Could it become a reality for Chinese Football Association Chairman Song Kai, A German Coach Takes Korea 30 China, Will a German Coach Take China 40 Korea in the Future?

The chairman of the Chinese Football Association, Song Kai, joked that he hopes to see a German coach lead China to a 4-0 victory over South Korea in the future Today, the Chinese Football Association announced its cooperation with the Bundesliga in Shanghai The association will select U16 players to train in Germany, in preparation for the U17 World Cup Asia qualifiers Reporter Pei Li stated that during the ceremony, Chairman Song Kai joked, Last night, the Germans led the South Korean team to a 3-0 victory over China In the future, I hope we can have a German coach lead the Chinese team to a 4-0 victory over South Korea Song Kai also mentioned, Chinas youth training must internationalize, we need to bring in talent and also go abroad With the development of Chinese cities and its economic level, we have the capability to support the internationalization of Chinese football youth training

Youth training: a long and slow but significant work.

A Few Words

Song Kai’s joke is not funny. And I believe everyone understands that there will be no effect in sending out this cooperation.

Youth training needs to go out and also needs to invite in, but going out is not about choosing a group of young players, bringing them abroad to train for a period of time, playing some games of unknown significance and frequency, and expecting to see results. Inviting in, on the other hand, is a complex and extensive task. Whether to focus on certain aspects or take a comprehensive approach involving multiple locations, these are not decisions that can be made by simply touching lips.

Youth training is a long and slow but immensely rewarding effort. As the chairman of the Football Association, he may well understand the intricacies involved. Youth training needs a systematic approach that extends from the Chinese Football Association to local football associations, from clubs to grassroots organizations. Neighbor Japan has provided a good example. Although Chinese sentiments toward Japan are complex, when it comes to football, the Japanese dedication, determination, and perseverance are truly admirable. They persisted and only then achieved the terrifying rate of growth they have today, with around 500 players in Europe, victories over Germany, and a 3-0 win over Argentina in the U-20 World Cup.

Chinese football has already lost more than just at the starting line. If you want to achieve something, make a solid and sustainable development plan, and do the work of planting trees for others to enjoy the shade, rather than expecting to pick the fruit for yourself.

The Chinese team played a spirited match last night, and fans praised it. However, the gap still exists, and the negative image will not change just because of this one game. If you want to win back the respect of the fans, do something meaningful.

Uzbekistan’s Surprising Victory in U17 World Cup

Before talking about Song Kai, let’s start with something else. A major upset occurred tonight in the U17 World Cup, as Uzbekistan defeated European powerhouse England 2-1 to advance to the quarter-finals.

Under England’s relentless attacks, Uzbekistan tenaciously overcame the strong English team, and their opponent in the quarter-finals will be the even stronger French U17 team. The best player of the match was awarded to Ollabergan Karimov from Uzbekistan, who comes from the renowned Uzbekistan team Ji Zakh Silk Road. Another Uzbekistan powerhouse, Mironqori Pesharv, contributed many young players.

In recent years, Uzbekistan’s youth training has achieved impressive results. The Uzbekistan U23 team previously defeated the Iran U23 team 1-0, and now the Uzbekistan national team consists mainly of young players who have performed well in recent years. In this summer’s tour of the Americas, they impressed, causing some trouble for the hosts, including the United States. In the final match, they even drew 3-3 with Mexico, who had Jiménez and Ochoa leading the team.

Song Kai’s words were spoken in the context of cooperation with the German Bundesliga, selecting some people to go to Germany for training in preparation for the 2025 U20 World Cup. Well, the Chinese national youth teams have been far away from the U20 World Cup for almost a decade now, and even the Asian Youth Championships have been dismal. They didn’t even qualify for the 2020 Asian Youth Championships.

German youth training has been quite disappointing in recent years. Players like Schlotterbeck didn’t have an advantage against Japanese players in the 2022 World Cup and were called “superstars,” but neither their performances at Chelsea nor Arsenal were satisfactory. However, no matter how disappointing German youth training may be, it is definitely ahead of China’s level. China has tried sending teams to Europe for selection before. Dong Fangzhuo and Zhu Ting, who led the 2008 Olympics team, trained in Germany, but how many of them succeeded?

Having a European selection team is not impossible, but the key still lies in domestic youth training. Uzbekistan did not rely on selections to defeat England and Iran.

With the expansion of the 2026 World Cup in the US, Canada, and Mexico, Chinese fans are not the only ones with ideas. Uzbekistan also has aspirations, and they have the strength and resources to support their dream of participating in the 2026 World Cup in North America.

Can the capital and strength of the Chinese team support the dream of a World Cup in North America?

Chinese football has already been involved in international youth training. Guangzhou Evergrande and Real Madrid Football Schools have established partnerships, but how many talents have been developed? European powerhouses such as Barcelona, Ajax, and Manchester United have all cooperated with China for many years. How much have Chinese youth training programs learned?

We’re still talking about philosophies, still discussing youth training, still painstakingly telling you not to engage in leapfrog development.

A sigh.

Downhill again: Chinese football’s new phase under new leadership.

Done, the new leader is unwilling to be invisible and has begun to seek a sense of existence. Thus, Chinese football is entering a new phase of decline.

