Can Sun Wukong defeat Jiang Ziya?

As the title suggests (recently, there have been many comparisons between Monkey King, Buddha and White Bone Spirit, as well as the Corpse in the Mountain Village, but Sadako from The Ring is really incomparable), I suddenly thought today, what if Monkey Kings rampage in Heaven coincided with the era when Jiang Ziya was alive (the contradiction lies in the fact that it is known that Yang Jian, who is either slightly more or equally skilled as Monkey King, and Jiang Ziya are senior and junior brothers respectively, but Jiang Ziya probably couldnt have developed the Fire Eye Gold Eyes in his masters alchemy furnace) After Monkey King becomes a Buddha, we can then compare him to Jiang Ziya in terms of their skills

About Old Man Jiang Holding the Apricot Yellow Flag and the Solution

Sun Wukong said: If Old Man Jiang holds the apricot yellow flag, I, Sun Wukong, really cannot handle him! But if he doesn’t have the apricot yellow flag, dealing with him will be as simple as a few strikes!

“The Battles in ‘Fengshen’ and Sun Wukong’s Predicament in Heaven”

In the world of ‘Fengshen’, all the immortals are under the control of King Yama. Once they die, they are truly dead and can’t be resurrected. Although Jiang Ziya didn’t die, he aged and still had to abide by natural laws. If Sun Wukong were to go to ‘Fengshen’, it’s highly likely that he would stick his neck out and face all the divine characters together, armed with weapons and attack Sun Wukong. If they can leave an imprint after a year-long battle, the monkey would be considered defeated.

Moreover, in ‘Journey to the West’, when Sun Wukong rampages through Heaven, he is pierced through the pipa bone by the hooked blade. I have always believed that it’s not the hooked blade stabbing into the pipa bone, but rather, it wraps around from the shoulder to the armpit, immobilizing the arm’s movement. It’s not a stabbing, the term “pierce” implies passing through from under the armpit. It’s similar to locking both arms in a U-shape, tightly securing them on a frame or platform.

Defeated Encounter

As the original text of the Fengshen Yanyi states, the Divine Whip could only hit gods, not immortals or humans. Therefore, when Jiang Ziya, accompanied by Nezha, Jinzha, Muzha, Huang Feihu, Wuji, and Longxuhu, confronted the Four Demon Generals of the Mo family, he first “swung the Divine Whip in the air. This whip could only hit gods, not immortals or humans; the Four Heavenly Kings were disciples of Jieshimen and could not be hit. After a thousand years of accepting incense smoke, the Divine Whip was taken by an umbrella. Jiang Ziya was greatly surprised”.

Then, “the countless golden snakes rolled and the black shroud threatened their lives. Jiang Ziya’s magic arts were useless, and today the Western Qi forces were completely defeated”.

Finally, “it is said that in the battle against the Four Demon Generals, more than ten thousand of Zhou’s troops were lost; nine officers were injured, with eight or nine of them injured. Jiang Ziya fled into thin air”.

With the Divine Whip and a group of subordinates, Jiang Ziya was unable to break through the defense of the Four Demon Generals of the Mo family and had to abandon his teammates and escape in a panic.

It is known that the Four Demon Generals later became the Four Heavenly Kings. When Sun Wukong encountered the Four Heavenly Kings, along with Li Jing, Nezha, the Twenty-Eight Constellations, the Nine Luminaries, the Twelve Celestial Stems, the Five Manifestations in the Five Directions, the Four Venerable Attendants, the Eastern and Western Stars, the Northern and Southern Earthly Deities, and the Five Sacred Mountains, totaling one hundred thousand heavenly soldiers, the situation of the battle changed.

First, “the Monkey King, fearless, lifted his golden-banded staff, blocking attacks from all directions, defeating the Nine Luminaries one by one and causing them to retreat in defeat, dropping their weapons”.

Then, “with a single swing of his staff, the Monkey King confronted the Four Heavenly Kings, Li Tota, and Nezha in mid-air, killing for a long time. When the Monkey King saw that the day was coming to an end, he grabbed a handful of fur and chewed on it, shouting ‘Change!’ He transformed into thousands of versions of himself, all wielding the golden-banded staff, driving away Nezha and defeating five Heavenly Kings.”

