Evaluating the Utah Jazz vs Los Angeles Lakers game, 99-131, in the 23-24 NBA season

Sleepy eyes.

What game is this?

How to count penalty shots in an easy win?

How to activate GIFs.

How to balance Yin and Yang.

39000 points, historic and unique, Xiao Hua didn’t come to present the award.

Negative review, negative review! This game is really tiring to watch.

What kind of thing is this?

How do you count the number of free throws in a game that you easily win?

How do you send GIFs?

How do you express yin and yang?

With 39,000 points, a historic record, even Xiao Hua doesn’t come to present the award.

Negative review, negative review!

Lakers' Offensive Dominance Despite Jazz’s Struggles

This game is indeed relatively simple. Basically, it is difficult for the former team if the outside line is not open because both teams in the first half didn’t shoot the outside line particularly accurately. But at least the Lakers have some interior scoring and threats. However, obviously today the Jazz’s small guards and substitute Sexton and Tucker are not in their best form.

So the idea presented earlier was for LeBron to directly attack the interior and inflict damage. The strong performances from AD and LeBron indeed made it difficult for the opposing team. In this game, the Lakers still have many options on the offensive end, but it will be challenging if everyone is taken care of.

Congratulations to LeBron for surpassing 39,000 points.

A Living Legend: History Number One Continues!

Know that in youth, I aspired to be the best among all men.

Historical first, the legend continues!

No matter what, at 39 years old, 39,000 points! The GOAT is well-deserved!

We have witnessed history, the only player in NBA history to reach 39,000+, unparalleled in the annals of NBA history!

In today’s Lakers versus Jazz game, after scoring his fifth point in the first quarter, LeBron James reached a career total of 39,000 points, making history with every point!

With explosive physical qualities, surpassing the reach of a 39-year-old center, one can’t help but ask LeBron, how many more years can you play?

At this rate, surpassing 40,000 points is just around the corner!

Today, let’s set aside the outcome of the game.

As an ordinary basketball enthusiast, despite the insults and mockery that come with the title of historical first, LeBron James' achievements deserve our respect.


At the age of 39, he still fights on the court! Striving! Leading the team to victory, taking control of the game in critical moments—it’s hard to find another superstar in their thirties who can do all this.

With ruthless dunks, accurate three-pointers, and even his awkward-looking scoring, at this age, LeBron is still carrying the team forward.

Let’s cherish this moment, for even witnessing a single game is a blessing…

Nowadays, the Lakers, Suns, and Warriors are all relying on veterans, all in their thirties. Durant and Curry from the neighboring team are still leading their teams forward…

After LeBron, Durant, and Curry retire, how many people will lose their youth?

We don’t know who the future of the league belongs to. There are rising stars and players who gradually prove their worth step by step.

But looking back at the NBA over these seasons, do we truly love a specific team or a particular player? Or do we simply support the team that player represents, no matter where they go?

LeBron James: The Terrifying Dominance of the Season

Incomparable Stats: 77.1% FG%, 26.4 PPG, 39,000+ Career Points

Historic Milestones: 39,000+ Career Points, 7th in Three-Pointers

Unbelievable Performance: 35 Points, 15 Assists, 5 Three-Pointers

Impactful Presence: Lakers Win by 7.1 Points with LeBron, Loss by 16.7 without

Lakers Secure Top Spot: 4-0 in Midseason Tournament, Leading in the West

Challenging Opponent: Luka Doncic and the Dangerous Mavericks LeBron James - the longest river in NBA history, like a precious wine in a winery, has become more mellow with the passing years.

It is a huge puzzle to describe LeBron James' terrifying athletic state this season: his field goal percentage has reached an exaggerated 77.1%, almost comparable to the unstoppable version of himself in the 2012-2013 season.

His 58.6% shooting percentage and 39.7% three-point shooting percentage are awe-inspiring. So far this season, LeBron James has averaged 26.4 points per game, ranking second in the career scoring list. Vince Carter, who is ranked second, averages only 7.4 points per game.

(Technical statistics from Nanmi Data)

After scoring 5 points in the first quarter, LeBron James officially reached 39,000 points in the regular season, becoming the first and only NBA player to reach the 39,000+ mark in history. Now he is only one season away from the terrifying number of 40,000.

This three-pointer also allowed LeBron to surpass Vince Carter’s career three-pointer count (2290) while surpassing the 39,000 career point milestone, ranking seventh in history.

