FAW-Volkswagen ID7 Officially Pre-Sold, New Car Price Dramatically Revealed, What Are the Key Highlights to Pay Attention to?

On November 22, FAW-Volkswagens first all-electric sedan ID7 VIZZION officially started pre-sales, with its initial official pre-sale price set at 237,777 yuan In the domestic market, where competition in this price range for electric vehicles is fierce, each vehicle must have its own unique selling points and product advantages in order to stand strong in the intense competition What aspects of this car do you think are worthy of attention? Feel free to share your thoughts

Firsthand information of the ID.7 VIZZION, a flagship electric car with a stylish appearance, spacious interior, and upgraded intelligence system.

After the Shanghai Auto Show and the Guangzhou Auto Show, the ID.7 VIZZION, the “safety and enjoyment flagship,” has finally started its pre-sale, with a pre-sale price of 237,777 yuan.

At the Guangzhou Auto Show, I specifically went to the FAW-Volkswagen booth to see the ID.7 VIZZION. I stayed at the booth for half an hour, and there was a constant stream of people coming to see the car and take videos of it, so I could not take a full picture of the car without any people. From this, it can be seen that this car has indeed attracted a lot of attention.

Just last week, I went to Changchun to explore the development and testing process of the ID.7 VIZZION. Due to confidentiality reasons, the imaging data from the lab cannot be shared temporarily, so let’s take a look at a photo: in the ice and snow, the last rays of the setting sun shine on a row of FAW-Volkswagen models, giving it a unique charm. Although it was only November, the temperature was already between minus 5 and 10 degrees Celsius. At that time, I couldn’t help but feel that an electric car designed in such harsh conditions must be very reliable in terms of quality, otherwise it wouldn’t even be able to leave the factory!

So, I am one of the few people who have seen the actual car and visited the factory. Today, I will share first-hand information with everyone. After seeing the actual car, I found that although the ID.7 VIZZION is also based on the MEB platform in terms of technology, it is quite different in terms of the product.

  1. Appearance and Space of the ID.7 VIZZION: Stylish and Spacious

The MEB platform’s short front overhang provides more cabin space and also brings some challenges to the exterior design: in the era of fuel-powered cars, the longer the front end, the more prestigious it is. The MEB platform shortens the front end design, which brings practicality, but what about the sense of prestige?

The ID.7 VIZZION has made a breakthrough in the exterior design on the MEB platform: the body posture adopts pure aerodynamic design, achieving an excellent drag coefficient series of 0.23Cd; the body proportions are also very coordinated, subjectively not giving the feeling of a short front end. Overall, it achieves an elegant and atmospheric aesthetic and low drag for long range (especially at high speeds), which reflects a strong design capability.

Generally speaking, if a pure electric sedan looks good without any flaws, there will often be problems with space - this is a common industry challenge currently. The ID.7 VIZZION first guarantees the usable space of the trunk based on a wheelbase of 2965mm through a liftback design. Liftback cars are known to be good, but they are difficult and costly to design, so not many actually do it. The ID.7 VIZZION is one of them.

Let’s take a look at the longitudinal depth of the trunk - it can definitely fit a lot! And considering the liftback design, the opening is relatively large, making it much more convenient when loading cargo. There won’t be a situation where there is still space in the trunk, but it won’t fit.

The rear seating space is also spacious, and you can see that the backrest and seat are designed with a tilt, allowing for a more comfortable sitting posture. The knee space for adult women with a height of 172cm is shown in the figure below. There were too many people looking at the car that day, and I couldn’t find a better angle for shooting, so please forgive me and take a look anyway!

In summary, both the seating space and the trunk loading space have performed well, achieving a B-class body with C-class space enjoyment.

  1. Interior: Traditional and Stylish

The ID.7 VIZZION adopts the theme of “layers of dyed forests,” which runs through the exterior and interior. I didn’t mention it earlier, but the matte leather material used in the interior makes the spruce green theme look very textured, leaving a deep impression on me.

Official description: “Layers of dyed forests, derived from the layer-by-layer precipitation of time, wind, frost, and river, including ice cypress blue, spruce green, maple leaf red, and silver birch gray.” I think the level of design, from product design to marketing materials, is very high!

