2023 - What was the most satisfying electronic/digital product you bought?

2023 Mobile Market Recap

As 2023 draws to a close, looking back at the mobile phone market, it has been extraordinarily eventful. Major brands have been competing to launch new products, including the iPhone 15 series which made a complete debut, and the Vivo X100 series which again upgraded its camera capabilities, both leaving a lasting impression.

The strong debut of Xiaomi 14 officially set the stage for a new pattern in flagship smartphone competition. With an impressive 98% positive rating on the JD platform and a record-breaking total sales of 22.4 billion during the Double Eleven shopping festival, Xiaomi 14 enjoyed both critical acclaim and commercial success. For many in 2023, if asked about the most satisfactory electronic/digital product, Xiaomi 14 is undoubtedly the top choice for many.

Xiaomi 14 Regular price: 3999 Yuan, with a 150 Yuan subsidy when ordering through the ‘Zhihu Good Products Recommendation’ live broadcast, dropping to 3849 Yuan.

Looking into 2023, for the best compact flagship smartphone, Xiaomi 14 undoubtedly earns its place, balancing a light and thin body with an impressive feel. It’s powered by the formidable Snapdragon 8Gen3 and equipped with the new Surging OS.

In terms of imaging, it features the new generation Leica Summilux lens, the Photonic Hunter 900 high dynamic image sensor, plus a 50MP Leica ultra-wide angle + 50MP Leica floating telephoto lens, maintaining its unique Leica imaging style.

2023 isn’t just about flagship smartphones; mid-range phones are also flourishing. For example, as the year ends, the Vivo S18 and Redmi K70 emerged as two high cost-performance models with distinctive features.

Vivo S18 Regular price: 2269 Yuan, with a 150 Yuan subsidy when ordering through the ‘Zhihu Good Products Recommendation’ live broadcast.

For those looking for a slim, stylish, and high-value design with excellent portrait photography at a mid-range price, the Vivo S18 is a great choice. It features a front 50MP camera with dual soft lights for wide-angle shots, capable of capturing natural and refined portraits day or night, and also includes OIS hummingbird super stabilization for cinematic quality shots.

Redmi K70 Regular price: 2499 Yuan, with a 70 Yuan subsidy when ordering through the ‘Zhihu Good Products Recommendation’ live broadcast, dropping to 2429 Yuan.

The Redmi K70 stands out in terms of value for money. It’s built with a metal mid-frame, enhancing the feel of the phone significantly. For those looking in the 2-3K price range for a phone with high cost performance and a solid build, the K70 is a reliable choice.

Whether you’re considering flagship models or mid-range options, there are many excellent smartphones worth choosing from in 2023. For more detailed product information and discounts, check the article below.

As for the pleasant experience that comes with owning great digital products, accessories are indispensable.

For instance, whether it’s lightweight noise-canceling Bluetooth earphones or high-quality wired ones, numerous excellent headphone products have emerged in 2023.

Of course, if you are currently looking for headphones, you can directly refer to the headphone recommendation article below, summarizing various quality headphones and discount information.

And then there are all sorts of digital accessories, such as routers for home use, keyboards, mice, and solid-state drives for computers, as well as portable gaming consoles. You can refer to the article below, summarizing various quality digital accessories and discount information.

As the autumn and winter seasons arrive, the air becomes dry, and we often feel throat discomfort. At this time, humidifiers can be very useful. If you’re unsure which humidifier to choose, you can directly look at the article below, summarizing various quality humidifiers and discount information.

The joy of purchasing a satisfying digital product is indescribable, and even if you miss out on your favorite products, don’t be disheartened. In the ‘Zhihu Good Products Recommendation’ live broadcast, not only are there a variety of quality products, but you can also enjoy official subsidies. You can enter the live broadcast room by clicking on the ‘Home Recommendation’, ‘Hot List’, or ‘Live Channel’, and the links below will take you directly there.

Zhihu - Zhihu

A Beginner’s Journey into Photography

Recently, I was gently chided by my daughter for my less-than-stellar photography skills, which left me a bit disheartened as a dad. But, I’ve finally resolved to purchase a camera and dedicate myself to learning the craft.

As a digital blogger, I’ve always been adept at analyzing products, though photography has admittedly been a weak spot for me. Coincidentally, during a recent company event, a colleague at the next desk won a second prize—a Songdian mirrorless camera—which I borrowed and used for a few days. I found it quite user-friendly and noticed a significant improvement in my photo skills. I promptly ordered the same model from the official website the day I returned it!

It’s the Songdian DC201S. I was really impressed by its price; such a great camera for around a thousand Yuan?

It’s common to hear advice about buying the best camera right off the bat, but I sincerely disagree. Cameras, unlike phones, don’t have as wide a range of use-cases or usage time. If you lose interest or fail to learn, it quickly ends up gathering dust in a cabinet. Especially for beginners, a camera is adequate if it meets the following three criteria:

⭕ Compact and easy to carry ⭕ High cost-effectiveness ⭕ Easy photo transfer

So, for photography novices like me, this Songdian camera is perfectly sufficient (and I plan to prove it with my photo works, haha)!

Songdian might not be a brand you’ve heard of, but I did some serious research before making my purchase!

It’s a rising domestic camera brand, honored as the “Best Emerging Brand of 2021” by JD.com and a member of the “Strong Country Brand” in the digital electronics industry by 2023. It’s sales rank just behind world brands like Sony and Canon, making it top three in the industry. For sixteen years, Songdian has committed to independent R&D and design, adhering to a spirit of craftsmanship, meticulously crafting each component and every process.

Let’s dive into the details of the Songdian DC201S and my experience with it!

Unboxing the Songdian DC201S:

The camera is compact and easily fits in one hand. It feels solid with its pure black coating, subtly charming. The size is perfect; it’s comfortable to hold, not too heavy, and my wife also finds it easy to handle. It’s also conveniently sized to fit in a carry-on backpack when traveling!

The standard kit includes a memory card, charging cable, HD cable, charger, and lithium battery.

The design incorporates traditional mirrorless aesthetics. Notably, it has a bright bead flash above the lens and allows for the attachment of external flash devices (with a professional hot shoe interface for external microphones/flash devices)!

The back of the lens hosts the operational interface, which is nearly the entire back of the body, using a 3.5-inch IPS screen for clearer display and convenience. The right side includes basic operational buttons. Initially, I thought operating the camera would be difficult, but it was surprisingly simple. Within a few minutes of exploration, any beginner can get the hang of it; the icons make it easy to understand the functions!

The top of the camera is just as streamlined, including the power button, shutter button, and a mode dial. Switching between the eight available modes—including photo, time-lapse, slow motion, loop recording, video, delayed photo, timed photo, and continuous shooting—is easy and sufficiently covers a beginner’s needs.

Using the Camera:

First, let’s discuss the photo quality:

Real-life photo shots

The handling is smooth, with 48 million pixels for clearer photos and satisfying color effects. The autofocus is swift, thanks to the AF lens. It’s great for beginners who struggle with focusing—just a click, and you capture a beautiful photo. I’m planning to use it for my daughter’s next school event to avoid any blurry photo complaints!

