Consumers claim that a budget of one thousand yuan is no longer sufficient to find a desired down jacket There are emerging domestic brands selling for up to 7000 yuan How should we view this phenomenon?

How expensive are domestically produced down jackets? According to data from the China National Business Information Center, from 2014 to 2020, the average unit price of down jackets in China has increased from 452 yuan to 656 yuan; the transaction price of large-sized cold-weather clothing has exceeded 1000 yuan, with nearly 70% of them priced above 2000 yuan After launching the Ten Thousand Peaks series, Zhu Gaofeng, Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Bosideng, revealed at the end of 2021 that the average price of the group as a whole has increased to 1600 yuan, and the average price is expected to reach 2000 yuan in the next three years, with the main selling price ranging from 1500 yuan to 1800 yuan In Bosidengs official flagship store, a new outdoor goose down jacket was priced at 6800 yuan this year Several collaboration products with Burberry designers, including trench down jackets and ski wear, are priced at above 5000 yuan Even Snow Flying, a brand under the company that targets the middle and lower-end markets, is showing signs of price increases On e-commerce platforms, a fashionable duck down jacket with a fur collar launched this year was priced at over 3000 yuan Its not just Bosideng that is expensive In the past two years, Yaya, an old domestic brand that has surged in popularity through live streaming, sells its main products at prices ranging from 399 yuan to 799 yuan However, this year the brand also launched the Ice Shell collaboration series, with one of the products priced as high as 5999 yuan, with numerous labels such as collaboration with current Burberry menswear design director, globally rare Icelandic goose down, and global limited edition attached Similarly, Gao Fan, a domestic down jacket brand that has also benefited from the e-commerce boom, is targeting the mid-to-high-end market Currently, one of the brands on-sale black gold goose down vests is priced at 5999 yuan, and there are also several down jacket products in the store priced above 5000 yuan Even with the addition of coupons, the sales prices of these products are still over 3000 yuan Wu Kunming, Chairman and Founder of Gao Fan, once compared Gao Fan to the international brand Moncler, saying, The only professional brands in the world that focus solely on goose down jackets are Moncler and Gao Fan, and in China, its only Gao Fan According to media reports, when Gao Fan transitioned from the offline market to e-commerce in 2011, their product pricing was only between 299 yuan and 799 yuan In contrast to the cautious experimentation of the old domestic brands in the high-end market, the pricing of emerging brands is more daring SKYPEOPLE, a down jacket brand under Yuanfudao, has positioned itself as a down technology company since its establishment in 2022, with the main price range of its products being between 2800 yuan and 5000 yuan Currently, the highest selling price for SKYPEOPLE is a down windbreaker, which is sold for 7200 yuan Domestic down jackets are selling at 7000 yuan

High-end Brand Clothing: Beyond Reach for Ordinary Consumers.

If consumers desire a high-end down jacket from a top brand, they will indeed never be able to buy it because these garments are not intended for ordinary people.

If consumers desire a regular down jacket from a regular brand, or even a mid-range down jacket from a mid-range brand, it is impossible for them to not find one for 1000 yuan ($150).

This is the first page of results when searching for down jackets on Taobao. There are plenty of options priced in the hundreds, even as low as one or two hundred yuan ($15-30), including brands like Bosideng.

The high price premium of brands is not exclusive to down jackets, but is a common practice throughout the entire fashion industry. Almost all domestic manufacturers aspiring to become a brand have expensive apparel.

Here is an unconventional perspective:

The high price premium of domestic fashion brands can be attributed to one fundamental reason:

The domestic market is too enormous.

Being the largest single market in the world is not an exaggeration, with an immense gap separating it from the second place.

Because of the market’s vastness, leading brands can generate immense sales revenue, but they also have to pay exorbitant marketing and market maintenance expenses.

Brands that aim for mass sales with low profit margins cannot afford astronomical marketing costs.

The second reason is:

There is no quantifiable standard for clothing quality.

