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Food Recommendations

I have been sharing a lot about breakfast lately, so let’s share something different.

There is a Cantonese restaurant near my workplace.

Cantonese cuisine is diverse and encompasses a wide variety of dishes. It has always been one of my favorite cuisines.

Recently, I had the opportunity to taste authentic Maoming cuisine at the Maofu restaurant in the Maoming Building in Guangdong. It was truly a delightful experience.

The restaurant is located in the Maoming Building and is called Maofu. The interior of the restaurant is elegant and has a great ambiance.

⭕ The eye-catching dish in the picture is the French-style crispy goose liver. Its unique shape, with the goose liver formed into ice cream balls and placed on an egg cone, is visually appealing. The goose liver has a creamy texture inside and a sweet and slightly sour outer skin, giving it a taste similar to ice cream.

⭕ The authentic Shenzhen roasted goose has crispy skin, tender meat, and a rich flavor. It is served with a delicious plum sauce, which adds a sweet and sour taste.

⭕ The white oxtail has a black pepper flavor and the beef is lean but not dry, giving it a satisfying chewiness.

⭕ The fresh shrimp and red rice noodle roll tastes similar to the famous rice noodle rolls from Guangdong. The outer skin is chewy and the inside is crispy, creating a delightful combination of textures. It is served with two kinds of dipping sauces, making it quite delicious.

The restaurant has an elegant and quiet atmosphere, making it suitable for dates or private business gatherings. The relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, combined with the delicious food, is really great.

I went to Pinggu to see the peach blossoms before, but unfortunately missed the blooming season, so I had a hot pot instead. The environment of the restaurant was nice, and the waiters were very enthusiastic. I had a leg injury and was using crutches, and the waiter took care of me throughout the whole meal.

The picture shows the chicken hot pot that I ordered. The chicken was stewed tender and flavorful. The side dishes included rolls, flat beans, and so on. The taste was amazing at the beginning, but it became a bit salty towards the end. It’s a hot pot dish, so the flavor is bound to become stronger as you eat.

These are some dishes I have recently made myself.

Before the National Day holiday, I bought a micro-steaming and roasting all-in-one machine. It has microwave, steaming, roasting, and air frying functions, allowing me, a novice cook, to transform into a master chef.

The Yidunpu micro-steaming and roasting all-in-one machine has three main functions:

Steaming function: With 12 powerful steam holes on the side, it steams food more evenly. It has a 2000W high power output, making steaming faster.

Roasting function: The top and bottom heating tubes, along with the back fan, circulate hot air, ensuring professional and even baking. It also supports air frying. The independent temperature control of the top and bottom heating tubes allows for more flexible baking. With precise electronic temperature control and NTC temperature sensing, the baking control is more accurate.

Microwave function: With 9 adjustable levels, it can meet various cooking needs. The frequency smart adjustment ensures more precise control.

It also has various combination modes, such as steaming and roasting, micro-steaming, micro-roasting, air frying, and steam injection during baking, to meet various cooking needs. It eliminates the disadvantages of single cooking methods, locks in the moisture of the food, and makes the cooked food more delicious and tempting.

In addition to the main functions, it also has various additional functions, such as baking fruit, thawing, drying, fermenting, reheating, sterilizing, descaling, and keeping warm.

With a capacity of 23L, it meets the needs of most families. The 700ml water tank supports various steam cooking methods. The 2000W super high steam power saves cooking time. It comes with a built-in menu, making it easy for beginners to use. With numerous functions, one machine covers multiple cooking tasks, making the Yidunpu micro-steaming and roasting all-in-one machine a versatile kitchen appliance.

The Temptation of Xi Ta Old Lady Barbecue

Last Saturday, Da Bao celebrated his birthday and invited a few classmates for a meal. I took the opportunity to join in and took charge of paying the bill. The place we had the meal was Xi Ta Old Lady Barbecue near our home, but to tell you the truth, their barbecue is really good. The meat is fresh and the marination is just right.

