After defeating Singapore, Thai National Team Official Announcement Mens Football Head Coach Parkin Dismissed, What Information is Worth Paying Attention to?

Team manager Wu Lunpan expresses gratitude to Pauline for his contribution as the head coach of the Thai national team They have now officially parted ways, with Pauline being dismissed from his position due to the teams failure to achieve the set goals in the second stage of the World Cup qualifiers Wu Lunpan confirms her commitment to fulfilling her responsibilities as the team manager and reiterates that she has never interfered in football tactics Ms Wu Lunpan stated, For the two games in the second stage of the 2026 Asian Cup qualifiers, everyone had high hopes and expectations However, the final results did not develop according to the goals we set, especially our first match where we lost 1-2 to China at home, which had a significant impact on our advancement to the third stage Before the remaining four games started, I informed the association president and had a conversation with Pauline I believe it is time for a change to better prepare the Thai national team for the challenges posed by teams of Asian standard As the team manager, I must thank Coach Pauline and his team for their dedication and performance over the past two years, especially leading the team to win the Southeast Asian Championship for two consecutive times, bringing joy to the Thai people Defeated by the Chinese mens football team at home! Official Pauline, the head coach of the Thai mens football team, has been fired - Live Bar

I never expected:

China’s soccer team actually fired a foreign national team coach. I never expected this:

The Chinese football team has actually had a day where they sacked a foreign national team coach.

Thai football overestimates itself: the rise and fall.

Thai football seems to be overly self-centered. Ten years ago, they defeated China 5-1, and now they seem to be too arrogant.

The person responsible for firing head coach Polgkin is the beautiful Worawon Phan.

She is the chairwoman of the Thai Port Football Club and also serves as the head of the national team, overseeing every game. In the match against China, she celebrated after Thailand scored the first goal.

Worawon has also proposed a plan for the three major Thai league clubs to jointly build the national team.

First of all, as a wealthy person herself, because she serves as the chairwoman of the Thai Port Club and the head coach of the Thai men’s football team, the Thai Port Club will undoubtedly provide full support to the national team.

The new coach who replaced Polgkin, Japanese Masatoshi Ishii, was contributed by Buriram United. Previously, Ishii served as the head coach of Buriram United and the technical director of the Thai national team. His salary during his time with the national team was also paid by Buriram United.

Another Thai Super League powerhouse, Bangkok United, will be responsible for the national team’s training, accommodations, training facilities, sports research, etc. during the training camp.

Is the club paying the national team coach’s salary a page out of China’s “golden era” of football?

Is the Chinese Football Association’s leadership’s policy to prioritize the national team over the league?

As leaders, have they also immersed themselves in the national team to watch every match, just like what the Chinese Football Association leaders have done?

Before the away match between China and Thailand, Thailand was boastful in all aspects, just like Chinese football in the past!

As a result, in the first game of the second stage of the World Cup qualifiers, they suffered an early setback and lost the chance to advance.

In the past few years, Thai football has learned from Japanese football, following a fast and agile style that suits the physical characteristics of Thai players, which has led to rapid progress in Thai football.

However, since Worawon Phan took charge of the Thai Football Association, I feel that there may be some internal conflicts in the future.

The Chaotic Situation of Thai Football

The Chinese Football Association (CFA), which prioritizes short-term gains and disregards the rules of football, is not the only organization that behaves this way.

In the match between China and Thailand, the Thai team dominated the game. The outcome may not have been ideal, but it does not mean that the process was not advantageous or that Thai football is not on the right track.

They have chosen to play beautiful football, but they cannot handle the higher failure rate in international matches compared to domestic leagues. It is clear that Thai football does not understand its true level and mistakenly believes that it can overpower Vietnam in the Southeast Asian Championship and become a leading team in Asia.

Obviously, the coach, who is in her fifties but looks much younger, does not understand football as well as Song, the head coach of the Chinese team. If Thai football wants to keep experimenting, let them be.

A turning point for the Chinese national team!

A turning point for the Chinese national team! If Chinese football can be put on the right track in the future,

then the rain battle against Thailand, the comeback victory, can be regarded as

a turning point for the national team!

1-5, Camacho fired, Fan Zhimie leaving a classic line

2-1, Boling dismissed, Chinese men’s football starts anew!