The cost of fabric and production in relation to the selling price is so low that it does not significantly impact a company’s operations.

For example, with down jackets, which already have relatively high material costs, a jacket priced at 7000 yuan ($1000) will have a production cost of no more than 1000 yuan ($150). Whether the specific material cost is 500 yuan ($75) or 800 yuan ($120), it does not make a significant difference for a company’s finances.

This is even more evident in regular clothing, where a branded item priced at 500 yuan ($75) may only have a difference of 30 or 50 yuan ($4-7) in terms of material quality.

The third reason is:

Upper-class consumers need high-priced brands to establish their social status.

Therefore, brand apparel must have high prices.

Some may argue that even the most expensive brands can be afforded by anyone.

Indeed, they may be affordable, but can you compare the feeling of spending an entire month’s salary on a piece of clothing with someone who spends a day or even an hour’s income?

Most people still have to live their lives and cannot spend all their money on clothes.

Therefore, the positioning strategy of high-end brand apparel is as follows:

Make the wealthy feel joyous about their high spending, make the middle-class feel a bit of pain but also a sense of satisfaction, and make the poor feel agony in even considering purchasing, making it impossible for them to afford it.

If the poor can afford it, how can it still have appeal to the wealthy?

Many people do not fully understand that in the fashion industry, the essence of the term “high-end brand” is to make it unattainable for the poor.

The Challenge Faced by Domestic Brands

This is closely related to the rise of “national trends” and “national products”. The price increase of domestic brands has already struck a chord with the public more than once.

Starting with the incident involving Hua Shi Zi two months ago, the public has expressed their “complaints” about the prices of domestic products. Some even compare them to the price of gold and claim that domestic brands are selling products that are more expensive than gold.

In fact, the public knows this very well. There are plenty of products in the world that are more expensive than gold, with numerous international luxury brands being priced well above the value of gold. However, these brands rarely include Chinese brands.

In recent years, the thought of the “rise of national products” has given brands that market themselves as “national products” hope for price increases and enhanced positioning. Domestic down jacket brands are a typical example of this.

Whether it is Bosideng or the resurgent old Chinese brand Yaya, their product positioning has gradually shifted from “affordable” to “no longer affordable”, aligning their prices and product quality with international brands and transitioning to the mid-to-high-end market. At the same time, in terms of promotion strategies, they have capitalized on the trends of “domestic substitution” and the “rise of national products” to gain more exposure and benefit from the wave of these trends.

This strategy is not entirely unfounded. Many Chinese brands do have advantages in terms of cost-effectiveness over international big-name brands, so why should international brands profit excessively? If the public can accept high-priced international brands, then why can’t they accept high-priced domestic brands? This is the underlying pricing logic of many Chinese brands.

However, things have changed in the past three years since 2020.

Limited by the overall environment, the public’s expectations of future income have visibly declined. “Pay cuts, layoffs, and difficulty finding employment” have become the keywords frequently encountered by the general public. At the same time, downgrading consumption has become the mainstream consciousness. In the down jacket industry, the public naturally does not want to see “domestic down jackets” continue to increase in price.

“Domestic down jacket brands” obviously have not realized this. They are even complacent about their “price increase strategy,” believing that they will soon have a share of the pie alongside “international high-end brands.” However, this strategy actually goes against the expectations of the general public.

Some time ago, Li Jiaqi’s famous statement about the difficulties of promoting Chinese products sparked a heated discussion.

Are Chinese products difficult? Perhaps they are quite difficult. Although the government has introduced a series of friendly measures at the policy level, including tax subsidies, credit facilitation, and loose monetary policies, to help companies recover, the current macro environment has not yet reached their expectations.

However, in the past, the difficulty for Chinese products was compared to international brands, but now, Chinese products are compared to the people. It begs the question: even if Chinese products are facing difficulties, can they be more difficult than the ordinary people today?