They even have someone to grill the meat for you, so all you need to do is enjoy eating.

We almost come here once every month, as long as they don’t close, we will continue to come and eat.

Easy and Delicious Improved Braised Beef

Recently, I learned how to make braised beef from an experienced chef. I made some improvements to the original recipe to make it more suitable for ordinary families.

The final dish turned out to be excellent in terms of color, flavor, and ease of preparation, making it a great choice for beginners to become accomplished chefs~

Food Creation and Sharing

I not only love eating delicious food, but also enjoy cooking it myself. After all, I started learning how to stir-fry at the age of five, by pulling up a chair to stand in front of the stove.

Sometimes, I cook because I happen to have certain ingredients and suddenly feel the urge to make something to eat.

Flipping through my photo album, I came across this situation:

There was a time when a friend brought me a Jinhua ham as a gift. With such a large ham, of course I had to make something for them and their whole family to enjoy. So, I decided to make a Jiangsu and Zhejiang dish: Honey-Glazed Ham Cubes. This dish takes quite some effort. The final product is meant to be square-shaped ham cubes, but I felt that it would not be easy to eat, so I changed the shape to slices that are easier to chew. I also sprinkled some fried pine nuts for extra fragrance, and added red dates and honey dates for sweetness. I feel that this dish can only be appreciated by friends from the same postal district.

After my Zhejiang friend tried the Honey-Glazed Ham Cubes I made, he praised them as even better than what they had eaten in restaurants. However, they wanted to try Cantonese cuisine. There are actually quite a few dishes in Cantonese cuisine that use Jinhua ham. So, I made a dish for them called “Kylin Tofu,” which is rarely found outside.

Kylin Tofu is actually very simple to make. It’s just tofu wrapped with Jinhua ham. But the difficult part is how to infuse the flavor of the ham into the tofu and maintain its tenderness. I remember that Jin Yong, in “The Legend of the Condor Heroes,” imagined a dish called “Moonlit Night on the Twenty-Four Bridges,” which Huang Rong made for Hong Qigong. It is actually inspired by the creativity of Kylin Tofu. Many people have tried to replicate Huang Rong’s dish but failed, mainly because they didn’t know how to infuse the flavor of the ham into the tofu while keeping the tofu from getting tough. Of course, Mr. Jin Yong didn’t know how either, so he didn’t write it in the book. But I know, so it tastes really good.

After enjoying the ham for a while, there was a small piece left, and incidentally, I also had a piece of luncheon meat. So I decided to make the simplest Yangzhou Fried Rice.

Yangzhou Fried Rice is actually very easy to make, but there are two secrets: first, it must be fragrant, and second, the eggs should not be beaten beforehand.

First, I heated some oil over low heat and fried the diced Chinese sausage and preserved meat until fragrant. Then I removed the excess oil. (Yangzhou Fried Rice was invented by Guangzhou restaurants in the 1920s. Authentic ones should use Guangdong Chinese sausage and preserved meat. In the 1980s, Hong Kong residents were able to form tour groups to visit mainland China for the first time. When they arrived in Yangzhou, they asked if there was Yangzhou Fried Rice, but none of the restaurants there had heard of it. As a result, they took it to heart and finally registered a patent for Yangzhou Fried Rice in 2005, determined not to let this world-renowned Cantonese dish be taken away by overseas Chinese. But later, Yangzhou people never imagined that the names “Yangzhou,” “Fujian,” “Kyoto,” “Mongolia,” and other places in Cantonese cuisine referred to certain cooking styles, not actual places! For example, Fujian Fried Rice or Fujian Steamed Tofu, people from Fujian have never even heard of them!)

Next, I cracked a few eggs into the wok and beat them with a spoon. Then I quickly added the cold rice over high heat and stir-fried it.

I added the fragrantly fried Chinese sausage, preserved meat, ham chunks, diced luncheon meat, and continued stir-frying. I added frozen peas and continued frying. Then, I seasoned it with soy sauce and fish sauce. Finally, I garnished it with some green onions. Fragrant Yangzhou Fried Rice is done!