The level of design cannot be judged solely based on its beauty, but also on whether it matches the product positioning. The FAW-Volkswagen brand’s three-box sedan must capture the slightly conservative Volkswagen consumers. At the same time, in the current competitive situation, it must also consider the needs of young and fashionable consumers - this is not an either-or problem. If you cannot capture young and fashionable consumers, you will eventually lose the slightly conservative consumers as well.

From this perspective, the level of the “layers of dyed forests” theme is very high: the theme of the dyed forests conforms to the traditional Chinese cultural values while also giving a fresh and fashionable feeling. Especially when presented in the form of ink animation, it really pleases both groups!

In addition to the materials and color schemes, the interior design of the ID.7 VIZZION itself has also been greatly improved. For example, the instrument screen is hidden under the dashboard, giving it a high-end feel. Although small, changing its position gives it a sense of luxury! Take a closer look, isn’t this design very similar to that of a million-dollar luxury car? Moreover, I have always thought that the instrument panel should be smaller, otherwise it will be blocked by the steering wheel and affect its use.

At the auto show, I also noticed that the audio system has been upgraded to a 16-channel high-performance speaker Harman Kardon audio system. With the Fraunhofer Sonamic algorithm, it creates a mobile Hi-Fi music hall-level sound quality. I listened to it briefly at the time and felt it was very good. However, there were many people at the scene, so I didn’t have a chance to listen carefully to the details. From the inclusion of a high-end brand audio system, we can also feel that the overall positioning of the ID.7 VIZZION is quite high!

Another point worth noting in the interior is the SkyView intelligent light-sensitive panoramic roof, which can be transparent when desired and darken when heat insulation is needed, with millisecond-level switching. With a 7-layer light curtain structure, it can block 99.9% of ultraviolet rays and over 83% of heat. This design is noteworthy because personally, I believe that a pure electric car should not have sunshades, as it would affect the cabin space and the sense of luxury. However, it must be acknowledged that there may be some issues on sunny summer days. The SkyView intelligent light-sensitive panoramic roof of the ID.7 VIZZION provides a perfect solution that satisfies both aspects.

  1. Intelligent Upgrades: ID. OS 2.0 Infotainment System and Travel Assist 3.0

The first thing you notice when entering the ID.7 VIZZION is that the central control screen has become much larger, upgraded to a 15-inch 2K high-definition screen. The changes are not only in screen size but more importantly, the infotainment system has been upgraded to the new generation ID. OS 2.0, with a version number bump, which brings a monumental improvement in functionality and user experience. Let’s take a look at a few specific changes:

First, on the home screen, you can see a cute virtual character, the ID. Mate AI intelligent assistant. In terms of character design, it is somewhat similar to a certain new-era company, but the design level and lively style are much higher. The character design itself is not the most important thing - the crucial thing is that it is equipped with iFlytek voice technology this time, which puts it at the forefront of the industry in terms of voice capabilities. It has features like “visible and instantly interactive” across the whole system.

After the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show, the more flexible joint ventures quickly adjusted their open and inclusive technological development strategies and strengthened cooperation with local advanced technologies. FAW-Volkswagen has implemented collaboration in its heavyweight model, the ID.7 VIZZION, even faster than I expected!

In the GIF animation below, we can also see the basic page layout: the “function cards” on the left + the navigation window on the right. This is a classic intelligent infotainment layout, and compared to ID. OS 1.0, there has been a significant improvement! It is worth noting that the cute ID.Mate AI intelligent assistant can freely move different function cards to the left side, which means that the interface customization of the infotainment system is quite strong, and the overall level of intelligent infotainment is something to look forward to.

Speaking of this, I have recently realized that the industry is gradually integrating the content design of the central control screen with the interior design. After increasing the size of the screen in the ID.7 VIZZION, the level of content design on the central control screen has also been raised. This is a design concept that takes a global perspective.