When Chinese products faced difficulties in the past, it was the collective effort of the masses that elevated the status of Chinese brands to what it is today. So, in a time when ordinary people are facing “general difficulties in salary increases,” isn’t the price increase of Chinese brands a betrayal to the ordinary people?

Perhaps the real question to ask is why the Chinese brands, represented by the down jacket industry, cannot see the difficulties faced by the public.

Affordable and reliable domestic brands for down jackets.

It’s expensive if it’s expensive, but you don’t have to buy it. There are high cost-effective alternatives. How about I can buy a down jacket of the same style as the celebrity for 300 RMB? Even ordinary people don’t have money and prices are still rising. Let the new brands always be new.

Isn’t this Duck Duck fragrant? The prices of domestic old brands are not high either.

Bosideng is the big brother in the down jacket industry. Now the prices are also very reasonable, less than a thousand yuan for the Gu Ailing version:

There’s also Yalu, another old brand. What more do you want when you can get a mid-length down jacket for 399 yuan?

Xuezhongfei is also very good, a down jacket for 539 yuan. So how can these new down jacket brands compare with these old brands? It’s just like selling coffee for 4888 yuan, that’s all?

Rising Prices of Domestic Down Jackets: A Trend or Exploitation?

Why do people only read the headlines and not the content before commenting?

From 2014 to 2020, the average price of down jackets in China has risen from 452 yuan to 656 yuan; the transaction price of large-sized winter clothing has exceeded 1000 yuan, with the proportion of those priced above 2000 yuan approaching 70%. The overall average price of Bosideng Group has risen to 1600 yuan, and the average price is expected to increase to 2000 yuan in the next three years, with the main selling price range between 1500 yuan and 1800 yuan.

Read the rest by yourself, some people suggest reading the entire question before answering.

Is this saying that buying a domestically produced down jacket now costs as much as 7000 yuan?

Or is it saying that the price of domestically produced down jackets has been rising steadily in recent years and will continue to rise in the future?

Brands naturally come with a premium, and domestically produced doesn’t necessarily mean cheap.

But is it reasonable to keep raising prices to a level close to that of international brands?

Don’t forget, many international brands have clothing import tariffs.


After deducting this cost, the difference is negligible.

If the quality and style of the product are good enough, even if they are slightly inferior, the public does not hesitate to support domestic products.

But most of the time, it is the businesses that take advantage of the “domestic goods” label to exploit consumers.

Well, let them exploit, let go of the sentiment of helping others, no need to argue.

After all, it’s not my money.

The Benefit of National Trend: Letting the Wealthy Pay More for Fashion.

It’s much better to let the Chinese trend (国潮) harvest the rich than buying expensive and non-reversible Canada Goose jackets.

In fact, for most people, there are plenty of options for down jackets on Taobao or in Uniqlo.

Just do a quick search, and you’ll find plenty of down jackets for a few hundred yuan.

Don’t tell me that this down jacket is not the same as that one. It’s just a brand rivalry.

Some brands target wealthy customers because they know that down jackets, like luxury goods, are all about prestige. If you make them wear a cheap down jacket, that’s like killing them.

Therefore, the higher the price tag, the more prestige the wealthy can enjoy.

With the recent rise of the Chinese trend, everyone is starting to take pride in wearing domestic products, and that’s a good thing.

But the spirit of comparing and competing will not disappear just because it’s a Chinese trend.

As a result, some domestic brands have begun to raise their prices, which, in essence, is a way of creating distance from the poor.

Nowadays, even if a wealthy person wears a Bosideng jacket, which costs over ten thousand yuan, it won’t be considered cheap.

For the so-called upper-class, clothing is not just about keeping warm, but fundamentally about saving face.

Personally, I think it’s great.

Don’t talk to me about tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands for a down jacket is acceptable.

When wealthy people buy more expensive down jackets, they are contributing to the GDP.

The most important thing is that no matter how you buy, the poor will not be unable to afford down jackets because of you.