It supports up to 16x digital zoom, capturing distant scenes easily. I found that the quality is best up to 8x zoom. Zooming is easy with the “+” and “-” buttons, very straightforward!

It also comes with five built-in filters (black and white, natural, negative, warm tone, high contrast), adding variety to the same scene.

Take, for instance, the bicycle I photographed today. Applying the black and white filter instantly gave it a vintage and cool feel. Don’t underestimate these features; they’re quite handy in practice, especially for those like me who prefer not to post-process photos. A quick filter change, and the effects can rival professional shots!

Its ability to capture dynamic subjects is also impressive, largely due to its 6-axis stabilization feature. For beginners, especially women, it’s suggested to hold the camera close to the body for steadier shots.

Now, about video recording:

It supports up to 5K recording, though this setting consumes more memory and battery. For everyday life, 1080P is more than enough. Even handheld, the recording is quite stable.

Whether for photos or videos, the camera supports quick WiFi transfer to phones by downloading the corresponding app. This way, you can share stunning photos instantly. I tested it with 56 photos; it took less than a minute to transfer them all, quite fast!


Initially bought as a practice camera, the Songdian DC201S has surprisingly exceeded my expectations.

In summary, it’s a beautiful, compact, and highly cost-effective camera, perfect for photography beginners like me! (And I’ve already received compliments from my wife on my improved photography skills, haha)

My Favorite Digital Purchase of the Year: Redmi K60 Pro

This year, the digital product I am most satisfied with is my phone, arguably the king of smartphones around the 3000 yuan price range, the Redmi K60 Pro. I purchased it on the second evening following its release, opting for the 16G+1T version to eliminate any worries about running out of memory!

The very next day, the phone arrived. I was immediately impressed by its aesthetic appeal. I chose the Shadow Aqua color, marking my first venture beyond the standard black and white phone colors. I found the texture and feel to be exceptionally pleasing.

Then there’s the charging speed — the 120W fast charging is truly impressive. It takes roughly 20 minutes to fully charge the phone, so I no longer have to worry about battery life. I can game to my heart’s content, put it on charge, and by the time I’m back from a quick break, it’s ready to go.

As for the user experience, the ability to duplicate apps is one of the reasons I choose Redmi over Apple. Having two instances of WeChat and Zhihu is something that iPhones can’t do. Additionally, the phone operates smoothly, whether I’m gaming or using various apps.

The Redmi K60 Pro truly lives up to its reputation as the king of cost-performance… and all for 3299 yuan. Who needs anything else?

Just yesterday, I watched the Xiaomi 14 release event, and I must admit, I’m now tempted to buy the Xiaomi 14 as well.

My Most Satisfying Choice: iPad Air 5 64GB WiFi

iPad Air 5

My satisfaction with the iPad Air 5 stems from several factors:

  • An iPad with the M1 chip, priced at only $360, offers excellent value for money.
  • The performance of the M1 chip is truly impressive, surpassing the A15 chip in my iPhone 13 mini.
  • The iPad Air 5 offers exceptional expandability, allowing for external peripherals like keyboards, mice, displays, and storage cards via a docking station.
  • The Type-C port on the iPad Air 5 offers fast read and write speeds for external hard drives, making data transfers a breeze.
  • There are many software options available on the iPad that can directly handle files from external hard drives, such as video editing with LumaFusion.
  • Thanks to the convenience of external hard drives, I haven’t encountered any storage issues with the 64GB capacity.
  • I already had numerous high-quality iPad apps, which are genuinely powerful and user-friendly.

iPad Air 5: Unleash New Possibilities

All this satisfaction is based on practical usage needs, which may differ from person to person. Here’s how I use it for reference:

  • Browsing, editing, and publishing content on Zhihu using the Safari browser.
  • Designing various graphics for Zhihu using Pixelmator.
  • Using Procreate for design tasks that Pixelmator can’t handle.
  • Performing photo color correction, retouching, and other tasks with Photomator.
  • Using iScreen’s desktop widgets for calculator functions.
  • Collecting various articles and reference materials for self-study with Goodlinks.
  • Occasionally using the BiliBili web version to browse digital and science-related videos.

iPad Productivity: Photomator Photo Editing

I’ve also used many excellent iPad apps and have done extensive reviews and sharing. If you’re interested, you can check them out here:

{What Are Some High-Quality Apps on the App Store?}

I’m not promoting any products or seeking commissions. If you just want a reference, you can find more information here:

{iPad Buying Guide}

My Most Satisfying Purchase of 2023: Oladance OWS Pro Open-Back Bluetooth Headphones

Oladance OWS Pro

As a music enthusiast and Bluetooth headphones user, my most satisfying purchase of 2023 has been the Oladance OWS Pro open-back Bluetooth headphones. This product is renowned for its exceptional sound quality, comfortable fit, and outstanding performance, delivering a satisfying experience for both everyday use and professional audio enjoyment.

During my university days, I was a music lover who couldn’t go a day without my headphones. I typically used in-ear headphones for their portability and the convenience of enjoying music anytime, anywhere. However, prolonged use of in-ear headphones led to various discomforts and issues with my ears.

Whenever I wore in-ear headphones for more than two hours, my ears would start to feel swollen and painful. This discomfort would gradually intensify, and I had to lower the volume to minimize ear irritation. Despite these efforts, I still felt uncomfortable.

Upon seeing my colleague use the Oladance OWS Pro open-back headphones, I decided to give them a try, and I immediately noticed a significant difference. Compared to the in-ear headphones I had used before, the open-back headphones offered a sensation of freedom from pressure and pain. I could wear them for extended periods without discomfort, which pleasantly surprised me.

After a busy day at work, I opted for the brand-new Oladance OWS Pro open-back headphones in the gentle Frosted Porcelain White color. When the package arrived, I eagerly unboxed it. The exquisite design and high-quality materials left me highly satisfied, as if I were holding a precious piece of art.

With a full charge, these headphones offer up to 16 hours of continuous use, boasting lower power consumption and a more stable connection. Coupled with the charging case, they provide an impressive total usage time of 58 hours. This is incredibly convenient for someone like me who relies on headphones for extended periods. I no longer have to worry about frequent recharging and can enjoy music, movies, and calls without interruptions.

As open-back Bluetooth headphones with a remarkable 58-hour battery life, the built-in 150mAh steel shell battery ensures safety and stability, significantly extending the headphones' lifespan. Oladance’s OWS Pro has truly provided me with an excellent user experience.

The headphones feature a compact design with a minimalist appearance, making them ideal for everyday wear. Their open-back, non-in-ear design alleviates concerns about ear discomfort. The outer surface of the headphones features Oladance’s proprietary “ceramic skin,” created through an 8-layer coloring process, giving it a rich texture. The inner body employs skin-friendly soft silicone, enhancing comfort during wear.

Oladance’s “ceramic skin” technology, crafted through an 8-layer coloring process, results in pure and finely textured surfaces reminiscent of ceramic. The ear hook design takes inspiration from the “Möbius strip,” featuring smooth lines that conform to the ear’s shape, showcasing cutting-edge technological aesthetics.