Intelligent infotainment is also integrated with the overall vehicle functions. For example, the Smart Air intelligent hidden air conditioning can comprehensively perceive changes in light, temperature, and humidity, and intelligently adjust the air direction and volume to achieve functions such as temperature adjustment and defogging. FAW-Volkswagen has always been strong in cabin thermal management. In the past, when I drove the ID.4 CROZZ, I marveled at its quick cooling that still felt comfortable. This reflects the accumulated experience of traditional automakers in air conditioning control.

In addition, the ID.7 VIZZION’s Travel Assist 3.0 intelligent driver assistance system has also been upgraded. In addition to the existing adaptive cruise control and other functions, an interactive lane change assist function has been added. The IPA + TPA intelligent parking assistant can achieve intelligent parking in various scenarios, accurately handling vertical and parallel parking spaces.

The ID.7 VIZZION will also be equipped with an augmented reality head-up display function, AR HUD, which not only makes driving easier but also brings a sense of future technology. Compared to traditional HUD head-up display functions, AR HUD combines some navigation information with the surroundings, making it easier for users to access and understand the navigation information.

  1. Safety in Place: Ensuring Safety for Every Trip

At the FAW-Volkswagen booth at the Guangzhou Auto Show, the ID.7 VIZZION’s MEB platform structure was prominently displayed.

When designing battery packs in the era of cell-to-module (CTM) modules, the reasonable energy density after balancing performance and safety factors is typically between 140-180Wh/kg, and it cannot go much higher. From this perspective, the MEB platform’s battery energy density belonging to the ID.7 VIZZION has reached 175Wh/kg, reaching the peak level of the CTM era. While pursuing performance, it has also achieved a high level of safety.

Battery safety is inseparable from overall vehicle safety. The ID.7 VIZZION has a high proportion of hot-formed steel throughout the vehicle, reaching 32%, especially the side employs a “sandwich” threshold structure composed of double-layer hot-formed steel, honeycomb aluminum crash beams, and battery pack frame protective beams. FAW-Volkswagen’s ID. vehicles were the first domestically made vehicles to pass the C-NCAP side pole impact safety test. The “sandwich” threshold structure composed of reinforced steel protected the battery pack without any damage in the impact.

The battery pack itself has also undergone comprehensive safety design and testing, ensuring safety is in place to provide protection for every trip.

In terms of safety design, for example, the longitudinal and transverse beam structure ensures the structural strength of the battery pack, the battery pack armor housing protects against external stone impacts, and the 3D mica insulation sheet can effectively delay the spread of thermal runaway in individual battery cells.

In terms of safety testing, 197 tests were conducted on the battery system before leaving the factory, far exceeding the national standard of 179 tests, and there were as many as 436 safety tests at the cell level, fully safeguarding battery safety.


At this year’s Guangzhou Auto Show, we can observe a phenomenon: in the past, SUV models were the most popular in the pure electric vehicle segment, but this time, MPVs and sedans have become popular! MPVs and pure electric sedans have taken off in these market segments.

Nevertheless, we can still observe market opportunities: these pure electric sedans have clearly leaned towards technology, pioneering spirit, and youth, neglecting the mainstream demand of Chinese consumers for three-box sedans - steady elegance and mature reliability. The ID.7 VIZZION has excelled in balancing traditional culture and trendy pioneers, making it highly competitive among the various pure electric sedans.

The pre-sale price announced this time, 237,777 yuan, is in line with expectations, and there may even be surprises when it is officially launched. The ID.7 VIZZION has achieved “steadily and surely step by step,” with its intelligent upgrades, product configurations, and pricing.

The New Design of the ID.7 VIZZION–Very Volkswagen, Yet Very Different

The pre-sale price of the FAW-Volkswagen ID.7 VIZZION has been officially announced: 237,777 yuan! Considering its product power, I think this price can be considered very sincere~

FAW-Volkswagen’s ID. series has received a good market reputation, and its sales performance can even be said to be outstanding among joint venture vehicles. Based on this foundation, it is natural for FAW-Volkswagen to launch a higher-end ID.7 VIZZION.

So how does the ID.7 VIZZION perform in all aspects? And why is it said to be very sincere? Let’s take a look.