One person was overwhelmed and killed by the Four Heavenly Kings; the other defeated the Four Heavenly Kings and Li Jing and his son. How much difference in fighting ability do you think there is between these two?

Finally, here are the original texts of the two books related to the battle for comparison of their styles.

It is said that Nezha battled and held off Mo Lihai, and took out the Universe Circle, intending to fight Mo Lihai in mid-air. Mo Lijiang saw this and hurriedly jumped out of the battle formation, opening his Chaos Pearl Umbrella and promptly collecting Nezha’s Universe Circle. Jinzha, seeing the treasure of his brother captured, activated his Dragon-Subduing Stake, but it was also taken away. Jiang Ziya raised his Divine Whip in mid-air, this whip could only hit gods, not immortals or humans; the Four Heavenly Kings were disciples of Jieshimen and could not be hit. After a thousand years of accepting incense smoke, the Divine Whip was also collected under the umbrella. Jiang Ziya was greatly surprised. Mo Lijing held off Nangong, blocking one side and jumping out of the battle formation, swinging his Azure Cloud Sword, clashing several times, and the black wind whirled, millions of spears and swords shook, the sound was loud. How can you see this? There is a poem as proof: “The black wind whirled, difficult to withstand, a hundred thousand strong soldiers all injured; this precious treasure is truly formidable, even the Bronze Soldiers and Iron Generals are wounded.” Mo Lihong saw his brother using the Azure Cloud Sword and also opened his Pearl Umbrella, spinning it several times, creating darkness in an instant, causing the universe to collapse. Dark smoke and mist were seen, merciless fire rose, golden snakes churned, and firelight filled the sky. How fierce was the fire? There is a poem as proof: “Countless golden snakes rolled in flames, covering the body makes it hard to survive; Jiang Ziya’s magic arts are completely useless, and today Western Qi is completely defeated.” It is said that Mo Lihai manipulated earth, water, fire, and wind with his pipa. Mo Lishou released his Flower Fox Mink, which manifested itself in mid-air as a white elephant, eating people at will, with bared fangs and brandished claws, indifferent to wind and fire. The forces of Western Qi suffered a defeat and the three armies were greatly affected. Jiang Ziya saw the black wind whirl and fierce fire approach, causing chaos among the troops, and they retreated. The Four Demon Generals of the Mo family, brandishing their troops and horses, charged forward. The pitiful three armies lamented and the officers suffered injuries. How can you see this? They met the sharp edge of the enemy’s blade, they were burnt by the raging fire, with no one on their saddles, their warhorses dragging them, disregarding the front and the rear of the camp; lying and broken on the ground, with broken arms and bones, how can they differentiate between north, south, east, and west? Their deaths were exposed, the survivors fled for their lives; cries of mourning echoed through the sky, wailing in the mountains and valleys, the lament of the three armies in agony. Worrying clouds ascend to the ninth heaven, a scattered group of soldiers flees to the land. It is said that in the battle where the Four Demon Generals fought, more than ten thousand of Zhou’s soldiers were lost; nine officers were injured, with eight or nine of them injured. Jiang Ziya vanished into thin air. Jin and Mu, the two brothers, fled underground. Nezha left on his Fire Wheels. Longxuhu found refuge in the water. The other officers had no way to escape. Jiang Ziya was defeated and entered the city, entering the residence of the Prime Minister. Many officers were injured. Nine officers died, six of the king’s relatives were killed; and three deputy generals died, causing Jiang Ziya great grief. Speaking of the Four Demon Generals of the Mo family, they withdrew their forces when the victory drum was beaten and returned to their camp, and the three armies were energetic. It is just like what the poem says: “Joyfully whip the golden stirrups, laugh and sing triumphant songs.” Fengshen Yanyi · Chapter 40 the Four Heavenly Kings meet Bing Linggong