The OWS Pro adopts ergonomic design principles, with lightweight headphone shells that conform to the shape of the human ear. Each earpiece weighs only 13.8g, providing a comfortable touch. This design ensures that the headphones do not exert pressure on the ears during long-term wear, preventing earaches or itching.

Open-back headphones allow us to better perceive the surrounding sounds, which is crucial, especially when outdoors prioritizing safety. Previously, when I wore in-ear headphones while walking on the street, I couldn’t hear car horns or people’s shouts, posing a safety risk. Open-back headphones enable me to hear the ambient sounds, reminding me to stay aware of my surroundings and enhancing my safety during walks.

In addition to comfort and safety, the sound quality of open-back headphones has left me impressed. Compared to in-ear headphones, open-back headphones offer a more spacious soundstage and transparent audio quality. Listening to songs with these headphones allows me to better appreciate the details and layers of music, as if I were at a live concert. This has significantly enhanced my appreciation of music.

On weekends, I enjoy using these headphones at home while writing. I spent an entire afternoon listening to over 30 songs of different styles. The music sounded authentic, with clear vocals and powerful percussion, creating a sensation of being present at a live performance. Since acquiring the OWS Pro open-back headphones, it seems that other headphones have become mere decorations. From sound quality to comfort, the OWS Pro surpasses all others, making it a fantastic companion for enjoying music and writing at home.

Each headphone is equipped with a main chip and a dedicated amplifier chip for the speaker. This feature sets it apart from other headphones, providing a 360° surround sound experience that immerses us in the world of music, offering a more realistic and lifelike auditory experience.

In terms of sound quality, the OWS Pro performs exceptionally well. The headphones incorporate dual chips, high-precision layered speakers, and Oladance’s proprietary algorithms, resulting in rich and clear audio performance. Despite their non-in-ear design, the headphones feature layered speakers with two diaphragms and two sets of magnetic circuits, breaking free from the limitations of speaker size.

The dynamic equalizer EQ algorithm automatically adjusts low and high-frequency energy to enhance sound quality. The intelligent bass algorithm has also been upgraded to optimize the low-frequency range, delivering more realistic and robust bass. Oladance’s innovative anti-phase sound wave cancellation technology effectively prevents sound leakage from the headphones, preserving privacy.

In terms of connectivity, the headphones utilize Bluetooth 5.3 technology, offering instant pairing upon opening the case, lower latency, and a more stable connection. Regarding the connected ecosystem, the headphone’s dedicated app provides additional customization options. I can customize touch functions and adjust the equalizer with three modes: dynamic bass, pure vocals, and custom mode, allowing for versatile sound adjustments based on different scenarios.

The headphones also feature a focus mode, incorporating Oladance’s “Fix Point Noise Screen” technology. When the focus mode is activated, ambient sounds are noticeably reduced compared to when it’s off, providing a quieter environment. The headphones can automatically detect changes in external noise levels, exiting focus mode when sudden high-decibel sounds occur or when the user needs to engage in conversation, allowing for more natural interaction with the external world.

In summary, open-back headphones have provided me with a comfortable and safe listening experience while elevating music quality. They have addressed the discomfort and pain caused by prolonged headphone use. I genuinely hope that more people have the opportunity to try Oladance’s OWS Pro open-back headphones, bid farewell to ear discomfort, and enjoy an enhanced music experience.

If you’re in need of high-performance Bluetooth headphones with extended battery life, I highly recommend the Oladance OWS Pro open-back headphones. After all, our ears are precious, and we should provide them with the best care.

My Most Satisfying Electronic Product: ACEFAST Crystal Clear (Air) T9 Bluetooth Earphones

ACEFAST Crystal Clear (Air) T9 Bluetooth Earphones

If I were to pick the most satisfying electronic product, it would be the ACEFAST Crystal Clear (Air) T9 Bluetooth Earphones, in the beautiful Honey Pomelo Red color. However, I think it looks more like a cluster of red pomegranate seeds, with its crystal-clear and stunning gradient colors.

The earphones have shades of red, orange, and pink. The upper half of the body leans towards pinkish-orange, while the lower half transitions into a lighter pink. The overall color gradient from top to bottom is natural and pleasing to the eye. The smooth, translucent shell, combined with its simple and clean design, gives it a bold yet elegant style, making it stand out in the world of earphones.

⭕️ Side Note: They also have a transparent earphone model that’s quite stylish. You can check it out in the link below:

Budget-Friendly High-Fashion Transparent Bluetooth Earphones | ACEFAST Crystal Clear AT8 (2) Bluetooth Earphones Unboxing and Review

The shell is incredibly smooth, which feels comfortable to the touch, but I was concerned about accidentally dropping it. Fortunately, it comes with a silicone protective case and a lanyard to prevent slipping and ensure a secure grip.

The silicone protective case and lanyard are soft and elastic, with a fine matte texture. Even with the protective case on, you can easily remove the earphones.

The earphones are directly attached to the charging case and feature an open magnetic design. When the earphones approach the charging case, you’ll hear a satisfying “click” as they magnetically attach to it. This design makes it convenient to take out or put back the earphones and eliminates the fear of them falling.

One detail I particularly like is the space left between the earphone head and the charging case, along with a very subtle groove on the earphone head. By gently pushing your finger backward in the groove, you can easily pick up the earphones. This design takes both aesthetics and user experience into consideration.

The charging case has LED battery level indicators, perfect for those who worry about battery life. Whenever the earphones are removed from or placed back into the case, it accurately displays the current battery percentage. According to the official information, this LED data display is an ACEFAST patent technology.

These earphones support fast charging, providing 2 hours of use with just 10 minutes of charging. I usually charge them briefly before leaving for work, ensuring they’re ready for my commute.

Equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.3, these earphones offer rapid and responsive signal reception with high signal stability. When you turn on Bluetooth on your phone, they instantly connect without any intermittent reception issues during music playback.

The sound quality is quite impressive. Lately, I’ve been listening to music with a strong sense of rhythm, and these earphones deliver clear and bright highs, along with well-defined bass. Despite their small size, these earphones will make you feel the music’s beat and rhythm, creating an exhilarating experience.

This is likely attributed to the technology used in the ACEFAST Crystal Clear (Air) T9 Bluetooth Earphones. They feature a 9mm titanium ball top PEEK+PU composite diaphragm speaker, providing powerful and deep bass, making the music’s rhythmic beats resonate within you, enhancing the emotional impact of the music.

Now, how about call quality? Once, while I was in a noisy environment, I unexpectedly received a call while listening to music. I answered the call directly. To my surprise, the call quality was good, and the reception was not disturbed by the surrounding noise.

Upon closer inspection, I found that these earphones are equipped with a Bluetooth chip, dual-core processor, high-sensitivity antenna, and SVE AI call noise reduction technology. This combination ensures stable reception, prevents audio attenuation, and resists external noise interference. Even in noisy environments, the signal remains stable, providing hassle-free calls.

The ACEFAST Crystal Clear (Air) T9 Bluetooth Earphone series offers a variety of colors to choose from. With their high aesthetics and strong performance, they make an excellent gift choice. If you’re interested, you can click the link below to check them out!