It is worth noting that LeBron achieved this milestone with 39 days until his 39th birthday. When you hear comments like “30 years old is downhill” or “relying on physical breakthroughs won’t get you far,” looking at this old man approaching four decades, all doubts and mockery seem particularly ridiculous.

When you see this dunk, it’s hard not to think of LeBron James' legendary series against the Toronto Raptors - in the series against the Raptors, LeBron’s graceful dunks and the unforgettable buzzer-beating jump shot are wonderful sights.

According to Nanmi Data, only Haliburton and LeBron in NBA history have achieved 35 points and 15 assists in a single game, with at least 60% three-point shooting and hitting 5 three-pointers.

According to statistics, the Lakers win by 7.1 points when LeBron is on the court, but lose by 16.7 points when he is off the court. Advanced statistics also prove this point. LeBron’s true shooting percentage is 67.1%, effective field goal percentage is 65.2%, and his cumulative game score is 19.0, ranking fourth in the league.

After a thrilling victory against the Utah Jazz, the Lakers currently have a perfect record of 4 wins in the mid-season tournament group stage. With this, the Lakers have secured the top spot in Group A in the Western Conference, and will also have home court advantage in the quarterfinals.

In the early stages of the season, it seemed that among the three major Los Angeles teams (Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers), the Lakers were the fastest to adapt. Their ranking and performance in the Western Conference are commendable.

Mid-season tournament rankings in the Western Conference:

Lakers: 4 wins, 0 losses, point differential +74 (Lakers secure first or second place in the Western Conference)

Pelicans: 2 wins, 1 loss, +23 (still have an away game against the Clippers)

Kings: 2 wins, 0 losses, +16 (still have an away game against the Timberwolves and a home game against the Warriors)

Suns: 2 wins, 1 loss, +13 (still have an away game against the Grizzlies)

Timberwolves: 2 wins, 0 losses, +10 (still have home games against the Kings and Thunder)

Nuggets: 2 wins, 1 loss, +9 (still have an away game against the Rockets)

Warriors: 1 win, 1 loss, -1 (still have a home game against the Spurs and an away game against the Kings)

Rockets: 1 win, 1 loss, -3 (still have a home game against the Nuggets and an away game against the Mavericks)

Currently, only the Kings or Timberwolves (who will face each other once) theoretically have a chance to threaten the Lakers' first place position in the Western Conference, but the Lakers have a significant advantage in point differential.

In this game, LeBron played only 24 minutes and scored 17 points, 7 rebounds, and 9 assists, while AD scored 26 points, 16 rebounds, and 4 assists in 29 minutes. Both players had shooting percentages above 60%, which will undoubtedly help the Lakers in their upcoming back-to-back game against the Mavericks.

For the Dallas Mavericks, who are currently in the fourth position in the Western Conference, Luka Doncic will be the most difficult problem to solve for the Lakers' backcourt defense. Vanderbilt and Vincent, two ball-handling pressure defenders, have yet to return.

Nanmi Sports data, creating value through data.

The Greatest Basketball Player of All Time

He is truly an old devil, still averaging over 25 points per game at the age of 39. What’s even more terrifying is his shooting percentage, which is above 65%. He is the strongest basketball player I have ever seen.

What I admire the most is his ability to stay at the forefront of his industry for twenty years, maintaining such a passion for his work and his high level of self-discipline. He is just an ordinary person, but I see in him the limits that even an ordinary person can achieve. I can’t understand why someone of such high quality in the sporting world would still face so much criticism. When some people hold their idols to the standards they set for LeBron James, it’s possible that their idols are nothing at all.

This attitude and professionalism towards one’s profession is worthy of everyone’s study.

The Youngest 39k Mr. James Alone After 20-Year Journey.

James has become the youngest Mr. 39,000.

Hi, feeling a little melancholic.

After running for twenty years, for the first time, there is no one by my side.

Lakers dominate the paint, Warriors struggle with interior scoring

As of now, the Lakers have taken 52 shots inside the paint, scoring 70 points, with 22 fast break points, totaling 92 points. They have made 27 free throws, with 6 blocks and 6 steals as a team. LeBron and Davis have a combined total of 7 free throws. Their defensive efficiency ranks 10th in the league.

Yesterday, the Warriors took 23 shots inside the paint, scoring 18 points, with 5 fast break points, totaling 23 points. They made 33 free throws, with 1 block and 3 steals as a team. Curry alone made 13 free throws. Their defensive efficiency ranks 19th in the league.

This season, the Warriors' interior scoring and shooting percentage rank last among the thirty teams, but they have a high number of free throws, which places them among the top teams in the league.