The Divine Official received the decree and immediately left the hall to investigate and obtain all the details. He reported back, “The one causing chaos in Heaven is none other than the Great Sage Equalling Heaven.” He then revealed all the previous events. The Jade Emperor was greatly angered. He immediately ordered the Four Heavenly Kings to join forces with Li Tianwang and Nezha to mobilize twenty-eight constellations, nine luminaries, twelve celestial stems, five manifestations in the five directions, four venerable attendants, Eastern and Western Stars, Northern and Southern Earthly Deities, Five Sacred Mountains, and the Universal Star zodiac—ten thousand heavenly soldiers in total— and set up the eighteen-layer heavenly net to trap the Flower Fruit Mountain and capture that troublemaker. The heavenly gods quickly mobilized and left Heaven. The scene was as follows: The yellow wind blew, covering the sky in darkness, and the purple mist rose, enveloping the earth. It was because of the Monkey Spirit’s defiance that the pantheon of gods descended to the mortal realm. The Four Heavenly Kings and the Five Manifestations: the Four Heavenly Kings had the supreme authority, while the Five Manifestations commanded a large army. Li Tota commanded the Central Army and was ruthless; Nezha led the Vanguard. The Monkey Spirit led the Monkey Stars and was in charge of inspections; the Jidou Stars followed closely behind, full of spirit. The Taiyin and Taiyang stars were vibrant, the Five Elements stars were heroic, and the Nine Luminaries liked to compete with each other. The Star of the Celestial Stems, Wu Xing, Mao, and You were all powerful warriors, while the twenty-eight constellations formed dense formations. Jiao, Kang, Di, and Fang were the core leaders, and Kui, Lou, Wei, and Ma gained experience managing troops. Dou, Niu, Nü, and Xu were cautious, and the others were skilled in combat. Stop the clouds, descend the fog, and approach the mortal world. Set up camp in front of the Flower Fruit Mountain. A poem says: “Born of heaven, the Monkey King is versatile, stealing pills of good fortune in his mountain retreat. It is due to his disturbance at the Peach Banquet that one hundred thousand heavenly soldiers are deployed.” At that time, based on Li Tianwang’s order, ten thousand heavenly soldiers set up camp, surrounding the Flower Fruit Mountain, blocking all exits. They set up the eighteen-layer heavenly net and first sent the nine evil stars to battle. The nine evil stars marched outside the cave and saw monkeys of all sizes outside the cave, jumping around and playing. The celestial stars shouted in a stern voice, “Where is the little demon? We gods from the heavenly realm are here to capture you, the rebellious Monkey King. We command you to surrender immediately; if you say half a word of ‘no,’ we will execute you all!” The little demon hurriedly reported, “Great Sage, there is trouble! There are nine ferocious gods outside the cave who claim to be gods from the heavenly realm and have come to capture the Great Sage.” The Great Sage calmly replied, “Ignore them. ‘We should drink and enjoy the day, unconcerned with what is right or wrong.'” Before he could finish speaking, another little demon came to report, “Sir! Those nine ferocious gods have broken the door and are charging in!” The Great Sage angrily said, “These insolent gods are truly lacking in manners! I didn’t bother with them originally, but how dare they come to my doorstep and insult me?” He immediately ordered the Bull Demon King to lead the seventy-two demon kings to go out and fight, while Sun Wukong led the four valiant generals behind them. However, the Bull Demon King and the seventy-two demon kings were quickly overwhelmed by the nine evil stars and were unable to escape. Just then, the Great Sage arrived. He shouted, “Make way!” Swinging his iron rod, he created a flash of light, which was as thick as a bowl or as long as twenty feet, tossing aside all the chaos and joining the battle. The nine evil stars dared not resist and quickly retreated. The nine evil stars stopped and said, “You ignorant Bima Wen! You have committed ten heinous crimes: first, you stole peaches; second, you stole wine; you disrupted the Peach Banquet; and you stole the Emperor’s immortality pill. You have committed one crime after another, don’t you know this?” The Great Sage laughed and said, “These things are true! These things are true! But what about now?” The nine evil stars said, “I am following the Jade Emperor’s order and have come to capture you. Surrender quickly! Spare these lives from the mortal realm. Otherwise, I will trample this mountain and overturn this cave!” The Great Sage became extremely angry and said, “You think you ferocious gods have such great power that you dare to spout nonsense? I won’t let you leave here alive. Enjoy this strike!” The nine evil stars immediately attacked. The Monkey King, fearless, lifted his golden-banded staff, blocking attacks from all directions, defeating the nine evil stars one by one, causing them to drop their weapons and retreat. In a hurry, they ran to the main camp and said to Li Tota, “The Monkey King is extremely brave! We couldn’t defeat him, so we retreated.” Li Tota immediately ordered the Four Heavenly Kings and the Twenty-Eight Constellations to go out and fight. The Great Sage was fearless and called out the Bull Demon King, the seventy-two demon kings, and the four valiant generals, forming up outside the entrance of the cave. You can see how magnificent this chaotic battle was: The cold wind howled, and the strange mist was eerie. The banners flew magnificently on the walls, the spears and swords shined brightly in the corridors. Bright helmets spun, layered armor shone. The bright helmets reflected the sun, like resonating silver bells; the layered armor built brick cliffs, like pressing down on icy mountains. Great battle blades, cloud thunder was drawn, white paper spears, fog and clouds were pierced. Square sky spear, tiger-eyed whip, a dense formation of experts; green bronze swords, four bright shovels, a dense arrangement of trees. Curved bows, hard crossbows, adorned with feathered arrows, short sticks and snake spears carried their spirits. The Great Sage wielded his golden-banded staff, turning and flipping as he fought the gods. He killed birds in the sky, and tigers and wolves in the mountains. Sand rolled and stones flew, the universe turned black, dust flew, and the world darkened. The sound of soldiers rustling through the air shook heaven and earth, and the killing and danger caused demons and gods to quake. This battle started at Chen and lasted until the sun set in the western mountains. The Bull Demon King and the seventy-two demon kings were all captured by the heavenly gods, leaving only the four valiant generals and the group of monkeys hiding in the depths of the Water Curtain Cave. With a single swing of his staff, the Great Sage confronted the Four Heavenly Kings, Li Tota, and Nezha in mid-air— struggling for a long time. When the Great Sage saw that it was getting late, he took a handful of fur, chewed on it, and shouted, “Change!” He transformed into a thousand versions of himself, all wielding the golden-banded staff, driving away Nezha and defeating five Heavenly Kings. Journey to the West · Chapter 5: The Great Sage Steals Immortality Pills, the Heavenly Gods…