Recently, it’s lobster season and lobsters are really cheap. As for quick dishes, I love making Ginger and Scallion Lobster. I stunned the live lobsters, chopped them into pieces, and coated them with some starch. Then I deep-fried them in hot oil to set the shape. After that, I sautéed ginger and scallions in a hot wok, added the lobsters with a splash of yellow wine, and cooked it briefly. Finally, I thickened it with a oyster sauce-based thickened sauce, and it’s ready!

The topic owner asked me to share a photo of a delicious dish, and I have shared a few. Actually, I’m not a professional chef, so the dishes I make might not look good, but they are definitely tasty. If you all like them, I can share more delicious dishes that I have made.

The various food photography works of a food blogger

As a food blogger, the most common thing in my phone is not selfies, but all kinds of food. I can even say that besides the photos required for work, there are only food pictures.

Let’s start with a dish I made randomly. The taste is okay, but it’s a bit off because it was my first attempt. The bacon was too fatty.

I don’t know when I saw someone making food in a video, and then I tried it based on my own ideas.

Previously, I directly hollowed out the melon and stewed it with ground meat, but it failed. The melon was too big, there was too much meat inside, it was not easy to stew, and it took a long time to stew, so I didn’t even have it for mealtime.

This time, I used a chestnut squash that I got on JD (an online store) for one cent on Singles Day. The squash is still relatively firm, and it is a variety that I like.

I directly hollowed out the melon, then sliced it, trying to cut it a bit thicker so that it doesn’t break easily after stewing.

I sandwiched slices of bacon and slices of melon together, without adding any seasoning. I put too much fatty bacon, which made it a bit oily. Two or three slices of fatty bacon are enough, without any fat or oil, it doesn’t taste good.

The melon has the taste of chestnut and the taste of bacon, making it a delicious dish. If you want to try it, you can bookmark it. It is a very simple method, much simpler than deep-frying or stir-frying.

The second and third pictures were taken during a family gathering a few days ago. They were taken carelessly, and the first picture was missing the highlight of the day.

It was cold and I was hungry, so I just took a casual picture without capturing the whole table.

I found that the main dish of the day was not served, so I took another picture. Why do I say it’s the main dish? Because that’s what we were there to eat, and other dishes were added. I don’t know if any of my friends noticed which dish was the main one.

That’s right, it’s the favorite of the French, black truffle, also known as Perigord truffle.

In the eyes of foreigners, it is such a high-end delicacy, with a price tag as high as matsutake mushrooms. But in the eyes of Yunnan people, it is not as tempting as chicken clavulina and dried porcini mushrooms, especially chicken clavulina, which doesn’t even have the same status as penny bun mushrooms.

Speaking of the price, it’s not considered low. I heard it was bought for 220 RMB per kilogram, which still feels a bit expensive. The market price should be around 180 RMB.

Actually, it’s not easy to find this black truffle because it is buried under leaves. Usually, we have to follow a mother pig to find it and compete with her for it. Mother pigs are particularly sensitive to the smell of black truffles, so it is called pig-encrusted truffle.

In terms of taste, raw black truffle sashimi is slightly better than when it’s cooked in soup. It doesn’t taste as good after being boiled. As for the price of this thing, there is really no comparison with dried porcini mushrooms. However, compared to penny bun mushrooms, it is much more expensive. Having it once a year is enough.

The fourth picture was taken while passing by.

A delicacy that is crunchy and delicious, bamboo worms. The protein content is not as high as that of silkworm pupae, but the taste is much better.

It is the best choice as a snack to accompany drinks. Only chefs with skill can make it well; otherwise, it would either be raw or overcooked.

Spanish Cuisine Features: Light and Healthy

Many Spanish dishes are delicious, and nowadays, Spanish cuisine tends to be lighter or cooked by steaming, rather than being grilled or greasy.