New Design - Very Volkswagen, Yet Very Different

The ID.7 VIZZION adopts the design concept of “freedom in form”. The smooth and elegant waistline, the coupe-like style, the floating roof, and the bold forward-leaning A-pillar make the overall appearance of the car avant-garde and elegant. This design achieves a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

First of all, the powerful front face is worth mentioning. The sharp V-shaped front face created by the trapezoidal front and rear bumpers and inward-retracting side skirts creates a sense of power, laying a solid foundation for the car’s strong visual impact.

When we look at the side, the waistline design of the ID.7 VIZZION is a highlight. It is sleek and coordinated, like the wind blowing over sand dunes. This is the perfect embodiment of the bold and dynamic design language of “freedom in form”. Combined with the strikingly sculpted sporty alloy wheels, the lower part of the car gives a sense of stability and confidence in moving forward.

In addition, the A-pillar of the ID.7 VIZZION is designed to be more forward-leaning, combined with its 4956mm length, which enhances the overall low and sleek look of the car. Thanks to the flexibility of the MEB platform, the ID.7 VIZZION has a turning radius close to that of a Golf, making it highly maneuverable despite its elongated body.

Compared to some traditional models that are more mature and stable, the ID.7 VIZZION’s design style is more dynamic and elegant, and compared to some younger models, it is more elegant and stylish. The classic “German quality” luxury style is evident, and the harmonious and luxurious feeling in appearance is full.

In addition to pure aesthetic considerations, such a design also brings obvious benefits in terms of aerodynamics. With a wind resistance coefficient as low as 0.23Cd, the ID.7 VIZZION can achieve lower energy consumption. Considering the application of the sports package, its handling performance is also worth looking forward to.

Furthermore, the ID.7 VIZZION also features a coupe-like design, which can be said to be the finishing touch to its exterior design.

On the one hand, the coupe design creates a more elegant overall shape for the ID.7 VIZZION, enhancing its sporty characteristics and achieving a visual aesthetic that transcends time.

At the same time, the coupe design greatly increases the interior space of the ID.7 VIZZION, especially the trunk space. According to official information from FAW-Volkswagen, the ID.7 VIZZION has the largest trunk capacity in its class, with a capacity of 521 liters, which is nearly 100 liters larger than the 425 liters of a popular model in the same class and even comparable to many new energy SUVs.

With such a large trunk capacity, it can fully meet the needs of consumers for carrying goods, whether it’s shopping or going on a trip. The coupe-style large opening also makes it more convenient to place and take out large items, making it highly practical. If the second row is folded down, it further expands the storage space.

In addition, in terms of the panoramic sunroof, which is another pain point for new energy vehicles in terms of practicality, the ID.7 VIZZION also provides a very sincere solution.

With a wide and open skyview, panoramic sunroofs are loved by many consumers, but the downside is that the large transparent area makes it difficult to shade the interior of the vehicle. However, the ID.7 VIZZION not only guarantees a panoramic view, but also adopts a 7-layer sunshade structure, achieving a heat insulation rate of over 83% and a UV isolation rate of over 99%. At the same time, the ID.7 VIZZION features a black floating roof design combined with black side skirts, visually reducing the height and elongating the length of the car, giving it a dynamic and stylish look.

Such a SkyView smart light-sensing panoramic sunroof allows passengers to enjoy the perfect sunlight outside the car in summer.

At the same time, the interior style of the ID.7 VIZZION has clearly evolved towards a more youthful and technological direction, with an overall atmosphere that is atmospheric and yet fresh. The application of a 15-inch 2K floating screen and ambient lighting that spans the entire dashboard significantly enhances the technological and atmospheric feel of the ID.7 VIZZION. The interior color scheme in spruce green, mainly combining green and white, creates a light and fresh visual impression, which is believed to be liked by many young people.

In terms of creating a sense of luxury, the ID.7 VIZZION offers a more immersive cocoon-style cabin, a sophisticated and delicate center console design, and visible leather and various soft materials, complemented by exquisite chrome strips and painted panels. Almost everywhere you look, there is a sense of luxury.

Now that the visible and tangible parts have been covered, how does the ID.7 VIZZION perform in terms of software?