Firing the Coach: Unexpected Decision with Unusual Sponsorship

It is interesting that the decision to dismiss should be made by the beautiful team leader, Worawit Lankandee, and not the Football Association of Thailand (FAT). The statement also emphasizes that although she has been the manager of the Thai national team since 2021, she has not interfered with the coach’s tactics and admits that some of her comments may have hurt others' feelings. However, she has always been working hard for Thai football. (This is not concealing the truth, but it is indeed rare for a private sponsor to support the national team like this).

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The coach was fired immediately after coaching the team in the second phase with 1 win and 1 loss. To be honest, even the Chinese Football Association doesn’t operate as smoothly as this. The statement thanks Park Hang-seo for leading the team to win the Southeast Asian Championship twice in a row, and announces that Japanese coach Masatada Ishii will take over as the head coach.

I won’t say any more. I just want to see her cry again at our home stadium next year.

“The Thai national team offers a 3-million baht reward to defeat the Chinese men’s team.” Netizens mock the Chinese team for being “too arrogant.” What will be the result of this match?

Thai Football Association’s Mismanagement: A Reflection of Chinese Football’s Past

From the fact that the chairman of the Chinese Football Association personally came to the scene, it can be seen that the management of the Football Association of Thailand is very unprofessional and does not have an accurate positioning of its own strength. This is actually the old path of Chinese football. Some bosses in our country also like to personally command the field. When players see the boss and coach on the sidelines, they generally listen to the boss.

It seems unlikely that Thailand can change coaches as easily as changing a knife, which is good news for the Chinese team.

Thailand’s team lost due to underestimation.

After the China-Thailand match, I said that the Thailand team lost due to underestimating the opponent.

Drawing China as our opponent, I estimated that all the teams in our group would be thrilled, thinking that they received a good draw.

For years, the South Korean team has consistently dominated over the Chinese team. Drawing us means that they could easily advance through the group stage without a fight.

For Thailand and Singapore, drawing China was like injecting themselves with chicken blood—a great opportunity for an unexpected upset that cannot be missed!

With such a favorable situation, it was all ruined in an instant due to our own team’s shortsightedness, driven by the desire for quick success at our home stadium. How can the Football Association leaders not be furious? They probably forgot the old saying, “A skinny camel is still bigger than a horse.” Oops, forgot that they don’t understand idioms either.

But in the end, the logic remains the same. What can be done? Only the head coach will be scapegoated.

National team coaches are frequently fired in football matches these days.

Do football matches nowadays tend to dismiss national team coaches?

The heavens bestow forgiveness upon whomsoever they please. We are all colleagues, so why bother?

Ever since that capable Japanese general successively brought down several national team coaches (including the former coach of the German team), I never expected that our mighty Chinese national team would also achieve such a feat. It is truly a cause for celebration, an unprecedented historical achievement.

Thai coach’s fate after elimination

Objectively speaking, after losing to Singapore, it is basically announced that unless Thailand defeats China in an away game, they will be eliminated. The possibility of China taking all six points from Singapore is high, while it is extremely difficult for Thailand to earn three points more than China in two matches compared to South Korea.

However, the elimination of the Thai team may not necessarily be the coach’s responsibility. Objectively speaking, Thailand and China have similar performances on the field, but Thailand lost because they had fewer clear chances than China. Moreover, the two goals scored by China were not easy. The first one was an excellent pass by Wei Shihao, and Wu Lei had to take the risk of getting injured to score it. The second goal was scored by Xie Pengfei with half of his balance gone, but he still managed to pass the ball. In the past, the Chinese national team has had on-field performances where they could pass the ball into their own goal, so it seems that Wei Shihao’s goal may have already gone into his own net.

So whether changing the coach will have an impact, or whether it is ultimately the coach’s responsibility, will depend on the upcoming matches. Since it is difficult for Thailand to avoid earning zero points in the two matches against South Korea, the key matches to watch are the two against Singapore and the away game against China.

For example, winning both matches against Singapore 1-0 and winning both matches 3-0 will have different effects. However, no matter what, it will be difficult for Thailand to advance.

Therefore, since Thailand has already changed the coach, I am concerned about what will happen to the coach if Thailand is indeed eliminated.