Can you recommend a TV series that you have watched three or more times?

I have watched Nirvana in Fire at least ten times and A Love for Separation at least twenty times I can even remember every episodes plot and every characters lines

“Recommending TV dramas and memorable scenes.”

“The Reign of Emperor Yongzheng”, I feel like I could recite it by heart.

I have watched “The Reign of Emperor Kangxi” more than once as well.

As for the recommended series “Towards the Republic” by other users, I sincerely suggest young friends to watch it. It’s quite shocking, although I have only watched it once because it was too overwhelming.

I have watched “Detective Di Renjie” more than once. The portrayal of Empress Wu Zetian is the best, in my opinion. The focus of this drama is not the cases, but the intense relationship between the queen and Huaiying. It’s rare to see a TV series capture the feelings of both appreciation and wariness, with a touch of ambiguity, so well.

I have watched “Iron Teeth Bronze Hair Ji Xiaolan”, “Kangxi’s Private Visits with Disguise”, “Marrying the Wrong Groom by Boarding the Wrong Sedan”, and so on… I watched them repeatedly because at that time, TV was the only option.

Recently, I rewatched a drama called “Falling Star Condenses into Sugar”. The main character is normal, but Princess Qingkui’s character design is simply outstanding, gentle yet powerful.

Lately, I have been rewatching “Lotus Tower” and even spent money on a concert.

The most shocking part for me was Sister Jiao’s performance. Oh my, her flute-playing and acrobatics were so amazing that it startled even the spectators.

“Are you my husband, who plays the role of handsome Qiáo Lìxiāo, or are you a ghost with Li Xiangyi?”

“《庆余年》: A Drama Worth Repeated Watching”

I’ve watched “Joy of Life” at least 10 times!

Do you know to what extent? A certain satellite TV station often re-broadcasts TV dramas such as “Joy of Life” and “Sword Dynasty”. At first, whenever I saw “Joy of Life” was on, whether I was at home or at my mom’s place, I would immediately switch the channel to it.

At first, both my wife and my mom were quite helpless and would say, “How many times have you watched this? Aren’t you tired of it?"

But no matter what they said, I couldn’t hear it. I just loved watching it…

Later on, my wife couldn’t stand it anymore. Every time I played “Joy of Life”, she would come over and fight with me for the remote control… So, I could only secretly watch it…

In my opinion, the most classic scene in this drama is “Teng Zijing’s death”:

Surprisingly, every time I see this scene, it makes my heart ache, especially when Teng Zijing’s wife speaks to Fan Xian after he dies. It really moves me.

I have to say, the most classic characters in this drama are not the male and female leads, but those “dominant supporting roles” such as Wu Zhu, Chen Pingping… - especially the portrayal of Emperor Qing by Chen Daoming, it’s really impressive!

When “Joy of Life 2” is released, I plan to buy a membership to catch the show. I hope the second part won’t disappoint me.

The above is my personal opinion and is for reference only.

The Struggle for Ideals

Dae Jang Geum

The words “dream” and “ideal” are becoming increasingly luxurious.

But I believe that striving and working hard for one’s ideals is the core that one will never regret, and it will never go out of style.

In this regard, I think it surpasses the scale of dramas like “Empresses in the Palace” and “Legend of Ruyi”.

Of course, there are very few Korean dramas that can match the scale of this drama.

Chief Judge of the Great Song Dynasty

A phrase that could be openly spoken on TV a decade ago

Nowadays, even using homophonic words on the internet will get censored.

The Path to the Republic - Sun Yat-sen’s Final Impactful Speech

Forward to the Republic!

This drama is really well made!

Everyone gives it a round of applause!

The dialogue is absolutely amazing!

Empress Dowager Cixi:

I know what you want to say. Those tricks we just saw were all fake and couldn’t fool me, but those strong and powerful men are real. If we can’t make good use of them, it would be a great loss, like a ferocious beast or a flood! But if we use them well, we’ll have the manpower of hundreds of thousands! If our negotiations with the Westerners really break down and we end up fighting, they will at least be able to deplete the Westerners' ammunition as cannon fodder.

Qu Hongji: But I was wrong! The night is too dark, and moral principles are nothing more than a faint candlelight that can only illuminate a person’s path in front of them, at most pulling someone else along with you! But the candlelight of morality cannot stop the bullets and arrows aimed at us!

Wu Yuding: It’s not the teacher’s fault, it’s the student’s carelessness!

Qu Hongji: No no no, it’s not your fault. Think about it carefully. When we’re competing with King Qing and Yuan Shikai, what cards are they playing and what cards are we playing? We played a card called “rectifying officials and governance.” On the surface, it looks righteous and awe-inspiring. Just yesterday, I finally realized that the Old Buddha doesn’t value this. She doesn’t care about your corruption and bribery, but if you deviate from her principles, then you’re doomed! This is something we haven’t understood all these years! Look at them, playing around, causing trouble, with women and money, but politically always staying on the right side, the place of correctness, that’s true skill!

Yuan Shikai:

This is politics, you can commit crimes, but you can’t make mistakes!

I’ve seen one person after another, but I’ve never seen any people.

Duan Qirui: There have been such things in Chinese history. Yao abdicated the throne to Shun, Shun abdicated the throne to Yu, leaving behind an eternal tale!

Yuan Shikai: Have you seen it?

Duan Qirui: Who can see events that happened thousands of years ago? But it’s written in books!

Yuan Shikai: They’re all tricks played by Confucianists to deceive people!

In the eyes of foreigners, the more chaotic your parliament is, the more they think you’re democratic; if everyone agrees, they see it as a dictatorship.

Comfort women, recently I often compare the Emperor to you, Mr. President… The Emperor’s subordinates are all slaves, while the President’s subordinates are enemies.