New Intelligence - User-friendly and Convenient

The ID.7 VIZZION is equipped with FAW-Volkswagen’s latest in-car system, ID. OS 2.0, which has reached the mainstream level in terms of UI design, smoothness, navigation, and voice interaction. It also features a large AR HUD, which demonstrates the ID.7 VIZZION’s dedication to intelligence.

First, the new in-car system: the new UI design of ID. OS 2.0 integrates navigation into the desktop, making it more direct and convenient. The new generation navigation system can achieve more accurate route planning, offer a wider selection of routes, provide lane-level navigation capabilities, and even provide exclusive navigation recommendations for new energy vehicles, taking care of both charging and driving needs.

At the same time, the addition of the large AR HUD expands the display boundaries of the in-car interface. Compared to traditional W-HUDs, the AR HUD has a wider field of view and clearer display, allowing the driver to always see and have a precise view. In addition, the ID.7 VIZZION integrates the display of in-car prompts and real-time traffic information through dual-layer visual information display, allowing the driver to obtain all necessary information through the AR HUD without looking away from the road, improving safety and convenience.

Next is the voice interaction. The ID.7 VIZZION adopts the iFLYTEK voice solution, which includes features such as voice partitioning, visible speech recognition, and continuous conversation, and even achieves contextual semantic understanding. Overall, the voice interaction capability has been greatly improved. Moreover, with the presence of the ID.Mate intelligent assistant, you can customize the image, tone, and voice of the assistant according to your preferences, ensuring that the voice interaction always remains at its most comfortable state for you.

In terms of intelligence, it is evident that FAW-Volkswagen has practicality in mind when it comes to car manufacturing. With the backing of iFLYTEK, the voice interaction capability is believed to be top-notch.

Furthermore, in response to consumers' pursuit of intelligence, FAW-Volkswagen has even made the design of the air conditioning system very intelligent and user-friendly.

The ID.7 VIZZION is equipped with Smart Air hidden intelligent air conditioning, which can intelligently control the in-car air quality based on factors such as light, temperature, and humidity. However, everyone’s comfort zone is different, so you can adjust the in-car air conditions at any time through voice commands to ensure that occupants are always in their own comfort zone.

At the same time, the use of the third-generation air monitoring system, Clean air 3.0, allows the ID.7 VIZZION to monitor and filter the in-car air in real-time, creating a mobile “forest oxygen bar” in the cabin, eliminating odors and harmful substances.

The hidden intelligent air conditioning system is tailored for the prolonged stationary use of new energy vehicles. When you are in the car for a long time, such as taking a nap, watching videos, or listening to music, is when you really need ultimate comfort. The Smart Air hidden intelligent air conditioning can perfectly control all variables related to air, whether it’s temperature, humidity, or air quality, as they are the factors that most affect comfort perception.

With aesthetics and intelligence well-equipped, how can safety properties be absent?

Ultimate Safety - Understanding Safety, Understanding Users

The safety of new energy vehicles has always been a major concern, and safety is also the brand belief of FAW-Volkswagen. Therefore, the ID.7 VIZZION can be said to be armed to the teeth in terms of safety attributes, leaving no room for error.

First and foremost, the battery. The ID.7 VIZZION adopts an “armored” battery casing that is worth mentioning. The battery modules are surrounded by a high-strength framework composed of twelve aluminum cast crossmembers, far exceeding the industry’s typical two to three, allowing the absorption of impact force step by step. Each crossmember has independent anti-deformation reinforcement design, ensuring the safety of the battery modules to the maximum extent.

Next is the body strength. With more than 81% high-strength and ultra-high-strength steel, combined with a sandwich threshold structure and two reinforcement crossmembers, the twisting rigidity of the body reaches an astonishing 46100NM/degree, comparable to that of million-level luxury cars.

Among them, the key is the sandwich threshold structure, which consists of a double-layer hot-formed steel and honeycomb aluminum reinforcement beams to form a sandwich shape. In the event of a collision, the irregular honeycomb-shaped cabin collapses gradually from the outside to the inside, and combined with the double-layer high-strength hot-formed steel, it greatly enhances the safety attributes of the body, providing the most ultimate safety guarantee for the battery and the occupants.