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Introducing the WestSaint Olite Open-Ear Headphones

WestSaint Olite Open-Ear Headphones

Hey everyone! Kitty has some red envelope rewards for you! Don’t forget to claim them!

This time, I want to recommend a pair of headphones that I personally use - the WestSaint Olite open-ear headphones! Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a student, or a professional, these headphones are suitable for everyone. They not only look great but also offer noise cancellation, excellent sound quality, and long battery life!

(For students or budget-conscious friends, be sure to like and bookmark this article!)

1. Sound Quality Experience

As a music lover with high expectations for sound quality, I’ve been searching for headphones that can provide me with a high-quality music experience. The WestSaint Olite open-ear headphones meet my requirements perfectly.

They feature a 16.2mm dynamic driver unit paired with advanced SurroundWave™ 3D audio processing technology, delivering clear, immersive, and rich sound quality. Whether it’s the deep bass or the crisp highs, these headphones perform exceptionally well.

The headphones are also equipped with a new generation high-end Bluetooth 5.3 audio SoC chip, designed specifically for open-ear headphones. It is compatible with both Android and iOS systems, supporting a maximum 96kHz/24bit sampling rate, preserving the details of the original audio source.

I’ve listened to various genres of music, including pop, rock, and classical, and these headphones bring out the unique characteristics of each type of music. Especially when listening to classical music, it feels like being in a concert hall, experiencing the rich and lifelike sound of instruments.

This is truly a top-tier sound quality experience, making me feel like I’m at a live music performance or in a movie theater, providing immense auditory enjoyment.

2. Portability and Comfort

The WestSaint Olite open-ear headphones feature ErgoFit ergonomic design. After 18 months of extensive testing, including over 5000 iterations, these headphones are specifically designed to fit the ear contours of Asian users. With a stable 3-zone support structure, they offer a 99.9% ear fit rate. This ensures comfortable and secure wearing, without the fear of them falling off.

During my usage, whether working in the office or engaging in outdoor activities, I can wear these headphones comfortably and barely feel their weight. Even during extended use, my ears never feel fatigued.

Additionally, the headphones have an IPX5 waterproof and sweatproof rating, making them suitable for outdoor workouts without worrying about sweat damage.

In summary, the comfort level of the WestSaint Olite open-ear headphones is outstanding. No more sore or swollen ears, and they also help protect your hearing, making you feel much better!

3. Design

These headphones feature a simple and stylish design with a clean and modern color scheme, meeting the aesthetic preferences of contemporary users. The headphones are lightweight, weighing only 4 grams, making them easy to carry, so you can enjoy music anytime, anywhere.

Multi-function buttons are integrated into the headphones for easy and convenient operation, allowing you to play/pause music, skip tracks, and adjust the volume effortlessly.

Overall, the design of the WestSaint Olite open-ear headphones is user-friendly, practical, and stylish.

4. Noise Cancellation Experience

As someone who frequently uses headphones in noisy environments, I have high expectations for noise cancellation.

In terms of noise cancellation, the WestSaint Olite open-ear headphones are equipped with SonicFocus directional sound transmission technology. This technology is specifically developed for open-ear headphones, ensuring precise sound direction delivery and leakage suppression. It delivers audio more accurately to the user’s ears, reducing audio leakage and minimizing the chances of people around you hearing your music. It enhances the personal music experience.

Moreover, the headphones feature dual-microphone ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) for calls, with four omnidirectional noise-canceling microphones. This allows clear reception of your voice while removing ambient noise interference, ensuring call quality.

Whether you’re at a cafe, on the subway, or on an airplane, these headphones effectively block out noise, providing a serene environment for both calls and music listening. This feature allows me to focus better on the task at hand, whether it’s making calls or enjoying music.

5. Battery Life

These headphones offer superb battery life. A single charge provides up to 18 hours of music playback, and when combined with the charging case, it extends to 54 hours of usage.

This means I can use the headphones all day without the need for frequent charging, which is incredibly convenient.

Whether it’s during the daily commute, work hours, or outdoor activities, you don’t have to worry about the headphones running out of power. This level of battery life ensures a worry-free experience, allowing me to fully enjoy my music.

6. Conclusion

In summary, the WestSaint Olite open-ear headphones excel in sound quality, comfort, design, and battery life. They not only provide a high-quality music experience but also offer comfort and portability.

Whether for everyday use or gaming and entertainment, the WestSaint Olite open-ear headphones provide a stable and comfortable user experience, making them the cost-performance king in the open-ear headphones category!

For those who like them, take advantage of Double 11 and get yours now!

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The EOS R6 Mark II: A Comprehensive Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

This year, I bought a lot of new digital products, but the most satisfying one has to be the EOS R6 Mark II full-frame mirrorless camera.

It offers a wide range of practical features: excellent low-light performance, usable up to ISO 12800, rapid continuous shooting, fast autofocus, 8-stop in-body stabilization, and rich video capabilities with 180P super slow-motion, making it a versatile tool for photographers. It also boasts fun and practical features like 100-megapixel panoramas, single-frame motion HDR, wide-aperture panoramic shots, and in-camera compositing.

It can achieve high-speed continuous shooting of up to 40 frames per second and possesses powerful subject recognition capabilities. It automatically recognizes not only human faces and eyes but also the eyes of birds and animals. Even objects like horses, racing cars, trains, jets, and helicopters are automatically identified.

High-speed continuous shooting also captures more details when photographing subjects like aircraft flying across the moon.

For capturing starry skies, its strong low-light autofocus capability allows you to focus automatically on brighter stars and capture stunning shots effortlessly.

The excellent high ISO performance makes shooting in challenging lighting conditions very convenient.

The in-body stabilization also enables me to capture more long-exposure photos when I’m in a hurry or when using a tripod is not convenient.

The camera’s dynamic range is also impressive, making it easy to shoot in high-contrast environments.

OnePlus 12: The Ultimate Digital Product of the Year

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on various digital products experienced throughout the year. Among the many digital devices I’ve had the pleasure of using, the one that stands out as the most satisfying is the OnePlus 12 smartphone. This product entered the market with the aim of competing with flagship smartphones from various manufacturers, and it certainly lives up to the expectations. After an extended period of testing, I’d like to share why this is my favorite digital product of the year.

The back cover of the OnePlus 12 continues the brand’s signature triple-camera and LED flashlight design, while the overall design takes inspiration from the concept of “time.” The lens module is crafted with high-end watchmaking craftsmanship, resulting in a remarkable tactile experience. It is available in three color options: classic white, deep green, and jet black, each offering a slightly different glass finish.

The phone has a comfortable and substantial feel when held, with a weight of 220g. Given the OnePlus 12’s impressive specifications, including a 5400mAh battery, this weight is justifiable.

One of the standout features is the physical mode-switching buttons. OnePlus has retained its classic three-stage button design, allowing easy and quick switching between silent, vibrate, and ring modes, offering convenience and efficiency.

The OnePlus 12 boasts a 5400mAh large-capacity battery, coupled with the long-life 100W wired fast charging feature, eliminating any battery anxiety. Additionally, OnePlus has reintroduced the practical wireless charging feature, supporting 50W wireless fast charging. Furthermore, the OnePlus 12 supports 10W reverse wireless charging, making it convenient to charge other devices on the go.