Sun Yat-sen:

Sun Wen: Xiao Xiang, do you have children?

Xiao Xiang: Yes, I have a son and several grandchildren.

Sun Wen: Do you want them to go to school?

Xiao Xiang: Of course, they have to go to school.

Sun Wen: Good, if someone tells you that your children don’t know how to read, so they don’t need to go to school, what would you say?

Xiao Xiang: Nonsense, precisely because they don’t know how to read, they must go to school.

Sun Wen: Exactly, so when someone says that the common people have low quality and cannot be granted civil rights, it’s as absurd as saying that children who can’t read don’t need to go to school.

The tide of the world surges on and on, those who follow it prosper, those who go against it perish!

《走向共和》孙中山最后的震憾演讲 - 今日头条

The Langya List and The Disguiser

“The Disguiser” & “Nirvana in Fire”

The Lotus Tower!

Quoting a master’s post

This is a theater exclusive to life and healing, understanding the ups and downs of you and me in the bustling world. This is not the epic of heroes, but the curtain call of heroes. The brilliance of heroes will eventually fade, and the fireworks of mortals have just begun. Lotus Tower!

Quoting a master’s post:

This is a theater dedicated to life and healing, where we can understand the ups and downs we experience in the hustle and bustle of the world. This is not an epic of heroes; this is the farewell of heroes. The brilliance of heroes will eventually fade, while the myriad of mundane fireworks is just beginning.

Fight and Soldier Charge

Shining Sword, Soldiers' Assault

Note: This title is the name of a Chinese TV series and a related book written by Mao Dun.


“Shining Sword, Soldiers' Assault” is a renowned TV series and a novel that recounts the story of a group of young Chinese soldiers during the Chinese Revolution. This epic tale is a vivid portrayal of courage, sacrifices, and the unyielding spirit of these soldiers as they face numerous challenges during their military training and subsequent battles.


Set during the 1920s and 1930s, the story begins with the central character, Qiu Shaoyun, joining a military school. Driven by a strong desire to contribute to his country’s revolution, Qiu Shaoyun, along with his comrades-in-arms, endures rigorous training and successfully completes their military education. They then embark on their journey as soldiers, facing the ever-changing landscape of war and grappling with the complexities of loyalty, faith, and morality.

Throughout the series, the characters' commitment to serve their country is tested repeatedly. From the battlefields along the borders of revolutionary bases to the unforgiving struggle against foreign invasions, these soldiers confront formidable enemies both within and outside their ranks. The narrative sheds light on the hardships they endure, the camaraderie that binds them, and the sacrifices they willingly make for the greater good.

“Shining Sword, Soldiers' Assault” offers an in-depth portrayal of the soldiers' lives, highlighting their triumphs and tragedies, their hopes and dreams. It explores themes of patriotism, resilience, and the pursuit of justice. As viewers and readers immerse themselves in this captivating tale, they gain a deeper understanding of the tumultuous era that shaped China’s modern history.


In addition to its cultural significance, “Shining Sword, Soldiers' Assault” has captivated audiences with its compelling storytelling, multi-dimensional characters, and realistic portrayal of military life. The TV series, which first aired in 2005, became an instant hit, garnering critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base. Its success led to the publication of the novel, further solidifying its position as a beloved piece of Chinese literature.


“Shining Sword, Soldiers' Assault” remains a cherished work of literature and television, blending history, action, and emotions to create a captivating narrative. It serves as a powerful reminder of the indomitable spirit of soldiers and their unwavering commitment to their country, resonating with audiences far beyond its original release.

Amazing Drama “Know Not Know, Should Be Green and Red Thin”. Zhao Liying’s Performance is Wonderful, Rich and Exciting Plot. Love and Wisdom Between Minglan and Her Grandmother. Must-Watch TV Series for Girls, Full of Life Philosophy.

“Know Not Know Not Should Be Green Fat Red Thin” is highly recommended and truly enjoyable. I have watched it more than three times.

Zhao Liying’s portrayal of Minglan is truly vivid and dynamic. Her acting skills have improved significantly. The plot is rich and multi-dimensional, with many scenes that are extremely exciting.

I particularly love the mutual care and dedication between Minglan and her grandmother. The words of wisdom taught by her grandmother are simply enlightening. This is a must-watch TV drama for girls, as it offers many life philosophies to learn from.

Chinese TV Dramas

Return of the Pearl Princess, Journey to the West, Legend of the Martial Arts World, Detective Dee, The Chief Judge of the Great Song Dynasty, Young Justice Bao, Heavenly Match, My Family’s Children, Lotus Lantern, Journey to the West: Sequel, Dae Jang Geum, Temptation of Going Home, The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, Peerless Twins, The Little Fish and the Lovelorn Flower, Unforgettable Meaning, The Legend of the White Snake, The Eagle-Shooting Heroes, The Bronze Dentures and Iron Teeth: Ji Xiaolan, Empresses in the Palace, The Kangxi Dynasty’s Incognito Visit, Liaozhai, General Yang, Investiture of the Gods

Clearing the way! I’m here!

Imperial Era of Yongzheng

Moonlit Cave

Dream of the Red Chamber (87)

Journey to the West (86)


Game of Thrones (Western)

Men of the Bathhouse Owner’s House (Korean sitcom)

Miss Mermaid (Korean)

Stand back!!!! I’m coming!!!!

The Yongzheng Dynasty

  • The Water Moon Cave
  • Dream of the Red Chamber (87)
  • Journey to the West (86)
  • Undercover
  • Game of Thrones (Western)
  • The Men in the Bathhouse Owner’s House (Korean Family Comedy)
  • The Little Mermaid (Korean)