For example, I think this vegetable salad is quite good, especially when combined with chicken, it becomes very healthy.

Sharing Food Photos

There are many food photos in the album. I’m not sure which one to share with you. I’m afraid that sharing just a photo will make you crave and suddenly feel hungry, wishing to go and eat delicious food. The food in the album can only satisfy your eyes.

The first photo is an egg tart that I baked using an air fryer. Although it doesn’t look as good as the ones sold outside, it tastes even better.

The second photo is roasted giant prawns in an aluminum pot. These prawns are very big, and during this season, there are many shrimp dishes available. They are incredibly delicious.

The third photo is sausages I fried myself, served with garlic slices. The taste is indescribable. Only those who have tasted it know the culinary delight.

I’ll share a photo of dumplings.

Guess what kind of filling and flour I used to make these dumplings. Will you feel like having a delicious meal after seeing them?

Family Dinner

Everyone has their own idea of what is delicious, but as long as it’s food that you like, it can be considered gourmet.

In our family, there are three people eating together, so the dishes are generally suitable for everyone’s taste, with a mix of meat and vegetables.

Steamed cabbage rolls with meat, then pour a thick sauce on top.

Braised carp tail.

Braised chicken wings.

Stir-fried oil vegetables with frozen tofu.

Braised chicken wings.

Steamed yellow rice cakes, served with a thick sauce after steaming.

This is a family’s dinner.

Food Sharing

For food enthusiasts, there is no shortage of delicious food on their phones. Let’s take a look at some pictures.

The most frequently made dish in our family is the Iron Chicken Mini Box Pancakes, and the most authentic and genuine one is the Iron Skillet Chicken Mini Box Pancakes.

The ones made in a big iron skillet burned with firewood in the countryside are especially delicious. The chicken is fragrant and chewy, and the pancakes, because they are pressed against the edges of the skillet, are all nicely golden and very fragrant.

Biting into the flavorful chicken and crunching on the crispy pancakes is truly satisfying. This is the taste I most crave from my childhood.

I also like eating fried radish balls, which is perfect for the season of eating radishes. I like using shredded radish to make fried radish balls.

Clean the radishes, shred them, add minced scallions and ginger, add some salt and soaked steamed buns, and mix it into a paste. Then, deep fry them into balls.

Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, because steamed buns are added, the radish balls are especially soft and very tasty. You can also use the balls to make dishes or soup, which have a unique fragrance. Even if you’re not good at cooking, with it, you can still make delicious meals.

Lamb Soup

Winter is the best season for eating lamb, and the most common ways to eat lamb are lamb soup, lamb noodles, hand-pulled lamb, and cumin lamb.

A bowl of authentic lamb soup is milky white, fragrant, and not gamey. It is made with lamb leg bones and meat cooked together.

First, fry the lamb in a pot, smash the bones, add boiling water, and do not add condiments such as onions, ginger, and garlic. Slowly simmer until it’s done. The lamb soup made this way is delicious and the soup is clear and milky white. Sprinkle some cilantro on top, the perfect combination with the lamb, it’s absolutely wonderful.

Lamb Noodles

Lamb noodles are also one of my favorite soup noodles. Using noodles cooked in lamb broth, sprinkle some green onions, and drizzle with chili oil, it’s truly satisfying.

Cumin Lamb

Cumin lamb is also the favorite of children.

Use fresh lamb leg meat, slice it into thin pieces, coat it with sweet potato starch, fry it in hot oil until cooked, add scallions, stir-fry until cooked, season with salt, and add cumin powder. Because of the cumin powder, it tastes particularly like barbecue, very fragrant.

When making cumin lamb, because of the starch coating, it cooks very quickly, and the texture is dry, fragrant, and soft.

For children, put cumin lamb on a piece of water-rolled mantou, and they can eat several at once.

These are all the delicious foods I have stored. If you like them, you can click to follow, and I will continue to share.

Comfort and Dumplings

Being comfortable is no match for lying down, and deliciousness is no match for dumplings.