A Russian official stated, "The Kuril Islands belong to Russia, and if Japan is dissatisfied, they can commit ritual suicide." Moscow plans to actively develop the Kuril Islands. Which aspects of this information are noteworthy?

(Observer Network News) According to reports from TASS and “Russia Today” (RT) on the 30th, in response to Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s recent proposal to conclude a peace treaty with Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, former Russian President and Deputy Chairman of the Security Council, posted a message on social media addressing Japan’s request to discuss the ownership of the Kuril Islands and maintain sanctions against Russia with disdain. Medvedev mocked on his X account (formerly Twitter), saying, “We don’t care at all about the ‘Japanese sentiment towards the so-called Northern Territories,’ if you are dissatisfied, you can commit seppuku. Of course, erasing Hiroshima and Nagasaki from memory and French kissing Americans might make you feel better.“Screenshot from Medvedev’s X account. According to TASS, on the 30th, Fumio Kishida reiterated during a keynote speech in the Japanese House of Representatives that Japan intends to conclude a peace treaty with Russia after resolving the issue of the ownership of the disputed territory, the Southern Kuril Islands (known as the “Northern Four Islands” in Japan). He stated that due to Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine, bilateral relations between Japan and Russia have faced difficulties, but Japan remains committed to the process of resolving the territorial issue and concluding a peace treaty.Kishida also emphasized that Japan intends to continue its sanctions against Russia and maintain its policy of international cooperation in support of Ukraine. He stated that a meeting on Ukraine’s reconstruction issues will be held in Tokyo in the latter half of February. The Japanese Prime Minister’s statement has elicited ridicule in Russia. A columnist for the Russian Satellite News Agency bluntly stated that Fumio Kishida, who is embroiled in the “black money scandal” of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, has started dreaming of the Southern Kuril Islands again, likening him to a “bald man holding a comb.“Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, also expressed on social media that no one is opposed to a peace treaty, but the Russo-Japanese territorial dispute has been permanently resolved “once and for all” through the Russian Constitution. He added that Russia does not care at all about the Japanese sentiment towards the so-called “Northern Four Islands”; these islands are not “disputed territory” but belong to Russia. Russian high-ranking officials claim that the Kuril Islands belong to Russia, and if Japan is dissatisfied, they can commit seppuku. Moscow plans to actively develop the Kuril Islands.

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Medvedev wrote: “Those warriors who feel sorrowful about this can end their lives in the traditional Japanese way, which is by committing seppuku, if they dare. Of course, French-kissing with Americans, completely forgetting about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, would feel much better.”

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Playing dead is not a good habit.

The real reason is that the brown bear holds an advantage on the Russo-Ukrainian battlefield. With the economy flourishing due to a full-fledged firepower strategy, domestic stability has been achieved, allowing for a focus on the east.

Global Situation

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Russian people seldom give back the land they have swallowed.

Japan Ranks Third Globally in Aid to Ukraine

Japan’s assistance to Ukraine ranks third globally, behind only the United States and the United Kingdom. Shortly after a tough stance from the Japanese government, Japan announced an additional $3.9 billion in aid to Ukraine.

The key precondition for negotiations is the non-lifting of sanctions while maintaining aid to Ukraine. However, negotiating under these conditions, especially with the demand for the return of the Northern Territories, can be seen as an attempt to humiliate the Japanese government.

In 1855, the Northern Territories were incorporated into Hokkaido, Japan. In 1875, all the islands of the Kuril Islands were annexed by Japan. During the Russo-Japanese War in 1905, Japan established the boundary with Russia, including the Kuril Islands.

However, there is almost no precedent for territories seized by Russia to be peacefully returned.

Japan is aware of this fact but still insists on demanding these islands, which are mostly devoid of anything except volcanoes.

It can be assumed that the Prime Minister’s customary task of addressing Parliament with such demands is purely ceremonial.

Just moments ago, the 27 European Union countries announced a 50 billion euro aid package for Ukraine. Can Russia still afford to be aggressive?