The display is a highlight of the device, featuring a flexible OLED screen sourced from JD.com, making it the first DisplayMate A+ 2K OLED screen from JD.com. While flagship smartphones generally offer impressive displays, the OnePlus 12 takes the experience to another level with outstanding color accuracy, brightness, and detail, along with a display lifespan twice that of other OLED screens in the industry. The OnePlus 12 features a 6.82-inch flexible OLED display with a 120Hz high refresh rate, a peak brightness of 4500 nits, a pixel density of 510 PPI, native 10-bit color depth, and durable Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2.

Furthermore, the OnePlus 12 introduces the “Clear Eyes” eye protection technology, offering a more eye-friendly experience through features like a 2160Hz PWM high-frequency dimming and DC dimming, effectively reducing blue light, flicker, and low-light discomfort. The product has been certified by Rhenus Intelligent Eye Care 3.0 and the National Eye Diagnosis and Treatment Engineering Technology Research Center, ensuring professional eye care performance.

The OnePlus 12 features the Rain-Friendly Touch technology, initially introduced in the OnePlus Ace2 Pro, which has been enhanced for this model. This technology allows for efficient touch input even with wet hands, improving touch accuracy and efficiency. It’s ideal for scenarios where your hands might be wet, such as while cooking.

In recent years, OnePlus has been known for its high-quality hardware, and the OnePlus 12 continues this trend. It is equipped with the third-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 processor, offering a 30% performance improvement over its predecessor while reducing power consumption by 20%. The device supports up to 24GB of LPDDR5X RAM and up to 1TB of UFS 4.0 SSD storage, meeting users' demands for system performance, stability, and storage space. In addition to top-tier hardware, OnePlus has also invested heavily in software. The OnePlus 12 features self-developed technologies like the Micro-Architecture Supercomputing Engine, Memory Gene Recombination 2.0, and Fresh Storage, optimizing processor, memory, and storage performance.

The device runs on the ColorOS 14 operating system, offering a smooth experience with well-designed features and a user-friendly interface. It’s easy to use and comes with several improvements over ColorOS 13 in terms of user experience and detail enhancements, making it one of the most outstanding mobile operating systems available today.

In performance tests, the OnePlus 12 achieves an Antutu benchmark score of 2.14 million, firmly establishing itself as a top-tier device powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen3 processor. The exceptional performance not only meets basic requirements for streaming and video playback but also effortlessly handles large games and multitasking, delivering smooth and stable performance.

The OnePlus 12 is equipped with the Aerospace-Grade TianGong Cooling System Pro, featuring next-generation diamond and superconductive graphite materials that effectively improve heat dissipation. With a massive single-layer VC of 9140mm², it boasts the largest VC in the smartphone industry. Additionally, it comes with the HyperBoost 2.0 Gaming Frame Stabilization Engine to enhance rendering efficiency, ensuring stable frame rates even in high-quality gaming scenarios.

In gaming performance, the OnePlus 12 maintains an average frame rate of nearly 60fps when playing Genshin Impact at the highest resolution, delivering a smooth gaming experience with manageable heat generation. Popular games like League of Legends: Wild Rift, CrossFire, QQ Speed, Peacekeeper Elite, and Genshin Impact all run at full frame rates for extended periods. The exceptional gaming performance of the OnePlus 12 has made it the designated device for the 2023 Peacekeeper Elite Professional League, making it the dream phone for gamers.

The OnePlus 12 features the Bionic Vibration Motor Turbo, a custom-made motor exclusively designed with Ruisheng Technology. It uses N54 SH magnetic steel material, and the motor’s volume reaches 602mm³, delivering a more realistic and accurate vibration experience. The vibration performance of the OnePlus 12 ranks first in the WHYLAB Motor Ladder Chart, ensuring a fully immersive gaming experience.

The device also comes with the SuperFrame SuperResolution Engine, which combines hardware chips, game engines, and software algorithms to improve game resolution, achieving 2K super resolution for games globally. Testing shows that popular games like Genshin Impact run at a stable 120fps with good graphics performance. The OnePlus 12’s SuperFrame SuperResolution Engine is compatible with games like League of Legends: Wild Rift, CrossFire, QQ Speed, Peacekeeper Elite, and Genshin Impact, making it a recommended feature for gamers.

In terms of charging, the OnePlus 12 features the 100W Long-Life Edition SuperFlash Charge, which takes just 26 minutes to charge from 1% to 100%, offering both fast charging and long battery life. With its built-in 5400mAh high-capacity battery, you can easily forget about battery concerns. Additionally, the OnePlus 12 supports 50W Long-Life Edition wireless fast charging, marking OnePlus' return to wireless charging. Its battery life ranks second in the Xiaobai Test database.

The OnePlus 12’s camera system has also received a comprehensive upgrade. With the introduction of the new Sony LYT-808 image sensor and the next-generation SuperLight image system, it achieves outstanding photographic results through a combination of hardware and software. The OnePlus 12 adopts the common configuration of a single front camera and a triple rear camera, catering to various shooting scenarios such as landscapes, wide-angle shots, telephoto shots, portraits, and macro photography. It also offers professional modes for advanced photography. The triple rear camera setup consists of a 50-megapixel flagship main camera, a 64-megapixel SuperLight periscope telephoto lens, and a 48-megapixel flagship ultra-wide-angle lens, covering focal lengths from 14mm to 140mm. The main camera features the Sony LYT-808 flagship sensor with a 1/1.4-inch large sensor size, F1.6 large aperture, and OIS optical image stabilization. The image algorithm benefits from OPPO’s Find imaging team and Hasselblad’s support, making it easy for anyone to capture stunning photos.

The above images are unedited and straight out of the OnePlus 12 camera, showcasing high-quality results even in normal lighting conditions. The device excels in detail and noise control, even in low-light scenarios. Color accuracy and image transparency are highly satisfying, and it’s hard to believe these are photos taken with a smartphone.

As a flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 12 offers comprehensive features. The device also includes full-featured infrared remote control and multifunctional NFC capabilities for various everyday tasks. It has upgraded to the latest versions of Wi-Fi 7 and Bluetooth 5.4.

The OnePlus 12 is available in multiple configurations, including 12GB+256GB, 16GB+512GB, 16GB+1TB, and 24GB+1TB, with a starting price of CNY 4299. It competes with other flagship Pro-level smartphones from different brands, offering an exceptional balance of high-quality hardware, daily usability, gaming performance, photography capabilities, charging, and battery life. Overall, it matches the standards of other flagship Pro smartphones and stands as a near-perfect product. It is truly deserving of the title of the most satisfying digital product of the year.

That’s it for now!

PICO 4: My Most Satisfying Electronic Purchase

The most satisfying electronic product I’ve ever purchased is the PICO 4. It’s great for playing VR games, and the best part is, it costs less than 2000 yuan.

Compared to its predecessor, the PICO 3, the PICO 4 has seen significant hardware improvements. The PICO 4 features two 2.56-inch Fast-LCD screens, each with a resolution exceeding 2K and a refresh rate of up to 90Hz. The visuals are crisp, smooth, and visually stunning.