Of course, the safety of the ID.7 VIZZION is not just about hardware. With basic features such as AEB, 360-degree surround view, and PDC well-equipped, the ID.7 VIZZION is also equipped with the Emergency Assist 3.0 system. In the event that the driver loses control of the vehicle, it automatically activates the L2 level driving assistance function, Travel Assist, and prompts the user to take over. If the user fails to take over for an extended period of time, the system will automatically park the vehicle, activate the EPB, sound the horn, activate interior lighting, and unlock the doors, reducing the risk of accidents. This maximizes the safety of the occupants and guards against emergencies through the eCall emergency call system.


Overall, the ID.7 VIZZION’s configuration demonstrates sincerity. Its sleek, elegant, and technological exterior, top-notch level of intelligence, and outstanding safety make the pre-sale price of 237,777 yuan quite affordable.

And with FAW-Volkswagen’s years of excellent performance, I believe the ID.7 VIZZION, as the new flagship of the ID. family, will embody perfection.

If you happen to be looking to purchase a pure electric B-segment vehicle, it’s worth paying attention to the ID.7 VIZZION and even booking a test drive. Compared to several competitors in its class, I believe the ID.7 VIZZION’s product power will not disappoint, and the price is indeed quite good.

The Price and Appearance

This price…

To be honest, the car looks quite good.

The Selling Point of the Vehicle: Volkswagen Chassis + Xiaopeng In-car System.

The selling point of the whole vehicle is the combination of the Volkswagen chassis and the Xiaopeng intelligent system.

My suggestion is,

If you don’t buy, I don’t buy, and there’s an additional discount of 200 every day.

When is the right time to start?

ID3 - 130,000 RMB

ID4 - 140,000 RMB

ID6 - 160,000 RMB

ID7 - ?

Advantages and Features of FAW-Volkswagen ID7

The ID.7 VIZZION by FAW-Volkswagen is now available for pre-sale, with a starting price of 237,777 yuan, the first time I’ve seen such precise pricing!!!

The vehicle measures 495618621537mm, with a wheelbase of 2966mm and a trunk capacity of 521L, with an opening width of over 1m.

Inside, it features a 15-inch 2K floating screen, integrated with Volkswagen’s new generation vehicle control system, ID.OS 2.0, with 16GB of memory.

It comes equipped with a comprehensive suite of intelligent driving assistance systems, including Travel Assist 3.0, AR HUD, intelligent navigation, and intelligent home assistant, among others.

It comes in two different configurations: single motor rear-wheel drive and dual motor all-wheel drive, with a battery capacity of 84.8kWh and a maximum range of over 600km.

The ID.7 by FAW-Volkswagen has many advantages.

Firstly, its stylish and tech-savvy design caters to the aesthetic demands of young users.

Secondly, the ID.7 offers spacious and comfortable interior space, equipped with high-quality seats and a quiet driving environment, providing a very comfortable riding experience.

Moreover, the ID.7 boasts advanced intelligent driving assistance systems, including autonomous driving and automated parking, making driving more convenient and safe.

Lastly, the ID.7 delivers outstanding range performance, meeting users' daily travel needs.

In summary, the ID.7 by FAW-Volkswagen is an excellent electric sedan that is suitable for users who value technology, comfort, and environmental friendliness.

As the latest flagship model in the Volkswagen ID family of electric vehicles, the ID.7 comes with a rich array of features.

Compared to previous ID family models, the most attractive and significant change in the new ID.7 lies in its infotainment system.

The infotainment system, which has been a sore point among Volkswagen users in the past, has been completely upgraded in the ID.7, with the entire system running on the ID.OS 2.0 operating system.

Furthermore, it incorporates the latest version of iFLYTEK voice control, ID.Mate intelligent home assistant, and other features. All models come equipped with AR-HUD, integrated dashboard, and a 15-inch smart 2K floating screen.

These improvements make the vehicle’s voice interaction smarter, the infotainment system smoother, and the functionality more diverse.

Moreover, the ID.7’s Aurora Red body color is simply stunning, giving off a vibrant and energetic vibe.

Looking at the comparison between the three versions, the body length and major components are the same, with minor differences in some configurations. However, I still prefer the first edition as it has all the necessary features.