P.S. According to China, the South Kuril Islands are illegally occupied by Russia. It is strongly recommended not to side with the wrong party. Any map produced by China clearly marks this.

As for the controversy surrounding the aid amount, let’s examine it further. The latest data is not available, but from January 24, 2022, to October 31, 2023, Ukraine received 6.8 billion euros in aid. Japan has increased its assistance to Ukraine since the end of last year, including direct support for weapons. It is safe to assume that Japan is among the top contributors. Just the day before yesterday, an additional $3.9 billion was added.

For reference: As of January 26th, the EU’s aid amount had already reached $96 billion. Today, an additional 50 billion euros were announced. This puts the total well over $150 billion, for the EU alone.

A news report from December 8, 2023, indicated an additional $4.5 billion in aid to Ukraine, combined with the $3.9 billion announced recently and the 6.8 billion euros before October 31, 2023.

Japan’s total aid to Ukraine is estimated to be at least $12.2 billion.

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East of the Ural Mountains does not belong to Russia

North of the Tsugaru Strait does not belong to Japan

If you oppose imperialism, you should support these two points.

Russian Perspective on the Kuril Islands Dispute

Medvedev, the former president, is the only Russian national leader who has personally visited the Kuril Islands. While discussions about returning the two islands existed during Yeltsin’s era and proposals for determining ownership through a “referendum,” Russia now unequivocally considers the Kuril Islands as its constitutional territory. Consequently, discussions about development and military deployments in the region are not up for debate.

Even as NATO countries show interest in the Asia-Pacific region, and the possibility of NATO-like military alliances, such as AUKUS, emerging in the region, Russia, with its global security considerations, must respond strategically to the situation using the Kuril Islands' location as a powerful political, economic, and military tool.

The practice of “seppuku,” a traditional Japanese ritual suicide, is well-known in Russia. Famed author Fyodor Dostoevsky analyzed the “Harakiri” custom in his novel “The Idiot.” Therefore, Medvedev’s mention of asking Japanese people to perform “seppuku” is not surprising.

Russia’s Historical Disregard for Japan in Diplomacy

From a diplomatic perspective, this lack of face-saving gestures leaves Japan in an awkward position.

However, this is because Russia has never truly regarded Japan as a significant player on the international stage.

Russia’s haughty stance towards Japan dates back to the events such as the 1939 Battle of Khalkhin Gol, where the Soviet Union’s actions made Japan reluctant to engage in the north, the massive offensive by the Soviet Red Army against the Kwantung Army in the closing stages of World War II, which sent hundreds of thousands of Japanese troops fleeing, and the deportation of numerous Japanese prisoners of war to the harsh Siberian wilderness.

The only period when Russia seemed somewhat accommodating towards Japan was during the early years of the Soviet Union’s dissolution when Russia was willing to negotiate the return of two of the “Northern Territories” to Japan. However, Japan’s miscalculation in insisting on the simultaneous return of all four islands led to a diminished hope of regaining the islands under Putin’s leadership.

In international diplomacy, one of the gravest mistakes is misjudging the situation, and unfortunately, Japan has a history of making such miscalculations.

Therefore, Russia’s deep-seated disregard for Japan has historical roots.

Mei talks too much nonsense, completely lacking the dignity and appropriateness expected of a former head of state. Not even Trump would constantly post on social media like this.

Being anti-Japanese doesn’t mean being pro-Russian. We need to oppose the resurgence of Japanese fascism, the threat of the US-Japan alliance, and also be wary of Russia from time to time.

Russia’s logic in dealing with its own and other countries' territories has never changed, and it has always held the following beliefs:

  • If you haven’t paid a sufficient price to include or retain this territory within your own borders, what sovereignty can you talk about?
  • If I can spill blood to seize your land while you, the so-called owner, cower and refuse to resist, what justice is there to speak of?

If you understand the “Russian reasoning” in these two sentences, it’s not difficult to understand why Medvedev said what he did.

I just like the appearance of a strong and unruly little brother, and then get fiercely slapped.