It is predicted that during this term, China will lose to India with a score of 4-0, coached by a German coach.

What’s wrong with being a trusted person in the football industry like Xin Lancheng? At least he can land safely…

In the past few years, non-professional leaders who parachuted into Chinese football have always made things worse whenever they had what they thought were clever ideas.

Even German football hasn’t figured itself out, with several consecutive tournaments ending up as jokes. It is doubtful whether the German coach can lead the German team to a 4-0 victory over the Korean team, let alone the Chinese team…

After making such a statement, it is predicted that the future of Song Bureau is not promising.

Clean your mink coat while it’s snowing


To Chairman Song: You’re so free, why not take advantage of these snowy days to clean your mink coat?


I, a self-proclaimed “football illiterate” and a notorious critic who swore to quit discussing football-related topics on Zhihu, resurface like a “possible” zombie just to hurl insults. Chairman Song, since you seem to have so much free time, why not take advantage of these snowy days to clean your mink coat at home?

Was the 2005 CFA (Chinese Football Association) peach picking satisfying?

If I remember correctly, Klauschen is also German. May I ask, was it satisfying when the Football Association picked the peach in 2005? Did the LD of the Football Association at that time think they were going to rise to the top?

Practical Approach to Understanding Football Ideals.


Why don’t you be a bit more practical, and first try to understand the concept of football?

China Football Association’s Stance on Cooperation with Bundesliga

These words spoken by Song Kai were said during the establishment of cooperation between the Chinese Football Association and the German Bundesliga.

You can find the specific details of what he said on the Chinese internet, but here I will interpret a few pieces of information from his statements:

  1. Song Kai does not believe that the current head coach of the national team, Yang Kewei, is a coach capable of leading the Chinese team to progress.

  2. Song Kai believes that South Korea’s victory over China was largely due to the efforts of their head coach, Klinsmann.

  3. Song Kai believes that “internationalization of youth training” is the key to success for Chinese football, and the future plan is to actively introduce foreign coaches and push the youth teams towards Europe.

  4. Song Kai is at least a competent official, as everything he does is seemingly done in response to official calls.

How should we evaluate this? I have no desire to evaluate at all. Since I learned about the affairs of Liaozu and the Sports Bureau, I have no hope for this person, and naturally do not expect him to accomplish anything.

Can’t underestimate Korean team, no team can beat them 4-0

To be honest, if the entire German team were to face the South Korean team, even a win, let alone a 4-0 victory, would be considered good.

Without exaggeration, there is no team on Earth that could defeat the South Korean team by a score of 4-0.

Outstanding criticism of Löw

2024 Spring Festival Gala, Crosstalk “Breaking out of Asia”, Performers: Feng Gong, Niu Qun, Lü Fu.

Lü Fu + Chinese National Team.

That’s great! I can curse without repeating for 365 days! My curse towards Lü Fu is absolutely world-class.

Formation and Philosophy

The Chinese Football Association is selecting U16 players to go to Germany for training, in preparation for the U17 World Cup Asia qualifiers.

History is cyclical:

On April 25, 1992, the Chinese Football Association signed an agreement with Jianlibao Group to officially prepare for the formation of the Jianlibao Youth Team, with the goal of training the main force for the 2000 Olympic Games and the 2002 World Cup. That summer, the Football Association set up selection sites in Tianjin and Dalian, conducting primary selections for players born in 1977 and 1978 nationwide. More than 80 children were selected to go to Beijing for the second round of screenings, followed by another selection of more than 40 players who went to Wuzhou, Guangxi for winter training and the final selection in December of the same year. In the end, 22 children aged 15 to 16 became the lucky ones and flew from Beijing to Brazil in the autumn of 1993.

In July 1995, the Jianlibao Team returned to China and participated in 26 matches across the country, achieving a record of 20 wins, 5 draws, and 1 loss, demonstrating impressive strength and technical style. In March 1996, after further adjustments, the team went to Brazil again, with both logistics support and match quality greatly improved.

In 1997, six players from the Jianlibao Team were temporarily called up to the Chinese national team. At the time, the oldest player was only 21 years old, causing a sensation and being seen as the hope for the future of Chinese football. They were Li Jinyu, Li Tie, Sui Dongliang, Zhang Xiaorui, Li Weifeng, and Hao Wei. Let me interrupt here and say that I had high hopes for Zhang Xiaorui at the time. He had exceptional technique and could dribble past strong opponents effortlessly while others struggled. Unfortunately, he was ruined by injuries.

The Chinese Football Association originally hoped that this youth team would become the main force for the 2006 World Cup qualifiers. In the end, Li Tie, Li Jinyu, Li Weifeng, Zheng Bin, Li Jian, Hao Wei, and Tao Wei, these seven players, were selected for the national team to compete in the 2004 qualifiers for the 2006 World Cup in Germany. However, this team did not achieve their initial dream, and the Chinese team suffered a historic defeat in the qualifiers, failing to qualify for the World Cup in Germany.

As for the coach, like XXX said, I have my reasons. What kind of team am I leading? Who are you people? You’re telling me to lead.

Be more practical and understand the tactical approach and philosophy in football first.