For example, 360-degree panoramic view, head-up display, full-speed adaptive cruise control, panoramic sunroof, keyless entry, power tailgate, power-adjustable seats, dynamic LED headlights, ambient lighting, and a 15-inch central intelligent touchscreen.

These features provide a certain level of assistance in driving safety and allow you to experience the smart technology brought by the ID.7.

It completely meets daily needs.

I wonder how everyone feels about it? Do you like it?

ID.7VIZZION: A Stylish and Safe Flagship Electric Sedan

Volkswagen’s global flagship electric sedan, the ID.7VIZZION, carries high expectations. Now, this Volkswagen global electric sedan is displayed in stores and comes with various November test drive/pre-sale activities. The ID.7VIZZION is sleek and stylish, with smooth lines and pure aerodynamic design. Its bold and dynamic design language expresses the concept of “free form,” flowing freely from top to bottom, like wind blowing over sand dunes, shaping extraordinary beauty over time.

ID. Light, an intelligent interactive companion with five light strips, greatly enriches the user’s smart interaction experience throughout the entire journey.

The innovative embrace-style integrated interior exudes a sense of luxury, and the cabin design fully showcases the product’s elegance!

The ID.7 inherits the consistent advantages of the ID. family, featuring Volkswagen’s MEB platform. The battery has undergone 436 rigorous tests, far exceeding national standards, and its range is impressive!

With a body stiffness of 46100 Nm/degree guarding safety, equipped with the Emergency Assist 3.0 system and various detailed configurations, it considers body safety, electrical safety, driving safety, environmental safety, and information security, safeguarding safety in every aspect!

ID.7 Price: Not Worth It.

Is the price of the 23.7W ID.7 a good deal? Is it worth it?

I’m not a car expert, so I can’t tell you all those cheesy things…

Let me share my perspective as a consumer.

First of all, I would never buy the ID.7 at its original price!

You don’t need to tell me how great the ID.7’s specifications are, how advanced its battery technology is, or how intelligent its IQ.light technology is.

I only have one question:

Is the ID.7 just an electric version of the Passat?

Currently, the Passat and the ID.7 have discounts of about 30,000 RMB, that is what they advertise, but you can negotiate for more at the dealership.

So, what is the starting price for a Passat or a Passat in China?

The basic version of the Passat is priced at around 160,000 RMB, while the 1.6T luxury version is priced at around 190,000 RMB. The final price would be around 220,000 RMB.

Now, the starting price for the ID.7 is 237,000 RMB.

Please tell me, why should I choose the ID.7?

If we compare the basic versions, the price difference between the two is at least 60,000 RMB, meaning the ID.7 is 60,000 RMB more expensive than the basic Passat.

With that 60,000 RMB, I could easily drive 80,000 kilometers with a petrol car, right?

Am I bad at elementary math or do I have to buy Volkswagen’s electric car just to enjoy the VW faith?

There’s another issue, electric cars may be fuel-efficient, but they are not cost-effective.

The insurance premiums are more expensive for electric cars compared to petrol cars, and you might even need to purchase additional insurance for the charging station…

After driving the basic petrol version of the Passat or the Passat for three years, the resale value would be similar to that of the ID.7.

But second-hand car buyers are more inclined to purchase petrol cars…

Why should I buy the ID.7?

The ID.7 doesn’t offer any value for money unless it drops below 190,000 RMB.

Don’t tell me about acceleration,

The acceleration of an electric car

Is not worth it!

So, no matter how well those influencers speak of it, protect your wallet and don’t become the first batch of fools.

If the price of the ID.7 doesn’t drop by more than 30,000 RMB within a year of its release, I will drink water and wash my hair while doing a handstand.

Advancements in Battery and Architecture Technologies Key for Range Anxiety

Hybrid cars, like electric cars, can also be driven using electricity. They can save a lot of fuel compared to traditional gasoline cars. However, in addition to this, hybrid cars can also be driven using fuel. Compared to pure electric cars, hybrid cars can improve their range, making them a better choice for new energy vehicles.

Hybrid cars can combine the power of pure electric cars with the low cost of operation and intelligent driving experience of gasoline cars. They can cover a wider range of driving scenarios.