The PICO 4 boasts a balanced design, distributing its weight evenly between the front and back sections. The weight is centered on the face, with soft padding at the back, making it incredibly comfortable to wear. Additionally, the PICO 4 supports 6DoF (Six Degrees of Freedom) spatial tracking. Through their in-house developed omni-directional SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) algorithm, an infrared optical positioning system, and upgraded optical sensors, it achieves sub-millimeter positioning accuracy and millisecond-level tracking speed. This means that every movement in the VR world can be captured and reflected quickly and accurately.

Now, let me tell you the most appealing aspect of the PICO 4 - the games. The PICO 4 offers a vast library of high-quality VR games, spanning various genres and styles. My favorite accessory is the motion tracker, which enables 3DoF (Three Degrees of Freedom) spatial tracking. You can attach it to your legs to track leg movements, making me feel more “agile” in the virtual world.

I’ve used it to play sports games like tennis, badminton, and bowling, which are quite physically engaging.

Of course, I haven’t forgotten about watching VR content, which is another highlight of the PICO 4. The PICO 4 supports a multi-user cinema feature, allowing you to invite friends to watch movies and live streams together. I watched several VR concerts and 6DoF interactive films with my buddies, and it felt like being right there in the action. Moreover, in the cinema, you can interact with your friends' virtual avatars and have voice chats.

I must mention the excellent spatial audio effects of the PICO 4. It calculates sound positioning based on head movement data, delivering precise spatial audio effects. This means that I can enjoy the breath and whispers of VR experiences, making it a very immersive experience.

Samsung S23U: Pros and Cons


1. Holding it feels heavy, and even with a phone case, it’s nearly half a kilogram.

2. Samsung’s system, while feature-rich, can be quite complex, and some things require hands-on experience or a search online. Not receiving message notifications has been a common complaint.

3. If you don’t use a phone case, the edges are prone to chipping and losing paint. Mine has chipped in two places, but you wouldn’t notice it unless you look closely.

4. Charging speed is slower compared to domestic Android phones. It takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes to go from 1% to full charge.


1. So far, there’s no competition for the 10x optical zoom, including Apple and Huawei. If you enjoy telephoto photography, Samsung’s 10-30x zoom is unbeatable.

2. S Pen

It’s considered a highlight because it’s unique and highly recognizable, but I don’t use it much personally.

3. The 6.7-inch screen, coupled with Samsung’s display technology, is indeed expansive and visually pleasing.

4. 200 million pixels

In terms of photography, Samsung is among the top three, if not the best, especially considering its title as the Android camera king.

Below are shots in professional mode, with the third image having filters applied, while the rest are unaltered.

In conclusion, if you love telephoto photography, Samsung is unbeatable, and overall, it performs well in ultra-wide-angle and portrait modes.

Currently, it’s discounted by 3000 yuan during the Singles' Day sale, which is a great deal. For the 12GB + 256GB version, it’s 7299 yuan. However, taking advantage of the additional 100 billion subsidies during Singles' Day, you can get the S23 for the best price, 3838 yuan.

Finally, for those interested in purchasing iPhone 14 or iPhone 15 during Singles' Day, you can refer to my article for strategies on getting the best deals: {Link to the Article}.

JMGO N1 Laser Projection: A Versatile Entertainment Hub

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One of my most satisfying purchases this year has been the JMGO N1 Laser Projection with three-color laser technology. Its launch broke the price barrier for laser projectors, bringing them into the same range as LED projectors.

Igniting the “Digital Campfire” in Your Heart

The JMGO N1 laser projector uses the MT9671 processor with a 3GB+32GB storage combination and runs on the new Bonfire OS operating system. Setting it up is straightforward, involving pairing the remote, configuring Wi-Fi, automatic focus, trapezoidal correction, and member login, all with minimal effort.

The Bonfire OS combines five interfaces, including the living room mode, movie space, music space, ambiance space, and rhythm space, providing the machine with five different “working” attributes.

Switching between interfaces is intuitive, similar to navigating on a smartphone. The menu on the left allows adjustments to the projector’s focus, signal source, projection image, image mode, sound mode, and system settings. Importantly, the Bonfire OS system is ad-free throughout, with a startup time of about 40 seconds.

The JMGO N1 projector features a “Screen Displacement to Zoom” function, which is useful for adjusting the picture to fit different environments, considering its portability and varying usage scenarios.

Creating a Living Room Concept

The “Living Room” section in Bonfire OS serves as the main hub, displaying time, weather, video recommendations, and providing access to app management. You can even create a cozy atmosphere by customizing the background, turning it into a digital backdrop or screensaver.

The “App Center” allows you to install various applications, expanding the JMGO N1 projector’s capabilities. Adding apps like streaming services and games transforms it into a home entertainment center.

A Wealth of Content

The “Movie Space” offers a vast array of video content, including movies, TV shows, variety shows, anime, sports, fitness, and more. JMGO’s library includes over 1200 new dramas, 6500 episodes of hit variety shows, 900 documentaries, 760+ anime titles, and 6500 4K masterpieces. You won’t run out of things to watch. It also integrates major streaming platforms like Youku, Bilibili, and more.

Dynamic Floating Lyrics

The “Music Space” features integration with music streaming services like NetEase Cloud Music and Kugou Music. It displays lyrics in a visually appealing way and offers various audio effects, enhancing the overall music experience.

Unique Digital Wall

The “Ambiance Space” is a unique feature of Bonfire OS. It offers dynamic wallpapers provided exclusively by the MANA new media art platform. These wallpapers can transform your wall into various scenes, like a faux window, starry sky ceiling, or birthday party backdrop. You can also create your own custom wallpapers for specific occasions.

Focused Spaces

The “Rhythm Space” functions as a themed space where you can improve focus and relaxation using music, message broadcasting, and white noise. It aims to enhance your well-being and work efficiency while improving sleep.

Multiple Control Options

Since the JMGO N1 projector lacks physical control buttons, it relies on the remote control. The remote allows you to power on/off, adjust volume, use voice commands, control the cursor, return to the home screen, and access space navigation. Despite lacking text labels, the layout is intuitive, and essential buttons are highlighted.

The voice assistant on the remote can perform various tasks, including system settings, information queries, mode switching, and more. It’s quite versatile and even allows you to switch audio effects, such as those in the “Music Space” section.

Apart from the standard remote, you can also control the projector using the JMGO Control app, offering a similar layout. The experience is almost identical to the physical remote, lacking only a dedicated voice assistant button.

The JMGO Control app also supports game controllers, although the layout and button sizes cannot be adjusted.

Actual Picture Quality

Note: The following content has limitations and is for reference only.

The JMGO N1 laser projector uses the self-developed MALC color laser engine with 1080p resolution, covering 110% of the BT.2020 color gamut, and has a 1.2-1 throw ratio, making it suitable for various room sizes.

Static Image Resolution

In real-world use, the projector exhibits good differentiation between light and dark areas. The overall brightness exceeds expectations, and colors are vibrant, with only a slight blue bias.