Sun Wukong cannot defeat Jiang Ziya

In one-on-one combat, no one in the world can match Sun Wukong. However, even Sun Wukong cannot defeat Jiang Ziya.

In terms of potential and magical power, Sun Wukong surpasses Jiang Ziya by far.

BGM: Monkey Brother! Monkey Brother! You are amazing!

In one-on-one combat, Sun Wukong in the novel “Fengshen Yanyi” only faces a challenge from King Zhou.

But if Sun Wukong were to fight Jiang Ziya, he would undoubtedly be defeated.

Jiang Ziya’s true strength is even more powerful than Wen Zhong’s.

Jiang Ziya possesses the two divine treasures of the Heavenly Master, the Flaming Whip and the Apricot Yellow Flag!

And the strategies of the Daoist School have never been fair!

When unable to defeat their peers, they call their master or use their master’s divine treasures. They also forbid the enemy from using divine treasures. If the master cannot defeat the enemy, they call their master’s master to stop you!

The most classic example is in the battle between the Daoist School and the Ji School, where Daoist Master Duobao was forbidden from using divine treasures and was struck down by Laozi. He had to use one of the most powerful divine treasures, the Wind and Fire Pouch, from the “Fengshen Yanyi” to subdue the immortal.

Daoist Master Duobao and Laozi fought, with Laozi directly blocking Duobao’s sword with his staff. Then Laozi unleashed the Wind and Fire Pouch, which is second only to the Taiji Diagram in power. Duobao was swept away by the Wind and Fire Pouch.

The Master of the Tongtian Sect had long wanted to rebel and confront Laozi and the Heavenly Master head-on.

Hongjun Laozu appeared and let the three leaders swallow the poisoned pills, sharing the same fate.