The Controversy Surrounding Hiroshima and Nagasaki Nuclear Bombings

Countries critical of Japan and the United States often use the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to strain US-Japan relations. Western liberals also question the necessity of these bombings. However, from a historical perspective, the bombings were considered acts of justice. Any statements denying, undermining, or stigmatizing the legality, righteousness, and necessity of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings should be promptly opposed.

In Russia, Medvedev has made such remarks not for the first time. While his provocative statements may be satisfying, aren’t these statements a form of “denying World War II history”?

Russia constantly accuses Ukraine of “denying World War II history.” Do their attempts to stigmatize the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings also qualify as “denying World War II history”?

In the United States, during the release of Nolan’s “Inception,” there were some left-leaning individuals, like the African-American director Spike Lee, who stated, “Nolan should pay attention to what happened to the Japanese people.”

However, neither in Russia nor in the United States has anyone mentioned the need to pay attention to what happened to the people of Nanjing or the victims of Unit 731, or the comfort women. They remember or are aware of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings but remain largely ignorant of the Nanjing Massacre or Unit 731. Even if they know about the comfort women, it’s often due to South Korean efforts in the international community.

In contrast, China’s official external propaganda capabilities are almost non-existent, and civilian international exchanges are hindered by a figurative wall. In a few decades, Americans might actually apologize to the Japanese for the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings.

Don’t get too excited; after Americans apologize, it might be China’s turn.

“Why do you resist with ill intent?”

Medvedev: The Kuril Islands are Russian territory. If Japan is not satisfied, they can commit harakiri.

Russia seems to want to be annihilated, and we can understand your desire for global territory. However, you’ve already been wiped out by Ukraine to this extent, and now you want Japanese territory. If you can’t even defeat Ukraine, can you really take on Japan?

Do you realize that the Japanese are fully armed with all American equipment? Wanting Japanese territory, won’t the ultimate result be Russia being divided by Japan and Ukraine?

If you want to destroy a country, if you want it to perish, you should choose a day for it.

It’s truly a pity, Russians, to be ruled by someone like this.

Intelligence is really important.

That’s all.

The Southern Kuril Islands Dispute and International Perspectives

The Southern Kuril Islands, as the name suggests, are the southern part of the Kuril Islands. Historically, these islands were inhabited by indigenous people but were later divided between Imperial Russia and Japan. Just before the end of World War II, the United States promised Soviet Union sovereignty over them, but the Soviet Union did not sign a formal treaty with Japan after occupying the islands, leading to a historical dispute that continues to this day.

However, the question of which nation should rightfully possess these islands is a matter of factual interpretation and has no bearing on our value judgments. As long as U.S. hegemony persists and Japan remains under U.S. influence, we should support Russia’s sovereignty claims over the Southern Kuril Islands. Nevertheless, if U.S. hegemony wanes and Russia pursues dominance, we may need to back Japan’s territorial claims over the Northern Territories in turn.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov has stated that there is “no territorial dispute” between Russia and Japan, while the Japanese government has protested, stating it “absolutely cannot accept” this stance. How should we interpret this situation?

I declare that Mars is mine from today onwards. If NASA or Martians are not satisfied, they can choose to commit hara-kiri.

Enough is enough!

Since economic sanctions and political isolation have proven ineffective, Japan should demonstrate military strength.

In the Russia-Ukraine battlefield, Ukraine has mobilized its forces more than a dozen times, while Russia has only mobilized once in two years. Since more than a dozen is greater than once, Russia must now be trembling in the face of Ukraine’s numerical advantage, resorting to bluster and intimidation.

At this time, if Japan also mobilizes more than a dozen rounds, advances north to reclaim lost territory, Russia will surely be defeated, caught in a pincer movement between Ukraine from the east and west. They will eventually meet at the Ural Mountains, and both sides will resolve their pressing concerns. How beautiful it would be!

Russians indeed have a high cultural level. Their artistic skills are impressive. Masters like Tolstoy and Pushkin will be forever remembered. They speak so beautifully; it’s advisable to speak more.

It seems that the swans and the geese are arguing, but the geese haven’t gotten impatient yet, unlike some creatures in China who are already in a hurry!