Based on the Warriors' style of play, the Lakers should have three to four times as many free throws as the Warriors.

Only 21 seasons with the highest score among all players.

In addition to 39,000 points, the only one in history.

This season, LeBron James averaged 25.5 points per game, ranking first in all players in their twenty-first season, leading in scoring.

The remaining 2nd to 5th places are: Vince Carter with 7.4 points, Dirk Nowitzki with 7.3 points, Parish with 3.7 points, and Garnett with 3.2 points. Together, they total 21.6 points.

Why not add up the points from the 2nd to 9th places?

Because there has never been a sixth player in history to reach 21 seasons.

James should not play against the Jazz, let the Lakers lose.

Don’t worry, in the next game against the Mavericks, James is destined to slack off.

It’s been almost half a month without any real-time trending sports events. It’s hard to handle.

So James has already received operational orders. The Lakers have won too much, so they can’t appear as a regular trending topic. They can only hide on the other side, discussing things like “falling out with Wade” and “loyal to Rivers” in the second dimension of fantasy.

In the next game, they will definitely lose to our friends in order to bring some laughter!

Moreover, James shouldn’t even play against a weak team like the Jazz. This is called traveling at non-peak times.

James is not allowed to take the court!

Losing is actually a good thing. It can generate six or seven trending topics and elevate a regular game to the level of many real-time major events.

This is called fully leveraging the value of the trending topics list.

What is Singles' Day for the whole nation? Is it important to have the Lakers lose three games in a row?

The Significance of 39000 Points: Lessons from LeBron James' Career

In “Ode to the Red Cliff,” Su Shi wrote: “Send a mayfly to the heavens and the earth, a small grain in the vast sea.” He expressed the feeling of how “life is so short and how insignificant it is.”

During my high school years, I didn’t pay much attention to this article. At that time, I was in the most precious and beautiful age of life, full of endless energy and strength.

It wasn’t until many years later, after leaving campus and entering society, that I slowly began to witness the immense power of time in some unintentional moments.

To all of you in front of the screen, whether you are fans of LeBron James or not, you are all fans of the sport of basketball. I believe you should all understand the significance of 39,000 points.

39,000 points, calculated over an 82-game season, requires an average of 25 points per game, which amounts to 1,560 games and 19 years.

Not to mention how long 19 years is, but even a scoring average of 25 points per game is considered to be a top 20 player in any era of the league.

Imagine being able to achieve a top 20 performance in the world’s top companies in your industry for 19 consecutive years. What an achievement it would be.

Perhaps only through such calculations and comparisons can we truly appreciate the incredible nature of this achievement, and perhaps only then can we truly understand the significance of LeBron James in the NBA.

Of course, it would be too forced and meaningless to use 39,000 points as a means to learn something.

There is too much distance and too great a gap to be replicated, and it even arouses suspicion of trying to teach others.

Friends who often read my articles probably know that I am not a fan of LeBron James. It’s just that after lunch, as I lay down and pondered over these 39,000 points, I couldn’t help but be moved by his perseverance over 19 years.

As you can see, this league has never lacked prodigies.

There have been players like the tall and long-armed Wilt Chamberlain, the tall and strong yet agile Shaquille O’Neal, the sky-soaring Vince Carter, the offensive kaleidoscope Allen Iverson. A dunk from the free-throw line is nothing extraordinary, and a 360-degree turn dunk is not particularly impressive. There always seems to be a newcomer who possesses talent beyond our imagination.

But at the age of 39, to be able to average 26.4 points per game in this rapidly evolving league is truly rare, no, it should be said, unprecedented.

Some may not fully appreciate the significance of the phrase “never before seen, never to be seen again.” If we compare it to our own industry, it would be equivalent to accomplishing something that no one else in the industry can achieve. What does this mean? It goes without saying.

Therefore, to achieve this, one not only relies on talent but must also possess something even more important than talent.

Let’s not use other examples of what people do at the age of 39.

Just from a health perspective, I wonder if my 29-year-old brothers sitting in front of the screen can still put down their phones for 30 minutes and run 5 kilometers, or climb 10 flights of stairs without getting out of breath.

I think the self-discipline, perseverance, and determination behind these 39,000 points can teach us all, whether fans, bystanders, or even those with different opinions, many positive things.

My takeaway is that in our limited time, in the pursuits we value, we should try our best scientifically and reasonably, striving to avoid regrets and minimizing the empty feeling of lamenting at dusk - “The sunlight outside the window flickers, the shadow of flowers moves in front of the seat at the banquet.”

Let us encourage each other.