After all, there are plenty of high cost-effective down jackets to choose from.

This is different from houses; down jackets are not a limited resource at all.

Therefore, I strongly advocate letting the rich pay this “intelligence tax,” and the more they pay, the better.

Especially now with the Chinese trend rising, they won’t be deceived by Canada Goose.

Think about the past two years when Canada Goose had a huge sales boom in China and even implemented double standards.

“It can be returned worldwide, except in mainland China.”

Expensive and non-returnable, this kind of foreign brand exploiting Chinese consumers is really thoughtless.

Now, it’s actually quite good to let the Chinese trend harvest them for once…

Media sensationalizes clothing prices

Chinese Brands

Chinese brands have both down jackets that cost 7000 yuan and cotton jackets that cost 70 yuan. Both can keep you warm during the winter.

This kind of news is only popular among the media, who are keen on sensationalizing.

The Value of Icelandic Goose Down and Excellent Overseas Designers

The reason why expensive things can be sold is because there must be irresistible reasons.

Will this winter be colder? This is a question that we are currently experiencing.

Will everyone accelerate their global movement this winter to enjoy the freedom of ice and snow after the pandemic stabilizes? This is an anticipated expectation.

What are the differences between Icelandic goose down and Chinese eiderdown?

One speaks Icelandic, the other prefers to be fed in Chinese.

Of course, in the Arctic hinterland of Iceland, we have enough reason to believe that Icelandic geese are more resistant to cold than Chinese ducks.

We are also willing to believe that the world records from the Nordic countries in the Winter Olympics are not just luck. Those who are better at winter sports will also have higher-level equipment.

In addition, the value of design lies in being able to focus on what you love and being able to express your creative ideas without constraints, which is something we lack.

So, Icelandic goose down, excellent overseas designers, unique customization, and collectible value are all qualities that luxury goods possess.

Which one is more suitable for the festive activities in Chinese villages: a down jacket worth more than a thousand dollars or a domestically-made cotton-padded jacket worth a hundred yuan?

The military coat that has been widely discussed on the internet is a top choice for both celebrities and wealthy individuals. It will be the first-class product in the cold Siberian air.

In any case, wearing industrially standardized products is a basic part of our national condition. It is only natural for individuals to want to have some personality and show their taste through higher-level consumption. The Chinese market is large, with diverse consumer preferences, leaving room for Icelandic goose down, Canadian geese, and American bald eagle down.

Of course, the preferred option for young people is to have high aesthetic value and artistic elements as high as the Himalayas, but the price must be maintained at sea level. Consumer downgrading is a reality.

High-quality Down Jacket Brands On Taobao

This market is not lacking cheap and good down jacket brands, so why fixate on just one?

On a certain online marketplace, there are down jackets priced from 200 to 400 yuan each. With a family of 6, each person can have their own jacket, totaling 1500 yuan. All the jackets have over 240 grams of goose down and are made with waterproof fabric. Except for the three provinces in the east, this should be sufficient.

Come and check out these affordable and good-quality down jacket stores!

There’s a new high-quality and cost-effective Taobao underwear store opened by my best friend!!!

It’s such a waste to let a store like this sit idle in a corner!

CandyHouse Milk Candy Girl

Keywords: cost-effective, sweet, girl

Before opening the store, they gave me their clothes for free to wear~

I can guarantee that the prices are cheap and the quality is absolutely top-notch!

The new store just opened and there are many discounts available, including some unconditional coupons that are really tempting!

They even took all the photos themselves!

In order to ensure that their clothes are beautiful, cheap, and of good quality, they update their inventory every 15 days!

Take a look at their store introduction and you’ll see how dedicated they are to making lingerie~

Nowadays, there aren’t many stores that offer a refund-only policy!

Take a look at the photos they took, they’re really beautiful and the color difference is minimal~

This three-minute quick-drying underwear is the nemesis of the rainy season!