Currently, new energy vehicles experience a significant reduction in range during cold winter temperatures, which affects their performance. Gasoline cars are less affected by low temperatures and therefore have more stable range performance, making them more suitable for winter driving.

New energy vehicles can be divided into pure electric and hybrid models. Hybrid cars have better range than pure electric cars because they can still be powered by fuel when the battery runs out. Here, the discussion should focus on the range anxiety of pure electric vehicles.

While new energy vehicles bring intelligent technology driving experience to consumers, they also face some difficult problems. One of these problems is range anxiety, which concerns some consumers.

New energy vehicle manufacturers are certainly aware of the importance of range and have invested a lot of resources in solving this problem, with some success. However, they have not yet met consumers' expectations, so car manufacturers need to continue their efforts.

Currently, the main ways that new energy vehicle manufacturers optimize range performance are by improving power conversion efficiency through optimization of the architecture, increasing battery capacity, and enhancing range capacity in low temperature environments to ensure satisfactory performance even in harsh conditions.

However, these efforts are still not enough. Currently, the highest range seen on the market is 1000 kilometers, and that is an official figure. The actual performance may be lower. While this range may be sufficient for medium to short trips, it poses significant range pressure for long-distance travel. Unlike gasoline cars, which can easily find a gas station when they run out of fuel, new energy vehicles can only rely on towing companies when they run out of power. This is quite embarrassing. Therefore, the main application scenarios for new energy vehicles are currently in urban and suburban travel.

To expand the application of new energy vehicles, new battery technologies and infrastructure solutions are needed to address range anxiety.

Impressions of the new energy Volkswagen ID series: Surprising and worth a test drive.

A while ago, I went back to my hometown to pay respects to my ancestors.

I was surprised to find that two of my cousins had bought Volkswagen’s ID series new energy vehicles.

Honestly, I felt quite surprised.

In the eyes of many people, when it comes to electric cars, the first impression is usually to choose various domestic new energy brands.

But I didn’t expect these small business owners to still be willing to trust traditional brands. Because thinking back on my own life, I realized I’ve come across quite a few situations like this!

I usually drive a Volkswagen gasoline car as well, and these past couple of years, I’ve also been thinking about switching to an electric car. Honestly, I never really considered traditional brand electric cars before.

But that day, I sat in my cousin’s car to experience it and found that Volkswagen’s ID series is not bad at all. I actually had some thoughts in my mind, wanting to find an opportunity to learn more about it and even test drive the new vehicle. And coincidentally, the FAW-Volkswagen ID.7 has just been released!

In terms of appearance, I personally feel that the design is very sleek. The overall lines, front and rear lights, and the large glass panoramic sunroof on the roof all closely follow the preferences of the current younger generation. It’s not extremely stunning, but it’s above average.

In terms of range, it can go over 600 kilometers, so basically it can be used for city driving or going back to my hometown without any anxiety. I heard the battery is made by FAW-Volkswagen themselves?

The price mentioned in the pre-sale is over 237,000 yuan, a bit more expensive than the previous generations. I don’t know if there will be any discounts later on.

I still need to find time to go and give it a try.

Volkswagen’s determination in transitioning to electric cars is recognized. Its strong brand presence and affordable prices are advantageous. The support of ID3 and ID5 models has further increased brand recognition. Traditional car manufacturers like Volkswagen have an advantage with their established after-sales service network.

For one of the giants in the traditional automotive industry, Volkswagen, it takes great determination and resolve to fully embrace electric vehicles. Without the support of C-NCAP (China New Car Assessment Program), the North-South Volkswagen in China would not have maintained its dominant position in the field of traditional fuel cars.

Among domestic traditional brands, there are very few that can make a similar switch to Volkswagen. With a price of 230,000 yuan, it is not particularly expensive compared to traditional fuel cars. With the backing of the Volkswagen brand, it should be a strong contender.

Furthermore, the endorsement of previous models like the ID3 and ID5 has greatly enhanced the brand’s recognition.

Chinese people still have a strong preference for Volkswagen’s iconic cars. Compared to new players, traditional car manufacturers have more after-sales service networks, which is crucial for Volkswagen’s future success.