“Fengshen Yanyi. Raising the Army of Ziya at Lintong Pass”: The three sect leaders all followed their master’s orders and swallowed a pill. The Daoist Hongjun said, ‘This pill is not a cure-all for longevity, listen to me: this pill was refined with magical powers, each of you attacking. If you change your mind first, the pill in your stomach will immediately kill you!”

Even to deal with Wen Zhong, Yunzhongzi had to use the Purple Gold Bowl of Rending Lamp.

So it is unclear whether Sun Wukong can use his Seventy-Two Transformations and the Golden Cudgel of the Wishful Staff against Jiang Ziya!

It’s quite possible that Sun Wukong can only rely on his bare hands.

In contrast, King Zhou, on the Shang and Zhou battlefield, was attacked by Yang Jian, Nezha, and a hundred-man formation. Despite this, King Zhou managed to kill the Marquis of Nanbo, E Shun, and escape.

Sun Wukong’s treatment is similar. When he is unable to use divine treasures and spells, he is first beaten up by the people summoned by Jiang Ziya!

In “Journey to the West,” Sun Wukong even poses a challenge to the Supreme Lord Laojun and cannot be defeated by Laozi or the Heavenly Master. Only the Buddha can suppress him.

At that time, Jiang Ziya would inform Hongjun Laozu that Sun Wukong would hinder their plan of enfeoffment.

Hongjun Laozu would then call on the disciples of the Western School, Jieyin Daoist and Zhunzhi Daoist, to join forces and subdue Sun Wukong under the Five Finger Mountain.

It’s quite possible that they would also have to call on Cihang Daoist to recite the Tightening Curse!

Then, Jiang Ziya would stand and laugh at Sun Wukong, who is trapped under the Five Finger Mountain and suffering from a splitting headache, and say:

Appointed by heaven, blessed by destiny! You dare to challenge me? Drink up!

The Contrasting Gap Between Jiang Ziya and Sun Wukong in Fengshen Yanyi

In the authentic mythology, Jiang Ziya is undoubtedly superior. Jiang Ziya is an officially recognized martial sage and a influential figure as an official sacrificial ceremony. On the other hand, Sun Wukong is merely a protagonist in a novel, with a much lower status. It is similar to how online writers can arrange for their protagonist to overpower anyone, even if their invincibility is confined to within the book. As one of the Four Great Classical Novels, Journey to the West naturally carries significant influence, but it cannot be compared to Jiang Ziya.

However, the OP has added the label of “Fengshen Yanyi”. If the Jiang Ziya in question is a post-creation from Fengshen Yanyi, then comparison becomes possible as both are fictional characters. In terms of practical combat, there is no limit to the lower boundary. Jiang Ziya, as a cultivator who can manipulate wind and rain, has practiced diligently for forty years without achieving immortality. Sun Wukong, on the other hand, has already attained an immortal body after twenty years of arduous cultivation, capable of moving mountains and stirring up oceans. The gap between them is significant. Sun Wukong from Journey to the West would easily defeat Jiang Ziya from Fengshen Yanyi, to the point where it can be said that he would win effortlessly and without any pressure.

The Epic Showdown between the Stone Monkey and Jiang Ziya

By the time the Stone Monkey was born, Jiang Ziya had already passed away. It seemed unnecessary to engage in a fight.

If you were to make the Monkey King fight with the long-dead remains buried in a tomb, I believe he would most likely come out victorious. In addition, Mount Ao Le in the Eastern Victory Divine Continent and the Qi Kingdom are relatively close by.

Cross-World Power Comparison

The Erlang Shen from “Journey to the West” is not the same as Yang Jian. It doesn’t make much sense to force comparisons between them. If you want to compare their power across different worlds, all I can do is bring up a classic catchphrase: “All members of the Conferred God List, please pass the Inspiration Grandmaster first.”

Skill Counter for Jiang Ziya’s Control

  1. Use your first skill to counter Jiang Ziya’s control. After using the first skill, quickly follow up with an attack, then use your ultimate skill and continue attacking. If Jiang Ziya is not defeated, use another attack and finish him off with your punish skill.