Details in shadowy areas are well-preserved, and fine details like the patterns on black feathers and the gloss of glass are discernible. Despite its compact size, the projector handles color transitions smoothly, with natural and continuous gradients.

When zooming in on portions of a photograph, skin textures and fine hairs are clearly visible, showing excellent resolution with no smudging. The deep black levels are also impressive.

Entertainment Experience

Although labeled as 1080p, the JMGO N1 projector supports decoding of 2K and 4K videos. Loading external video sources using the built-in player provides a seamless experience. The default hardware decoding option works well considering the projector’s performance.

The high contrast ratio enriches the picture with vivid details, from facial features to makeup and hair. The picture remains sharp, even in scenes with intricate lighting and color interplay. The high color gamut makes it an excellent choice for watching anime, with vibrant colors akin to wallpaper.

The JMGO N1 projector supports 4K 120Hz input and HDR, delivering stunning visuals even if the resolution isn’t native 4K. When connected to a PS5, the gaming experience is impressive.

Adapting to Various Projection Environments

Multiple Projection Angles and Ceiling Mode

Traditionally, adjusting a projector’s position often involves lengthy calibration. However, with the JMGO N1, changes in projection angle trigger automatic adjustments based on real-time feedback from six gyroscopes and a ToF sensor. This ensures that the image remains clear regardless of changes in projection.

With a maximum 127° vertical angle, you can effortlessly enjoy ceiling projection mode. Project the image onto the ceiling and lie down for a unique viewing experience, although minor horizontal tilt adjustments would make it perfect.

Handling Bright Environments

Brightness is crucial for projectors, and the JMGO N1 boasts 800 CVIA lumens (Chinese standard for brightness). In well-lit environments, the projected image remains visible, though some white haze may be present when projected onto a white wall. For the best quality, it’s advisable to use curtains or blinds.

When using a screen, the overall picture quality significantly improves. When projecting onto a Fresnel optical screen like the Fisht S1, even with room lights on, the white haze becomes negligible, and it has minimal impact on the image.

Classroom Teaching

The JMGO N1’s portability and easy-to-use projector adjustments make it suitable for various scenarios. For example, it can be seamlessly integrated into a classroom setting for interactive presentations.

How does it handle text presentations? With indoor lighting on, text clarity isn’t significantly affected by ambient light. Annotations and highlights are easily distinguishable. When the lights are off, text and image quality improve significantly, with sharper fonts and clearer image details.

Considering the need for students to write on the board, total darkness may not always be practical. In such cases, a screen or even a basic shade would be helpful. However, even when projecting on a white wall in complete darkness, the JMGO N1 performs exceptionally well for teaching purposes.

Moreover, the infrared distance measurement sensor continuously detects the presence of people or objects in the projection area. When detected, the projector automatically reduces the light source brightness to avoid direct light exposure to the eyes. When the area is unobstructed, the light source brightness returns to its previous level, making it quite intelligent.

Is It Worth It?

As a new-generation three-color laser projector, the JMGO N1 offers a wide color gamut, high brightness, and contrast, significantly improving picture quality compared to LED projectors. Its compact size, flexible swivel design, real-time picture correction, and versatility in various environments make it a compelling choice.

With its dedicated carrying case, the JMGO N1 is a portable entertainment hub that can be easily taken anywhere—perfect for travel, gatherings, meetings, and more. Bonfire OS adds a unique touch, expanding the projector’s capabilities beyond traditional projection. It’s surprising how cool it is to use a projector for music playback.

Admittedly, the JMGO N1 projector has some limitations, such as a single HDMI input, a lack of horizontal tilt adjustment, and no support for intelligent obstacle avoidance.

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Huawei MateX5: A Flagship Folding Experience

If you were to ask me what the most “mind-blowing” product I bought this year was, it would undoubtedly be the Huawei MateX5, often dubbed as the “Electronic Moutai.”

While others are still struggling to make trade-offs between various features, Huawei has managed to fulfill all my expectations for a flagship product and maintain a truly perfect form factor.

What sets it apart even further is not just its impressive hardware configuration but its “far ahead” software adaptation and specialized optimization for the folding screen.

Let’s dive in and explore what makes it stand out.

I. Flagship Configuration Without Compromise

Wireless charging and waterproofing seem like unattainable features for a folding screen device. However, the MateX5 doesn’t leave you wanting. It boasts consistent PPI between the inner and outer screens, a 5X periscope camera, toughened Xuanwu glass on the outer screen, non-Newtonian fluid on the inner screen, wireless charging, and IPX8 waterproofing.

The standout feature, without a doubt, is the camera system. With the addition of Xmage and Huawei’s optimization for small sensors, the MateX5 can capture outstanding photos. Particularly, the 5X RYYB periscope lens significantly enhances creative possibilities, especially when combined with Xmage’s stylized photography. Even at night, this long focal length lens effortlessly produces stunning shots.

Moving on from photography, let’s talk about a feature unique to foldable screens - folding or, more precisely, hovering. While this is not exclusive to MateX5, its design minimizes the impact of the inner screen camera when hovering in the upper area. Many foldable devices released later in the year adopted this design, solving the issue of switching to the smaller outer screen for video calls while minimizing the impact of the inner screen camera on the viewing experience.

II. Software Adaptation Maximizes Screen Utility

If other companies are catching up in hardware, Huawei is truly ahead in software adaptation and ecosystem integration.

When consuming content, there’s always a distinction between primary and secondary content. For example, on Weibo, the main content is the Weibo posts themselves, while comments are secondary. MateX5 optimizes the layout to display content and comments in a 7:3 ratio, providing a larger content viewing area instead of simply “combining two phones.”

Moreover, Huawei leads the industry in optimizing app layouts for foldable screens, ensuring mainstream apps are not just adapted but adapted well. This involves logical adjustments and layout changes.

Additionally, when taking screenshots, users can choose between left and right sides, protecting personal privacy and eliminating the need for further image editing.

There are many more examples of such software adaptations, like opening multiple images simultaneously when comparing photos or using HD mode to adapt to square screen ratios. To truly appreciate these advancements, you need to experience them firsthand.

Conclusion: Evolving Experiences

Beyond the experiences mentioned earlier, MateX5 has continually improved over time. For instance, it introduced AI Cloud Enhancement for the 2-4X and ultra-telephoto focal lengths in photography, magically enhancing missing details through data analysis without leaving noticeable AI traces.

Features like EOD eye tracking and gesture controls further exemplify Huawei’s capabilities as a leading domestic hardware and software manufacturer, with seamless integration from the hardware layer to the software layer. With Huawei’s ongoing iterations in foldable screens, I believe we can expect more outstanding products and experiences in the future.

So, that’s my brief sharing on what I consider this year’s “Electronic Moutai.” No need for me to recommend this product; after all, it’s quite… unique. And, given its level of recognition, there’s no need to provide links either.

My Most Satisfying Digital Purchase of the Year: Honor 8 Pro Tablet

The digital product that has brought me the most satisfaction this year is the Honor 8 Pro tablet. I purchased it on Singles' Day for 1900 CNY. My primary use cases are taking notes during classes, achieving paperless learning, and enjoying some leisure time watching TV series. As a postgraduate entrance examination candidate and an ordinary student, I highly recommend this tablet.

