statement!

Argentina is currently in the worst economic crisis in 20 years, with various economic indicators in “ruins”: Data released last week showed that Argentina’s inflation rate reached 142.7% in the past 12 months, reaching a new high in the past 32 years and making it one of the countries with the highest inflation rates in the world. At the same time, Argentina is also facing severe debt pressure, with external debt expected to reach $276.7 billion by the end of 2022. In terms of exchange rates, the Argentine peso is plummeting. Since the beginning of the year, the official exchange rate has fallen by nearly 50%, to around 345 pesos per US dollar. The black market exchange rate has fallen even further, reportedly reaching 600 pesos per US dollar.

Is it important for us whether such a country joins the BRICS? After struggling in the quagmire for so many years, the ordinary people still cannot see any hope. This time, the choice of the Argentine people is to be prepared to break the boat, to fight till the death to survive, and to survive when faced with dire circumstances.

Social Reform Experiment of Argentina’s New Government

If they don’t want to join, then so be it. This country is a mess, with its economy collapsing multiple times and debt defaults happening several times. Don’t act like you’re so important and that others are begging to cooperate with you.

Similarly, if they want to freeze relations with China and Brazil, it’s entirely their own freedom. They will have to face the consequences themselves.

I actually would like to see Argentina’s new government implement its campaign promises completely. This large-scale, completely new social reform experiment is of significant observational value.

Argentina: Liberalization Policies and Weak Social Control

With the rise of Macri, the South American integration that Brazil was promoting came to an end. However, its impact on other countries and regions was limited.

The Macri government has turned Argentina into a rogue state. The so-called privatization and liberalization are just another way for Argentina to engage in trade wars with all other countries in the world. No taxes, no regulations, no legal obligations towards workers – how can domestic businesses compete against Argentine companies? This is nothing short of capitalist terrorism.

However, under Macri’s policies, the Argentine government has basically lost its ability to exercise social control. Since everything is now allowed, making money is all that matters, and whatever the Argentine government says or does has little meaning.

Some people believe that Macri is pro-American or that his policies are selling the country to the United States. I think this idea is mistaken. Even dollarized, Argentina would still benefit from nutrients drawn from the US mainland, while exporting its own chaos to the United States. The dominant force in Argentina is the dollar, not the United States. The US can only control the supply and circulation of dollars, and now that there is a large amount of US dollars overseas, Argentina’s dollarization does not bring much profit to the United States (the US dollar is already an international currency, and Argentina’s assets have long been acquired by the US). However, stabilizing prices in Argentina comes at a tangible cost.

The election result of Argentina’s Zelenskiy

Argentina, why are you crying? Because the bad mud can’t support the wall.

A country trapped in a usury loan, a country boiled like a frog in warm water, a so-called “democratic” country, since it elected another “Zelenskiy”, the result will not be much better than Ukraine.

The campaign manifesto of this future foreign minister boss is extremely crazy, but it indeed has the support of the majority of the Argentine people. Any entertainment political system that is similar to Ukraine’s is destined to harm the people.

The people are busy with their livelihoods all day long. After they are done with their busyness, they do not have the talent and time to study complex political economy, and then they would have the ability to make more accurate judgments.

This also fully demonstrates that although the eyes of the masses are sharp, under the circumstances that the level of national development is still insufficient, they do not have enough progressiveness to make accurate judgments. They still need guidance and organization from people, or they can easily be manipulated by those with ulterior motives.

A country that competes completely with American agricultural products has to rely on the United States, which confirms the rumor that the elected president is a pseudo-economist artificially packaged.

Argentina was brought in by Brazil at the BRICS meeting in August this year. Originally, it was supposed to officially join with Saudi Arabia and five other countries shortly after the New Year next year.

If there are no surprises, Macri should fulfill his campaign promise and no longer join the BRICS mechanism. It’s better not to join, so as to avoid unnecessary disturbances to the reputation of the BRICS mechanism by joining and then withdrawing.

It is obvious that China’s current main direction is the Middle East, and other directions are just side issues. Brazil’s dream of being a major power is shattered. Originally, it planned to establish a unified currency to counter the US dollar, but now it’s a no-go.

Sometimes, setting up a self-destructive model is much more useful than a positive one.

A wasted country should look on as it continues to decline, occasionally giving it a little push and stepping on it, to make future generations of such election politicians have a long memory.

Argentina has been bankrupt several times. The left-wing government friendly to China encountered the epidemic, which is even worse.

But it doesn’t matter, anyway, the useless voters themselves don’t care about this. As long as the economy deteriorates, they will blame the current government. Not many people know or seek to explore what the profound root cause is.

This kind of country does not have the basics of international political diplomacy. As long as it does not go too far, rabbits will take a cold approach, and wait for the next left-wing party to come to power. If it goes too far, there will be covert sanctions. Usually, they won’t announce the sanctions, but silently transfer the orders to others. Argentina has many bulk commodities, and once a painful cut is made, the feeling will definitely be strong.

If they openly confront the rabbit, they will become another Australia with a broken head. Can a crying nation be stronger than Kangaroo Country?

The education system of many so-called “democratic” countries abroad results in the lower class having no brains and knowledge, and then they believe whatever the politicians say. The upper-middle class, who have brains and knowledge, mostly become members of the bottom layer of vested interest groups. The result is that “democratic” countries become like Latin America, and Latin American countries become wastelands.

There is not much left of the national fortune, and the demons naturally emerge. Latin American people don’t remember kindness, only harm is what they deserve.

Refusing Love

Whether love comes or not, in the future, we will not consider the possibility of its inclusion for this country that acts in such an inconsistent manner for the next ten years.