When you go on business trips or outings, you no longer have to worry about not having enough underwear!

You may have ordinary underwear, but you definitely don’t have underwear that can prevent leakage for 24 hours~

This underwear is designed to shape a 3D peach buttocks, and the modal fabric is really comfortable~

The creamy little grid is a must-have for sweet girls~

All the colors are so beautiful~

That’s it for now!

If you like it, consider subscribing~

Men’s Down Jackets


First Store: Saville Street Tailor

Price Range: 20-480
Style: Simple, casual, everyday

This affordable men’s clothing store has a slight Japanese and Korean influence. Their down jackets are quite innovative in design, breaking the norms, which gives them a more unique feel when worn! For example, they use the surface material of cotton jackets for their down jackets, ensuring both design and warmth. Overall, they offer good value for money.

Second Store: Madden

Price Range: 50-380
Style: Retro, casual, workwear

This reputable Chinese fashion brand has also ventured into down jackets. Their jackets have a trendy and stylish feel! The cut of the jackets is oversized with longer lengths, giving them a slim fit that can cover the buttocks well. Compared to short jackets, these medium-length down jackets provide much better warmth! Additionally, the color combinations of their jackets are very appealing. It’s worth a try.

Third Store: GWIT

Price Range: 70-300
Style: Loose, casual, everyday

This is an established online store on Taobao, and their clothes are generally of good quality in terms of design and materials. You must take a look at their winter collection of down jackets. Their jackets have a slim fit and do not appear bulky when worn thanks to the choice of fabric and quality of the filling. The good fabric, high-quality filling, and delicate workmanship give their down jackets a luxurious feel.

Fourth Store: A Literary Man

Price Range: 20-300
Style: Casual, Hong Kong style, retro

Fifth Store: BOLM Studio

Price Range: 45-350
Style: Simple, casual, Japanese style

They have both men’s and women’s jackets, and you can even find couple outfits from this store! The prices are relatively affordable, with most jackets priced around 300 yuan. The jackets have a good fit and are comfortable to wear. They are also durable and can last for several years!

Women’s Down Jackets


First Store: Fusheng Eight Records

Price Range: 200-800
Style: Casual, warm, fashionable

The down jackets from this store are really beautiful, with various styles, colors, and lengths.

Whether you are petite or tall, you can easily rock these jackets~

Second Store: Solighter

Price Range: 100-1000
Style: Retro, toggle buttons, loose-fit

The down jackets from this store have a mature feel to them, but they are very stylish. I feel that wearing them instantly elevates one’s overall temperament. They also have jackets made of corduroy material (I’m not sure what it’s called exactly), and they are really popular!

Third Store: Solid Color Left Bank

Price Range: 20-380
Style: Sweet, cute, gentle

As expected of Left Bank, their jackets are colorful and diverse in style. Their down jackets are trendy and not monotonous or dull in any way. I really like their sporty short down jackets. The red one is lively and suitable for young people.

Fourth Store: Old Times

Price Range: 20-500
Style: Niche, casual, retro

This store focuses on original and design-oriented clothing. Their classic-style down jackets are a safe choice, and you can tell that the clothes are really fluffy and soft. They have a down filling of over 90%, making them very warm!

Fifth Store: Nihaokanong

Price Range: 20-380
Style: Artistic, casual, campus style

This brand is well-known, and office workers may especially like their clothes. They have a high-quality feel and strong design elements. Wearing them really gives off a commanding presence.

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No Value in High Price

If the usual customer base is mainly ordinary people, raising prices would be cutting off their financial path. If it’s sold to wealthy people, then forget what I said.

Quality assurance is not a bad idea; every price range has its corresponding consumer group. The key is whether it’s worth the value! If the markup is all just brand markup, then it’s meaningless.

Consumers say budget constraints affect down jacket choices.

“Consumers say a budget of 1000 yuan is no longer enough to find a desirable down jacket.”