① A 12.1-inch screen: I love larger screens, and it’s a real pleasure for video streaming and binge-watching. While it’s reasonably sizable and has some weight to it, it’s not cumbersome to hold with one hand.

② Outstanding Audiovisual Experience: With eight speakers, it truly provides an immersive feeling, and the video quality is excellent.

③ Impressive Battery Life: It can easily last for two days with a single charge. If used throughout the day, it still easily lasts a whole day.

④ Built-in Note-Taking Feature: The tablet’s note-taking functionality is excellent. While watching videos on platforms like Bilibili, a three-finger swipe brings up three functions: recording, screenshot, and text extraction. It allows you to record video segments, take screenshots, and extract text from videos directly into your note-taking app. This way, you can take notes and highlight key points while watching videos.

⑤ Clear Document Camera: The tablet’s document camera provides clear images, and the built-in beauty mode for selfies is natural. Among the Android tablets I’ve seen, the camera performance is impressive, although it cannot be compared to smartphones or professional cameras.

⑥ Durable Honor Pen: When talking about the Honor tablet, one cannot ignore its pen. During my purchase, there was an official promotion offering a free Magic-Pencil 3. It’s truly fantastic! The original Magic-Pencil 3 is great for preventing accidental touches, and it’s lightweight. Writing with it for extended periods doesn’t lead to fatigue. The pen tip is made of a rubber-like material, and the purchase even included a spare pen tip. It’s remarkably durable and resilient to falls. I’ve accidentally dropped this pen more than three times, and it’s still in perfect condition. The quality is truly excellent!

ROG Handheld Gaming Console: A Perfect Fit for My Gaming Needs

I belong to the category of gamers who enjoy a variety of games. I play popular games as well as indie games to pass the time. I particularly enjoy action games that I can dive into right away, like Monster Hunter, even though I’m not particularly skilled.

However, my busy life and work schedule have left me with less time to sit in front of a computer and play games. Most of my free time is in short, fragmented segments. I usually have to finish my daily tasks and chores before I can play games for a short while in the evenings.

I had borrowed a Steam Deck from a friend before, and the experience was quite good. So, when the ROG Handheld Gaming Console was released, I decided to get one for myself.

Now, I can lie in bed and play a few rounds before sleep, and it’s truly enjoyable.

At that time, I thought that this form factor of a handheld console suited me well. However, I wasn’t quite satisfied with the performance and the 720P low-color-gamut screen of the Steam Deck. Additionally, the various domestically produced handheld consoles were not inexpensive, and the quality control and after-sales support from smaller manufacturers were somewhat questionable.

Then came the ROG Handheld Gaming Console with the Z1E chip, which is equivalent to the 7840U chip, a 1080P 120Hz native landscape screen, all for an initial price of 4,999 CNY. In terms of overall value, both at that time and even now, I believe it’s an excellent choice. So, after some consideration, I decided to make the purchase.

In terms of performance, the Z1E chip, similar to the 7840U, has decent integrated graphics performance, reaching the level of mainstream ultrabooks. Gaming on a 7-inch 1080P screen is smooth:

I particularly found Monster Hunter and handheld gaming to be a great combination. However, playing it on another device with a 30FPS frame rate and lower graphics quality was quite frustrating. But on the ROG Handheld Gaming Console, it became a delightful experience, with frame rates consistently above 60 FPS. Medium graphics settings can even reach 80-90 FPS.

Moreover, the real joy comes from playing indie games, which have lower performance requirements and run effortlessly. The 120Hz screen ensures that some games run at high frame rates. For example, platformer action games like Hollow Knight benefit from the high-color-gamut screen, which beautifully reproduces the game’s aesthetics. At the same time, a 100FPS frame rate enhances the gameplay experience:

Playing these games is less about completing objectives and more about passing the time before bed or during short business trips.

While there are other handheld consoles with better specs on the market, the ROG Handheld Gaming Console remains the most suitable electronic product I’ve purchased this year. It has effectively filled the gap for gaming during fragmented periods.

My Favorite Apple Products: MacBook Air + iPad Pro + iPhone Pro + Apple Watch

And this one: Mac mini + Studio Display.

And also this: Apple TV + OLED TV.

If I had to choose just one, it would be the MacBook Air.

In fact, the MacBook Air is the most satisfying digital product I’ve purchased in recent years!

During the era when Apple computers used Intel processors, those who had to choose the MacBook Pro for performance reasons can now opt for the MacBook Air without any hesitation!

Thanks to the transition to Apple Silicon M-series chips, even the lightweight MacBook Air offers impressive performance, thanks to the chip’s high efficiency and unified memory. The resulting improvement in battery life is truly remarkable! Let me put it this way: since switching to Apple Silicon M-series chips, when I take my MacBook Air out, I no longer have to worry about carrying a charger and charging cable.

Often, it’s the inconspicuous little things that truly determine the user experience. For example, when I mention the high efficiency and extended battery life of the M1/M2, someone might say, “What’s the big deal about carrying a charger and a cable when you go out!” But you can never be like me, just carrying the MacBook without any additional items, or at most, carrying it in a cloth bag.

And when you think about the need to carry a bunch of things when you go out, you might hesitate about the necessity of taking the computer with you! Not to mention, even if you ignore the charger and cable, don’t you still have to find power outlets everywhere?

The above is just a simple discussion about battery life, and there are many more aspects to talk about when it comes to the MacBook Air. For instance, the current MacBook Air doesn’t actually have an internal fan. That means the MacBook Air runs just like an iPhone or iPad, relying entirely on passive cooling, and it’s absolutely silent. You don’t have to worry about performance throttling either; it only lags slightly behind the MacBook Pro with a fan when it comes to sustained peak performance.

So, at a relatively low cost, I highly recommend upgrading to a MacBook powered by Apple Silicon M-series chips! The improvement in user experience is truly noticeable!

My Most Satisfying Digital Product of 2023: iPad mini M1

Thank you for the invitation.

In 2023, I purchased several digital products, including laptops, smartphones, wireless Bluetooth headphones, and tablets. However, the most satisfying digital product among them is the iPad mini M1. This tablet was introduced in 2021 and is powered by Apple’s in-house M1 chip, which outperforms all Android tablets in terms of performance. Its compact 7.9-inch screen makes it a great choice for both entertainment and work.

The design of the iPad mini M1 is outstanding, featuring a sleek and elegant overall appearance with a comfortable feel. It boasts a screen resolution of 2048 x 1536, delivering excellent display quality, especially when watching videos or playing games, with high clarity and smoothness. Additionally, this tablet supports the Apple Pencil, making it suitable for creative tasks like drawing and signing documents.

In terms of performance, the iPad mini M1 is equipped with Apple’s M1 chip, built using a 5nm process and featuring 8 cores, providing powerful performance. It effortlessly handles everyday office tasks and even large-scale gaming. Moreover, its battery life is excellent, meeting the needs of users for extended usage.

In conclusion, the iPad mini M1 is an exceptional digital product, excelling in design, display quality, and performance. If you’re in need of a portable, high-performance tablet, the iPad mini M1 is definitely a great choice.